Update on the crypticscholar

So I’ve been in a good deal of pain for the last few weeks.

I had been attempting a new workout regime, and as I was getting to the end of it, my left arm made an “I hate you” pain, so I figured I had sprained something and quit for the evening.

The pain went on for a while, but never really that bad. I did note that my left arm had a reduced range of motion as compared to my right arm, and that if I moved my left arm in specific angles, there would be an immediate reaction with pain.

I guessed at first that I had just sprained my arm, and that if I favored it for a few days to a week all would be well. Well, about ten days later, I rolled over in my sleep onto my left arm and the level of pain woke me up out of a sound sleep.

I got in to the doctor yesterday, and it is one of two things – (1) a nasty case of bursitis in my left arm or (2) a torn rotator cuff. Unfortunately I need to wait to hear back from my insurance company if they will let me doctor schedule the MRI to confirm which of the two is the problem.

Personally I’m hoping for the bursitis, that is resolved by limiting the use of my arm and taking some prescription anti-inflammatory meds, the torn rotator cuff will be a lot more problematic as that will result in surgery to resolve that problem.

In the meantime, I’ve been instructed that I am not allowed to do any lifting with my left arm, I am not allowed to do any exercises that involve my arms, and I’m not even allowed to use my backpack as that also puts stress on my shoulder.

Learning To Fly, all over again

This is pretty shiny, even if you are not a big Foo Fighters fan.

The band has not been to Italy to perform since 1997. So a group of 1000 musicians got together, practiced and learned the song “Learn to Fly” and then performed it live on video as a request to get the band to come back.

I know that no everyone is a fan of live music. Personally I think that well performed live music has a passion to it that really makes me happy.

Tremors 5: Bloodlines

So yes, I have a dirty little secret, I enjoy “bad B-Movies” and one of my favorite series of all time, is the Tremors series.

So what do I find out this morning? But number five is coming out on 6 October, 2015. Should I mention that the first Tremors movie came out in 1990 – that means we have had twenty-five years of Tremors – four movies and a thirteen episode television series.

The graboids are back, this time in Africa. And of course, Michael Gross is again reprising his character, the ultra-paranoid gun nut Burt Gummer again.

For two perfect examples:

“You know, as I lie here, I can’t help but notice… the reason I am out of nine millimeter rounds is that I was not properly briefed. And the reason for that is that this mission was not properly researched. If certain people had bothered to gather intelligence on the creatures before bumbling into the situation… ”


“Memo: 4 pounds of C-4 may be a bit – [pebbles rain down onto his helmet] excessive.”


OK . . . I admit it, I’m a dork, and a nerd.

And a while back, when Blizzard announced Overwatch with their normal uber-polished cinematic trailer, my excitement was pretty much summed up by the phrase, “You know, the world could always use more heroes.”.

And I have waited, secure in the knowledge that normally, Blizzard does not release a product until they are good and ready to do so.

Well, “Don’t worry loves, cavalry’s here!”

Overwatch may not be here yet, but there are some people who are so excited about it, that they have made a full on live action fan trailer, featuring Tracer (everyone’s favourite teleporting Australian – I know that lore states that she is from London, but that accent) and Reaper (the black robed terrorist from who knows where).

Share and enjoy.

Achievement Unlocked

Appearance upgradeIMG_0379


I’m trying to decide how I feel about this – When DC decided to retcon everything again and go GrimDark on us I pretty much gave up on reading any of their stuff.

That having been said Jack Kirby did a lot of formative work on me and while I didn’t really care for Superman or Batman as a kid (I was more of a Green Lantern / Green Arrow and New Gods fan).

This is intriguing.

If Bats has kicked Metron out of his chair. I want there to be a GOOD REASON for it.


Justice League – Gods and Monsters

So, I have now seen the “Son of Zod”

And it is not what you would have thought at first. I admit that I went into it with some rather set expectations, and boy, was I wrong.

First it is 110% Bruce Timm, in a very good way. He took the characters to some very interesting places, and he did some callbacks to my childhood. I would like to see more of the “Gods and Monsters Universe”.

Were there some things that I might have had issue with? Yes. But they advanced the narrative in a very good way and so I feel like I would be nitpicking.

Also, it had the “correct” level of the DC GrimDark without beating us over the head with it and allowing us to have some good moments as well.

tl;dr version – Very well done, and “Please sir, may I have a little more?”


So, I’ve been working from home for the last several weeks because I had some training and paperwork with deadlines that I simply must complete.

What I have also noticed is that once I’ve been done with my day’s training or day’s paperwork, is that I’ve immediately left home. It seems that even as someone who really needs his alone time, there comes a point where I start getting a dose of cabin fever. I need to at least get out and walk around the block a few times or walk down to the local coffee shop, get a cuppa, and curl up with a book for a while.

I have not ever had this start on me before about a year ago, I feel that I should identify what has engendered this change though.

Bloody Hell Yes!

California Prop 8 has been ruled unconstitutional AGAIN.

“Proposition 8 served no purpose, and had no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California,” the court said.

Prop. 8: Gay-marriage ban unconstitutional, court rules

Words fail me

You know, I guess I am lucky.

I mean, yes, Texas did produce Governor Goodhair (aka Rick Perry) who does bring a special kind of stupid, but at least I don’t live in Oklahoma, where state lawmakers spend all of their time rolling around in the crazy – case in point, one state lawmaker has written a bill to prohibit the manufacturing or selling products made from aborted human fetuses (because you know, that’s a multi-billion dollar industry).

