Pissed off David alert

So I am working along baby-sitting some of our high maintainence customers when the phone rings.

Marcus (one of the people I work with at night) takes the call – It is one of our smaller customers who was on his server earlier and causing alerts to fire without contacting us first (always annoying in and of itself as that makes for extra paperwork for us – when a customer’s site suffers an outage for any reason we have to prepare a report for the executives).

Well, the frelling idiot was on his server “making adjustments to the routing table” when he got kicked off his box. And he was calling us and asking us to perform a restore from backup.

At that point, my reaction was: “WHAT?!?!?!?”

Then I found out why he wanted the restore from backup – he had flamingoed up the routing table (for those not in the know, a flamingo up is like a cock up only much, much bigger).

So I am working with the people at our Dallas Data Center to wipe the routing table and recreate it from scratch. The customer keeps saying that he was installing RAS – trying to figure out why as we already provide a VPN solution for the customers. And he keeps skirting the issue as to why he was frelling with the routing table. And somehow he has managed to completely blow away all ports from the RRAS configuration.

Well, I was finally able to resurrect his RRAS config – Boy he may be happy now but wait until he gets the 1,000.00 + bill for the emergency system rebuild/restore.


I am trying to balance staring in shock and doing the happy dance.

Got this in email today.


We are preparing for the shift rotation. The ETA for this is Sun 8-17-03. If you are currently working a night shift and would like to remain on that shift please send me an email to confirm.


This means

I am going to days! For the first time in almost nine years!

So now I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I think I have just broken my head

I admit I have my nasty little habit. I really enjoy a “good” trashy vampire novel/novella/short story/whatever. And I really enjoy vampire stories that take a look at vampires from a “different” angle. (Witness the Necroscope series from Brian Lumley, and to increase the geek quotent even higher, they have even come out with a Necroscope RPG *sigh*

His books are fun because they mix vampires, alien biology, and James Bond level spy stuff. And the average about 800 pages each, so you don’t normally finish them in an afternoon. Oh God I am a geek.


A good example of his books includes the Vampire World Trilogy. Here are the blurbs from the three books.

Vampire World 1: Blood Brothers

In the beginning, on Starside, Harry Keogh was The Source. Ultimately, he would also be the Doombringer – to the Old Wamphyri. But death is not the end: not for Harry, nor for the vampires whose tenacity is legendary.

The prime maxim of the Necroscope was always this: ‘What will be, has been…’ But who may read the future with impunity? No man? Who is there now to talk with the Teeming Dead and recover the long-lost secrets of the tomb? With the Necroscope gone, who left to oppose the return of the Wamphyri?

On Sunside dwells a woman with a secret. Nana Kiklu, Szgany widow, is the mother of twin sons – and their father is Harry Keogh! In their hands lies the terrifying future of the Vampire World – and maybe of our own planet, too…

Long Live the Necroscope!

Vampire World 2: The Last Aerie

But on the Vampire World the dead won’t talk to him. And on the world of men beyond the Hell-lands Gate, there are even worse terrors than the vampires on Starside. Yet that is Nathan’s lot: to venture into the world of his father – Earth, there to seek the source of Harry Keogh’s awesome talents with which to return to Sunside/Starside, defeat the Wamphyri, and destroy – The Last Aerie!

Nathan is not alone; Ben Trask an the espers of E-Branch will befriend him even as they befriended his father twenty years ago. But against natural and supernatural forces alike, will even their metaphysical skills suffice to send him home again? And if they do, what then? For in Starside a new vampire walks the night: Lord Nestor Lichloathe of the Wamphyri…

Nathan’s Brother!

Vampire World 3: Bloodwars

Two monstrous armies stand opposed: Vormulac Unsleep’s undead legions out of Turgosheim, and Wratha the Risen’s Renegades, masters of the last great aerie of the Wamphyri. The spoils of war will be revenge, territory, and human flesh! And blood, of course – the sweet blood of Sunside’s Szgany. For the blood is the life, and when life or land are threatened there’s only one course of action for a vampire: battle to the death!

