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Ya know….somedays you just can't win

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On my way to the DC to go spank about 200 SQL, MySQL, and Postgresql boxes….

Grumble, grump

Still gonna try and have fun today though.

Farking HaX0rs

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Well, I was settling down for a hopefully quiet evening tonight. (and hopefully I will not be doing these long nights for much longer)

When the worm hit.

Some little freak out there has written a worm that causes SQL Servers to ping flood everything around them. Those who want the gory details can read this CNN spot. Electronic attack slows Internet

We have worked all night to identify which of our customers have been affected and to bring them back online. The attack seemed to be centered in the Dallas area and we have been getting sufficient ping floods to cause some of our network hardware to reboot and be unable to rejoin the network. (This is including some of our Cisco switches and Linux servers)

If I ever find the little rat who wrote this particular worm, I would be tempted to take him or her, strip them naked, paint them with honey, and bury them to their chest in a fire ant mound. Except that would probably give the fire ants food poisoning.

I am tired, I am crabby, but dammit, I am going over to the abode of valkyrwench and twfarlan and role play some this afternoon. (That is if I get out of here) – I hope I get to, I was looking forward to being sociable today.

EDIT – To Nata5 This is not just affecting MS SQL Boxes, it is also ganking MySQL and Postgresql boxes. Here is the writeup I pulled earlier along with some very juicy disassembly and analysis of the actual worm. (I forgot how much fun this can be)

——– From the local records ——–

Starting at 11:30pm CST, systems from all over the internet began sending traffic (apparently) to random destinations. At 5:30am CST, traffic rates are dropping as backbone operators and ISPs filter UDP traffic to port 1434 (MS-SQL Monitor).

@6:30am CST, traffic at my site is down to a trickle (relatively speaking), and CNN has heard about the worm:

if this is affecting your servers; this might be a good url to check:;EN-US;290211

…more info:

A better disassembly than what follows may be found at:

And here is the annotated worm!

Cutting the nasty bits to spare people terminal amounts of geekness.

Oh My…..

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Go ahead, spank the monkey.

See if you can get over 200 mph

I will….

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Try to look to the positive.

Assert myself more.

Find more reasons to smile.

Continue to be more social.

Build more of a life for myself.

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Obligatory cut for quiz-type drek.

Borrowing an idea from verucacub

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What I’m reading: A Caress of Twilight by Laurell K. Hamilton

And what a ride this is! Ms. Hamilton updated vampires, werewolves, and zombies in the popular Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter books. And in this new series, she gives faeries a 21st century update. Merry Gentry, a.k.a. Meredith NicEssus, is a faerie princess of the Unseelie Court, where politics is a blood sport and a popular one at that. Merry’s grandmother on her mother’s side is a brownie/human crossbreed, the rest of her relations are all sidhe (both unseelie and seelie) and that makes things quite complicated. She is third in line to the Unseelie throne, fifth in line to the Seelie throne and not really welcome in either court.

She is pretty much the anthesis of a sidhe stereotype, she’s short, not skilled in offensive magic (but damn good at glamours), and due to her human ancestors, mortal. These can be real liabilities when your family, especially when someone wants you dead, and your aunt, The Queen of Air and Darkness, is not going to stop anyone who feels like killing you.

As a result, Merry has been in hiding for three years, living in Los Angeles and working for the Grey Detective Agency, which specializes in “supernatural problems, magical solutions.” Despite the selkies, brownies, goblins, and ogres in this book, it is definately not for children. The fey are very much “creatures of the senses” – and in the Unseelie court, sex and pain go together. Merry is sexually adventurous and surrounded by gorgeous, powerful males, most of whom want her badly. She’s politically savvy and no coward, and willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Whirlwind Update

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I know that I have been neglecting my journal for most of the last month. But this has been a fairly stressful time and I have needed time to sort everything out.

I somehow managed to fall in love with a house, make an offer on it, have my offer accepted, and close on the house, all in the space of twenty days.

I spent Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and December 26 in Waco, TX visiting my grandmother, seeing my father and his fiancee, and seeing old family friends.

I arrived in Waco on Christmas Eve and went to Midnight Mass with my grandmother. I did pretty good with the service until the communion hymns’that was a rough time, but I was expecting to have some problems.

After church, caught up with a very old friend of mine – Ted and got introduced to his boyfriend (?) – Well, his mother introduced him as “an old family friend” but I think that Ellen (his mother) forgot that our backyards used to be connected Ted and I have known each other since playschool. I know all of the “old family friends” and I have never seen that guy before in my life. I gave Teddy my phone number and e-mail address, I really would like to catch up with him.

I closed on my house on 27 December 2002. A pretty bittersweet moment I must say.

And amazingly, I took my father’s advice and made an offer on a new car the same day. So I am now driving a 2003 model Chrystler PT Crusier (Patriot Blue).

New Year’s Eve I spent my first night in the house – I didn’t really have any furnature in the house yet, but I wanted to be in the house that night, if only in a symbolic way.

New Year’s Day I ate my black eyed peas and went in to work. Joy! Since then it has been just back to the grind with lots to do and lots of stress. But, I haven’t cracked yet!

Had a good chat with nata5 the other evening – he would like to see me “dating and happy” I told him that I would Consider it…lord knows I could use a happy relationship at the point in my life. And bless his heart, I know that Derek has my best interests at heart. I guess I will give it a good try.

I know I am going to be even busier since we are starting the tax season and that means that once again HR Block will own my butt until April 15.

Today though, I am going to go play D&D with valkyrwench, twfarlan, rickvs, pbrim and others (the non-journaled).

So I will have fun today – no matter what.

One cool thing about this entry though, I made the entire entry by writing in the Windows Journal software that came with my new Tablet PC and letting the software turn my chicken scratch into text. Pretty Sharp!