Finally back home

And I only have 345 posts to read though to learn what has transpired in my absence.

Will perform a braindump of the wedding weekend shortly.

Oh my . . .

Taken from Entertainment News


Brad’s Buns Up For Grabs

This story is both creepy and cool. For those of you Brad Pitt fans who want to know what his butt cheeks feel like, hell has just frozen over.

A model of Brad is actually getting a face-lift of sorts at Madame Tussaud’s museum of waxed famous folks in London. Fitted with a lifelike behind, modeled in foam and silicone from a mold of the real thing, this Brad offers his buns up for anyone willing to grab hold.

A rep for the museum told reporters, “Brad Pitt is one of our sexiest exhibits anyway, so he is an ideal candidate for the first ever squeezable waxwork. He is a huge hit with the ladies and, after Kylie [Minogue’s] bottom got so much attention, we thought we’d have a bit of fun with this new figure.”

For four years now, the Pitt model has been one of the museum’s hottest attractions. Employees claim that in addition to having to clean up lipstick smears, they find panties left in the pockets of his suit.


Oh this brings about way too many not-good images.

Frelling immune system . . .

I really shouldn’t complain, because I inherited a really good immune system from my parents. I only get sick about once every five to eight years.

But when I do…..

Well, I started feeling not too great on Saturday night at work, went home, curled up, hoping that I would feel better by in the morning (usually that is all it takes for my system to kick the ass of anything trying to get a foothold).

When I woke up Sunday, I was sick. Flat on my back and was really wishing I would go ahead and die and get it over with. (Nausea, hurt from head to foot, and if I tried to stand up I got extremely dizzy)

I have called in to work sick for the last two days in a row (unheard of for me) and might make it in tonight as I am starting to feel better, but probably shouldn’t as I must be well this weekend – it’s my father’s wedding and I am supposed to be the best man.

Boy I can really time it.

I think I have officially lost my mind . . .

Yes, I hate working the schedule I work.

Yes, I know that management keeps teasing me offering me day hours only to have “business reasons” take them away.

But now I have gone completely overboard.

The person we have working as our Network Operations person is a joke. He has been with us for several months and still is fuzzy on how to create a ticket, how to read most of the monitors, and what to do with different issues.

So today I called up my manager and offered to take a week with Muhammad (our chief netops guy – a really cool guy and a really hard worker) and let him braindump all of the netops protocol to me, then give me the necessary passwords to let me into the core and that I would take our netops person’s place at night in addition to my own duties.

He is going to discuss it with the network people and get back to me.

Why did I just do that to myself? Oh yeah, I would rather double my workload and have it officially known than to have to walk someone through their job all of the time and have them get paid for sitting on their butts and reading while I am working my own ass off.

And should I even mention . . .

That it is 07:30 and I still have not gotten any relief?

I wonder how long I will be at work today.

I really need a job that does not frell with my nerves as much.


As those of you who know me are well aware, I really enjoy the Tremors Series of Movies.

I refer to this (this FAQ Section of Stampede Entertainment – the company that gave us Tremors)

Tremors 4 Questions

Will there be a Tremors 4?
Yes, shooting has already been completed. Look for a release in late 2003.

Will Tremors 4 be set in Perfection?
Yes, and don’t bother asking if there will be guns and explosions, the answer is yes to that too!

Will there be a new monster now that you have already explained the Graboid life cycle?
We are not going to tell. There will be a twist so you will just need to wait and see!

Heard a really funny quote today. . .

Commentator on the radio said this on my way into work.

Why can’t they have gay people in the army? Personally, I think they are just afraid of a thousand guys with M16s going, “Who’d you call a faggot?”

Mmmmmm……Yummy Anime Goodness.

I got my grubby mitts on a bootleg copy of Slayers Georgeous. It is a fansub and since this particular piece of Slayers goodness is not available in the US, I am making it available for one week.

Enjoy! Slayers Gorgeous