Seems this shaved ape (apologies to all apes out there) is worried that someone might use stem cells from “aborted fetuses” in developing food. As they say in the video clip, “This legislation is intended to ban all products made using aborted human fetuses.”

He heard about this because of “articles he read online”.

Riiiiiiiiiiight (psssst, get the dart gun and straight jacket)

Don’t believe me?  Watch the news coverage of this here.


Hello world!

I’ve completed a complete rebuild of my server and everything is shiny and new. Let’s see what I can do with this.

Oh the things I hear . . .

Overheard while walking downtown: “I don’t like, have a *job*, but like I *do* things.”

Ah, bless the hipsters boys trying to impress hipster girls.

Happy Birthday to Robert Bunsen!

Where would we be without this gentleman?

Teacher, inventor, pioneer in photochemistry, discovered two elements (caesium and rubidium), investigator of emission spectra and finally an early worker in the field of organoarsenic chemistry.

Obviously, for someone who lived in the 1800s, I could never have met him, but I feel I would have enjoyed meeting him, and getting to take a class under him would have been a major bonus.

Robert Bunsen

Robert Bunsen, thank you for making the world a better place for your having been here.

Plugging a new book by a great author!

Today is the street date for Seanan McGuires newest book in her October Daye series, Late Eclipses. The series is great, the books are a fun read and I strongly suggest that everyone in the world needs to go out and buy this book today.

(Full disclosure, I am a email pal with Seanan McGuire, and also enjoy her music and art, so I just might be a bit biased)



I want this house, car, and superphones!

This is the kind of world that I dreamed about as a kid.

Go Discovery Go!

It’s the end of an era.

My thoughts and prayers are with the crew and their families.

You want a Unicorn Chaser?

Have I got a unicorn chaser for you.

I discovered a new musician this morning.  Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis, who performs under the name Cosmo Jarvis.  Born in New Jersey, he moved to Devon in the UK as a child, and as a result, the residents of the US lost a really interesting performer.

Well, this evidently straight but not narrow artist wrote and performed a song about a young gay pirate and the man that he loves.

Here is a snippet of the lyrics

Yo-ho, Sebastian
Let’s go far away
Somewhere where the captain won’t be mad.
Yo-ho, Sebastian
I want to love you good
We deserve much better than we’ve had.

They say they’re gonna kill me
If i look at you once more.
Pissed in my hammock yesterday,
So I’ll sleep on the floor

I’d be under the sea,
but you hold me above.

They put glass on my sandals,
So my feet would bleed all day,
And they forced me to wear them,
Or they said they’d make you pay

I’d be under the sea,
but you hold me above.
‘Cos you’re the man i love

So not only did he write and record this song, but then he comes up with an idea for a music video for it, he then films, directs, and stars in the video himself.

And in an interview on After Elton he said the following things which I found really telling.

AfterElton: How did you come up with the idea of writing a song about gay pirates?
Cosmo Jarvis: You know the stereotype of pirates — these gruff dudes who can take anything, they live on maggot-infested biscuits in the middle of the sea, they whip each other, they’re really tough guys.

So if one in ten guys today is gay, then one in ten guys back then must have been gay, so I was just thinking there must have been gay pirates, although pirates were very tolerant toward homosexuals for the most part. But if you did end up on a boat in the middle of the ocean and you can’t run anywhere and everybody is totally against the idea of you having a partner on the boat, I felt that it was the worst thing that could happen to somebody who was gay.

. . .

AE: You play one of the two gay pirates in the video, and while that shouldn’t be a big deal in 2010, I can see a lot of other musicians at the point you are in your career not doing it, or their management saying maybe you shouldn’t do that. You’re kissing the guy up on the stage. Did you ever think twice about it?
CJ: No. No way. Why would you? Nobody would think twice about kissing a girl. I’d be a shit actor if I was going to get up there and think twice about it. I have to tell their love story some way or another.

It doesn’t bother me. I’ve never been shy about that kind of stuff. I’m not gay, but growing up we had this game called Gay Man Chicken, where two guys face each other, and go to kiss, to make out seriously, and whoever wimps out first is the one with the problem about being a homosexual. The guy who does it doesn’t have a problem with his sexuality, because it’s just kissing a guy. So it was just not a big deal.

. . .

"After all that, after all that hate and all that bullshit, but it’s still going to carry on. If they can get in front of us and just kiss, then maybe we should let this go."

So what we have here is a guy who is so cool, I would be proud to shake his hand.  He deserves every bit of success in his life.  Go show this guy some love and promote the hell out of him.

I’d say that this is a plot . . .

But really, it is too damn cool.

Microsoft has a new program, Dreamspark.  Dreamspark gives students free access to Microsoft Operating Systems and Development Tools, along with electronic documentation and video training to encourage up and coming students to try writing that next big application or website.

You do need to be a student registered at a university or an educator for a school, but really, this is a very cool thing.  I hope to see more of this in the future, we really need to promote education more than we do now.

So Much Love to Counteract So Much Frustration

This week has been running a little high on the frustration and stress levels, so getting the following thing linked to me really went a long way to improving my week.

The lab team for doctor Hui Zheng from Baylor College of Medicine who are working on a study for Alzheimer’s disease. This was their submission for the Molecular and Human Genetics Retreat 2011 about a dissertation project that just is not cutting the proverbial mustard. Oh and the Gaga costumes made out of biohazard bags just really, really, *really* make me happy.


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