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Storm Walker: Dangerous and dark you outshine the lightning, menacing dreams with your beauty.


Today’s Something Positive has given me a great idea for a rant.

Now if I only have the balls to write it.

Finnally to home, finally to bed

Urgh too tired to make much of this.

Finished work Sunday morning got hung at the office until noon.

Ate lunch (Thai noodles and Jalepenos – yum)

Went shopping with some friends, ate dinner, saw a strange and disturbing movie, and went home.

As I got home work called.

We had an emergency hardware issue, with a customer who is worth about 200,000 a month down hard.

So then, I went back to work.

Fixed them, will follow up later with work on that

Finally got back home

I have not slept since Saturday.

You know…’s not the getting fucked I mind, but I want three things.

1. Buy me dinner.
2. Tell my that you love me.
3. Lubrication.

And so far work isn’t doing well on providing those.

Yes I really am here.

It has been a rather long week.

I have kept intending to make a major update but things have been crazy.

Will make a more comprehensive update later today.

This should be fun

— Edit —

When I saw just how big my post was I decided to LJ-Cut it so as not to incur any wrath from making for a long to load page.

Big post alert! I got wordy!

Not sure how to title this.

Read at your own risk.

I am going to warn you, this is not a pleasant post.

Lots of fun

I have had fun playing with CSS to do some pointless cool stuff on my site.

Note to Dizi – Don’t try to see the stuff with Mozilla, it dosen’t do a lot of the cool stuff

The special effects don’t really add anything, but they were fun to make work and helped to get me un-grumpy

Well, I’m on my way home now.

You know what?

As much as I dislike Oracle’s database software (and don’t even get me started on the evils that it is capable of) I have found something that I dislike even more.

Oracle’s 9i Application Server.

One of our customers in the UK made a small code change, uploaded it and I have spent all night playing nursemaid to cranky software as a result. And you would not believe the amount of work necessary to troubleshoot this crap.



I promise to explain this later. I would now but I am too busy trying to make sure I get out the door safely.

::Happy Kitty Dance::

Everything is done, no outstanding issues, no hardware problems, I AM DONE AND I AM OUT OF HERE!

OK…I needed to lighten the mood some.

So I took a quiz.

So sue me. I wanted to smile some.

Quiz cut.

Feh – This world is full of fools

I am going to apologize now. What I have to say is not really politically correct and will likely offend people. But at the same time I feel it needs to be said. If I offend anyone please tell me and I will issue a formal apology to you immediately. But I will not retract what I am saying. I feel that it is necessary, unpleasant, but necessary.

This is where I begin to rant on about the PC “we know what is good for you” culture – read on if you dare.

Read on if you dare.

On to the lake. . .

Will update more later.

Fun day today.

Drove to Longview today.

Staying with Dad and Patty.

Lots of fun at the party this evening, have visited, chatted, talked tech with the neighbor.

He let me in on a secret: He set up a wireless network and it covers this end of the lake. So I actually have an 11 Mbit wirelss net connection on my laptop.


I know that this is pretty much fluff, but it is a pretty night, I am happy, and I can both see family and still talk to my friends.

Sad that I missed Derek’s (nata5) sushi party tonight, but he and I will be getting together this next week before he leaves town. I am going to miss him. He is really a good friend. We just never seem to be able to spend any time together any more.

I just couldn't help myself…..

I had to take it.

Good news: I only took one quiz.

Bad news: The quiz I took.

Only one quick quiz!

Going home now…..

Frustrated is a good way to define my mood.

I have not touched email in two days.

I am a whole day behind in LJ.

I haven’t gotten to chat with any of my friends.

And I want to be able to play catch-up but instead I have to sleep.

Meh…..tonight had better be better.

Everyone – I promise I will try to be a more pleasant person this evening and I will try to catch up with everything.


What a day/night.

Well, I didn’t make it home when I intended to. I had a couple of things that I had to take care of both for myself and my father.

Picked up the computer for my father that I will be taking to East Texas this weekend. I will be putting the sound card in the system and installing the OS before heading out to the piney woods.

I also got to go to my eye doctor and get my new prescription, and I got my new glasses! It is really good to be able to see again.

Then I finally made it home, slept like the dead from one in the afternoon to five forty five. I then got up, and got to run back to the glasses place and pick up my glasses. Whee!

Then I got back home, got ready for work and headed out to work.

Got to work, and found out that one of my co-workers had decided that he wanted to take the night off. Joy.

Well, we had some of the most “entertaining” work in some time. The Oracle on Solaris box did it’s standard flaky hardware trick. Several hours later, I am stressed and worn out, and really sick of Solaris and Oracle.

We had some real fun with customer code also deciding to blow itself to hell, all in all a really fun filled night.

Now I am going home and going to get some sleep. And this time, I am not running any errands. Instead, I will rest and recharge my batteries. Hopefully I will be better company tonight.

Precis of me

Did a precis type quiz, swiped leveraged from zraptor

Are you really interested?

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