Trapped in the middle: Nathan Keogh, Necroscope. And the espers of Earth’s E-Branch, Trask and Zek, Goodly and Chung: Guardians of the Gate against a vampire invasion of Earth! The Necroscope holds the keys; he is the only one who can close the Gates to end the crimson carnage of the Bloodwars!

But the past holds many a secret, and the future was ever a devious thing!


Of course it doesn’t hurt that he also has written about 14 Cthulhu novels as well. *ahem*


Anyway . . .

I went to the bookstore this weekend to get a new trashy vampire novel (I had run out and you can only re-read Laurell K Hamilton so many times (especially when she is getting so slow in cranking out books! Come on woman Piers Anthony cranks out 2 to 3 Xanth novels a year and he is at least one hundred years old now!)

The one thing you have to watch out for with a trashy vampire novel is that some of them can get pretty explicit and graphic. Well I found a book called Masters of Midnight – it was a collection of four novellas about vampires. Now I did note that the cover noted “Erotic Tales of the Vampire” under the title. I figured it was a pretty good risk and grabbed it.

Well……I got home and was reading it and made a pretty big discovery. It is a trashy, pretty “bloody” (excuse the pun) explicit and graphic gay vampire stories.

You read that right. All four vampires being written about are a queer as a three dollar bill. And the sex scenes are pretty graphic (basically gay vampire smut) – The scary things is this is the literary version of a train wreck. I keep telling myself that is very raunchy and I should be embarassed reading it but at the same time, I can’t tear my eyes away!

I want to write something . . .

I am just not sure of what I should write.

Oh I so want this. . .

Thankfully tonight is quieter than last night (but then again I was busy last night fighting fires until 6:30 am).

But I have found something I am going to have to get, and if I am lucky, I can find someone to inflict this on: Pokéthulhu: Gotta Catch You All!

Squeek, squeek, squeek . . . so I'm a lemming. Now where is that cliff?

The Life Soundtrack meme – Leveraged from iceraver (So blame him!)

Opening credits: Aria – Delerium and The Mediaeval Babes
Birth Scene: E Horò – Mary Jane Lamond
Waking-up scene: Hair – Hair Broadway Soundtrack
Best-friend scene: Memories of East Texas – Michelle Shocked
First-date scene/ Falling in Love: True Faith – New Order
I’m in Love Scene: New Beginning – Stephen Gately
Love scene: Closer To The Heart – Rush
Sex scene: Back To The Rivers Of Belief – Enigma
Driving Scene: Pineapple Face – Revenge
Fight-with-friend scene: Barracuda – Heart
Flying in an airplane scene: Leaving On a Jetplane – Janis Joplin
“Life’s okay” scene: At the Zoo – Simon & Garfunkel
Heartbreak scene: Rita Ballou – Guy Clark
Mental-breakdown scene: A Day Without Rain – Enya
Lesson-learning scene: Goldberg Variations for keyboard, BWV 988- Aria – Yo-Yo Ma
Deep-thought scene: Legend Of A Mind – Moody Blues
Flashback scene: Circle Around The Sun – Poi Dog Pondering
Party scene: Southern Cross – Jimmy Buffett
Happy dance scene: Jack Ass Ginger – Poi Dog Pondering
Regret scene: Time Stand Still – Rush
Long-night-alone scene: Dog & Butterfly – Heart
Death scene: Dante’s Prayer – Loreena McKennitt
Closing credits: Love Song For a Vampire – Annie Lennox

I have actually edited a page that has this soundtrack and the matching lyrics to the music. Hopefully if I can get the time I want to add my thoughts to each section. That way I can go back later and say: “What was I thinking then? Was I actually that full of drek?”


The reason I don’t have my commentary already written for the page is due to the fact that just figuring out what I would use took me over six hours. Yeesh talk about hard to make up your mind!

I’m also thinking about discussing what pieces were the first and second runners up for some of the “slots” in the soundtrack. Let me tell you some were easy to decide on and others were like pulling teeth.


Wow! Neat! Cool!

Yes, I am having a major geek moment but this man has done something that I would love to do.

He is a chemist who has made The Wooden Periodic Table Table and in fact he won the 2002 Ig Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his accomplishment.

