Good things are on the way . . .

Happy days!

Those Who Hunt Elves Vol 2 – Elf Stripping for Fun and Profit is out and I should have it in my clutches shortly.

My Slayers Manga in on its way.

Yep, live is good.

Blast, Aargh, and Feh . . .

Couldn’t bowl to save my life last night.

Barely bowled my average.

Implemented the new divine email templates for work mail.

Baby-sat a custom backup solution for RS.

All in all a quiet night.

Oh well

Looks like I will only have about an hour today to devote to the site.

Better try and make it count.

Uplink Rocks

I know I am a geek now.

Co-workers have pointed out that only a true computer geek would get off on a hacking game. But you know what? There is a lot of fun in finding a way around a firewall, decrypting a file and removing the necessary information while making sure that the trace against you fails at the same time.

Crazy Day

Things just wouldn’t settle down today.

Heading into work for tonight’s code migration.

Peace and quiet would be a good thing. I have some ideas that I would like to roll out onto my site but I can only do that if things are going smoothly.


Quiet days help!

I bowled almost 30 pins over my average this evening.

Katey, you have no idea how much I needed this time off. Thank you lady!

Quiet day: The Sequel

Don’t plan on getting that much done today.

Really enjoying this free time.

Wow – Can’t even think of anything to write….. Think I will likely just veg out and recover sanity.


You know I was not too sure about this day off business yesterday.

That is until I got up this morning. For once, I am rested and feeling really good.

Got up this morning and was planning on curling up and watching cartoons. I have not been able to relax and enjoy Saturday Morning Cartoons in years. Either I have been at work, heading somewhere in the car, or something to always keep me from just getting a good fix of Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, etc. So this morning, I got up and what do I find? NO cartoons!

Local news, ESPN for Kids, and some “animated” features that are “sanitized for your protection”. FEH! I know that the psychologists are concerned that we need to protect children from unnecessary violence, but really now! I grew up with these things and all in all, I am pretty well adjusted. I always viewed the old cartoons as a stress relief. Thank goodness that modern psychology is here to set me right on that.


Going to do the housework thing today, work on the website more, cook out on the grill, and just relax.

Gotta remember to send Katey an email telling her she was right and thanking her for the day off.

Well I have done it.

Upload is complete.

My site is about 50% – 75% busted until I can finish the code. Boy is that incentive to complete the work.

Found out that Chad is marrying the girl that he has been dating next week. Seems kind of sudden to me but if they are in love – who am I to tell them no?

Site changes

I said I would make some changes and boy have I done so.

Site will be partially broken for the next few days while I put each part together and upload it.

But by uploading what I have changed I will force myself to actually finish this project. I have only been picking at it for about six months.

End of an era

Ran into one of my old co-workers from Microsoft today. Was fun to catch up for a little bit.

Found out though that one person I had worked with and really respected had died recently.

I wish I had known when it had happened.

I miss him even more now.


Had my monthly 1 on 1 with my manager.

Was very good. Been kicking so much butt lately that everyone is very happy with me.

Katey was in fact unhappy that they could not do what she wanted to do for me at this point (raise, stock, or bonus). But she did give me the day off with out touching my vacation time.

So I think I will have fun, work on my website some, do some housework, and just plain enjoy a three day weekend.

Katey you rock!

OK, so it has been a while

I know I have not been keeping my journal up but the last months have been . . . interesting.

You know the old Chineese curse of “May you live in interesting times”? Well, they have been.

Got a good promotion, went from laid off in May, to working for my old company in a different job in June to now back to my old job in December. Full circle now.

People were glad to get me back (Hell, I was glad to be back)

In the two monts I have been back doing my original job I have gotten two seperate kudoes for a job well done from two of our highest profile customers.

Christmas was good. Saw my family, saw my grandparents, much fun and happiness was had by all.

We completed the merger between us (Data Return) and and divine corporation.

The merger resulted in another layoff (expected as there was job duplication between the companies) – this time I was not affected but friends were. It is just as hard from the other side.