And to even add to my massive case of geek desire, they have made this available a boxed set containing real samples of all 92 naturally occurring elements. A steal at only £1028.13 for the big one. (It even includes the radioactive elements!)

And yes . . . I am still at work and have not been to bed since Tuesday.

I don't bloody believe it

Last night was quite an adventure.

I came into work hoping for a quiet night after a rather long and exhausting week. When I came in the door, I found that they had scheduled an emergency server rebuild for me. Now with our new build scripts, it is not as much work as it once was but it still requires a major portion of my cycles to make sure that nothing gets screwed up.

Well, I decided to make this a learning exercise for Kevin (one of the guys we brought back after the last layoff) – he had never gotten to perform a rebuild and I wanted to make sure that as many people were trained in things like this as possible. (That way management has even fewer arguments for keeping me trapped working nights and sleeping days)

Well, I walked him verbally through what was needed for the build scripts and showed him how to get everything started and then set him loose on the server.

Well, the guy at the datacenter was not the one I really like to do rebuilds with, and he was by himself this evening because the person he works with was on vacation – I should have known that was the kiss of doom right then but I still had hope.

Kevin had gotten the guy at the datacenter to begin the rebuild process when I noticed that another of our customers was down hard. While I was looking into it the guy from the Data Center called in saying he was having trouble getting the hardware to work with the build scripts. I told him what to do to get all of the hardware to work together (amazing that I needed to do that since he has been working here longer than I have). I then told him that I was about to send a work order to him to investigate why this other customer’s server was seemingly offline he said OK, and I went about my business. While writing out the work order, I called the customer’s Customer Service Manager to let her know what was going on and then called the customer to let him know the situation.

As I was getting off of the phone with the customer I heard those fateful words: “You are not supposed to be running the build scripts on the **************** server, you are supposed to be running them on the ********* server! (Customer names *****ed out for their privacy) – Kevin was looking in my direction when he said that and saw my head snap up and he swears that he could see my eyes glowing and could hear my blood pressure go waaaaaay up.

I looked at him and said, “Please tell me I did not just hear what I heard.” – Kevin told me that, yes, I had and the Data Center guy was going to see if he could stop the build scripts in time before then flattened the wrong server.

At that point I had to brace myself for the storm of profanity that normally comes from my waking management up out of a sound sleep while relating a tale of new levels of stupidity. (And yes, I did get some really impressive profanity out of the deal)

The good news: The Data Center guy was able to stop the scripts before they flattened the customer’s server (and therefore I didn’t have to explain to the customer how one of our people killed his server out of stupidity). And I got to call management back and tell them to go back to bed that the crisis was averted.

Spent the rest of the evening doing cleanup and damage control from this little fiasco (in fact I am finishing typing this up while on the phone with the Data Center picking up the final mess from all of this and it is 8:30 in the morning – so I am only an hour and a half late leaving – whee!)

I still have to email the customer who almost got screwed with my analysis of what happened to his server (luckily he has been having some low level hardware problems that caused me to begin a parallel build of a new server for him. So I think I should be able to spin all of this in such a way to keep him happy and keep this from being a major flap.

Obviously, this was more than a single piece of music update. For those who are curious, this was my playlist whilst I penned this adventure.

Mediæval Bæbes – Aria
Janice Joplin – Leaving On a Jetplane
Janice Joplin – Me And Bobby McGee
Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz
Michelle Shocked – Come A Long Way
Michelle Shocked – Prodigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe)
Michelle Shocked – (Making the Run to) Gladewater
Delerium – Nature’s Kingdom
Delerium – Daylight


I had more I wanted to write about today, but when you combine very little sleep with some strange hardware problems for a cusotmer, no writing got done. Well, hopefully the writing muse will hit me with her typewriter when I get up this afternoon.


My nose has itched all day

Random WTF?!?!?!?

OK. One of my days off, I am taking care of some things around the house (about to take out the trash – it’s trash day wheeee!) so I turn on the television for some background noise and what am I faced with?

A episode of the A-Team with Mr T and Boy George fighting the bad guys side by side.

You know there are some things you should just not see until you have had more coffee.