And so begins day two.

Well back to the Heard this morning.

valkyrwench works at the Heard, when is a natural science museum and wildlife sanctuary about 25 miles north of Dallas. They are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving a piece of the local Texas plains ecology and help educate people about the environment and bio-sciences.

Well, their network and IT infrastructure is not large (20 users and workstations on a LAN with an education department with Macintoshes) and they cannot afford an full time IT person on the rolls. The previous executive director was something of a technophobe and as a result had just hired a company to do IT consulting for them and maintain their single server and network. The consulting company is rather expensive (the average visit for even something as mundane as updating anti-virus software is around five hundred dollars) so I had told her that I would be glad to come up to the Heard and take a look at some things for them pro bono. I mean, come on this place is doing a job that I personally feel is very important, educating people about science and nature.

So when I got there the other day, I wound up seeing several things that I could help with and save them a fair amount of money in the process, money which can then go to educating kids. So yesterday was my first day volunteering at the Heard, and it appears that I will have my hands full.

The consulting company has not, in my opinion, been taking care of things. The domain controller has not been rebooted in over a year (no biggie) but that made me take a closer look and I discovered something that did concern me greatly. In the two years that this company has been doing their “job” they have not been installing security patches, etc to the server. In fact when I went through to see what needed to be done, no security patches had been installed on the server since July 11, 2001.

So this will be my tasklist for the Heard, hopefully I can get most of this done today:

  • Finish bringing the domain controller up to date
  • Clean up domain accounts
  • Begin the domain security audit
  • Establish a security policy
  • Perform a hardware upgrade to the domain controller
  • Install and configure Exchange Server (this will cut back on costs by hosting email in house)
  • Reconfigure backups on the domain controller
  • Reconfigure and upgrade two workstations
  • Begin work on designing and implementing the Heard’s intranet
  • Work on setting up a VPN between the main Heard building and the Raptor Center

I should be online more today, I brought a extra network port hot in the server room at the Heard SRC so I can have my laptop online and be available when necessary.

This is too cool. I am getting to give something back in a way that really means something to me and I know that my mother would be happy with this.

Can anyone tell that while I love my job at Data Return, this is kind of a dream job for me?

Pleasant dreams worldmage

I have been thinking of you.

So I am being a little bad

Can you believe that gramalkin with all of his love of pirate stuff does not want this shirt? Butte Pirates

He keeps claiming that he can’t wear that shirt because he is straight.

But I keep pointing out to him that you don’t have to be gay to be a butte pirate,

*Must resist the urge to make comments about plundering booty*

Gah! Where is Aubrey when you need her?

Oh Lord of Light NO.

How spammers are targeting blogs

. . .

I am really not sure what to say about this . . . yet.

[To be resumed]

And I NEVER thought I would be posting an IM log!

I actually got to talk with Danny a little bit this morning; I’ve gotta share the love.

gnostic_queer: Eeee! Cuteness!
DavidHar: *awwwwwwwww* sleepy panda!
DavidHar: Or is he moving?
gnostic_queer: He seems to be stirring.
gnostic_queer: I think he’s waking up. 😀
DavidHar: *overwhelmed by the cuteness*
gnostic_queer: *is too*
gnostic_queer: *cuddles with you*
DavidHar: *cuddles together to watch the baby panda*
DavidHar: And yes, my sappy smile is back
gnostic_queer: *giggles and nuzzles your neck and chin*
DavidHar: *purrs deep in his throat* and cuddles you closer

I then shared the joy with gramalkin and got this response.

Dgibson – work: *feels around his gums for where the hell his teeth went*

To whit Danny, also known as the most wonderful man in the world replied:

gnostic_queer: LOL
gnostic_queer: FEEL the sugar shock!

I really reccomend the Panda Cam.

I can’t believe that I am actually talking this way, but then again, it has been some time since I have felt this good.

Now this is something I need!

I have got to hand it to some of the really creative people out there.

Find yourself a niche market and cater to it. As a perfect example, I give you

I mean really, where else can you get hardware like this:


Tired of your hapless henchpersons bollixing your orders, miscommunicating your evil proclamations, and generally behaving like retards? Then get your henchmen on the Wireless Web! “Wireless” is the buzzword for 2003, and all the other villains are doing it!

First plug your wireless LAN station into any Linux-based PC*; then it’s time to upgrade your henchmen. Our proprietary 802.11b-complaint subcranial chip can be implanted into any skull using an ordinary industrial staple gun!** Now your henchpersons can communicate wirelessly, cybernetically controlled by your evil plans in OPENSCHED. Never suffer another henchperson mishap!***

Price: US$119.99 for the LAN station; US$39.99 each for wireless implants
*need we explain again why you shouldn’t use Microsoft products?
**as a bonus, the procedure is remarkably painful
***should not be construed as a warrantee or guarantee.

Or this:


What you get: 200 million miles of carbon nanotube fiber, the strongest known “rope” in the Universe.

What you do: connect one end of the fiber to the Earth, and the other end to another planet, such as Mars.

What you do next: wait for the fiber to “catch” against the sun, slamming the two planets into each other.

Last step: laugh maniacally.

Price: US$10.00 per mile*
*price does not include installation

Or even this:


Having made billions on the Ionic Breeze®, the folks at The Sharper Image* are diversifying into Global Domination. Their first item for the Evil-enablement market? The Inflatable Lair®!

Just activate the battery-powered air pump**, and in minutes*** you’ll have a lair worthy of a Supervillain!**** The inflatable lair is made of defense-grade mylar,***** and contains numerous compartments designed for plotting, scheming, and torturing; plus an exterior inflatable “Bikini Girl Lagoon.” Includes convenient, obvious self-deflate mechanism.

Price: US$129.99
*VillainSupply is not affiliated in any way, shape or form with The Sharper Image. They’re controlled by the Church of England / Vatican Bank / Reptilloid Conspiracy. Note also that we have never suggested that The Sharper Image Founder, Chairman and CEO Richard Thalheimer is himself a Reptilloid. As we have pointed many times, Mr. Thalheimer is only half-Reptilloid.
**Requires nonflammable oxygen-hydrogen atmosphere, or equivalent; also, batteries.
***Roughly 1,850 minutes.
****Not any supervillain we’d hang out with.
*****Do not use sharp objects, firearms, dental instruments, knitting needles or live tigers in The Inflatable Lair

Now I simply must set up my Evil Lair® as soon as possible!

Oh no, they wouldn't! Oh my, they DID!

Baghdad Bob on DVD

10% of all profits go to an International Charity – Yeah riiiiiiight.

It is being sold in the UK (I’m not 100% sure but I am guessing England.)

I wonder if CNN knows that someone is cashing in on all of their footage?

Mmmmm . . . Technology . . .

I know what I want!

Shuttle has release their newest toy. The XPC 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Chassis.

This is likely going to get me in trouble but, it makes me feel funny in my pants.

LJ Cut to save bandwidth for nice people who are not interested when I geek out.

Missing my man . . .

Wondering where worldmage is. *sigh*

J. K. Rowling would go into orbit if she saw this.

The Harry Potter Innuendo (Out of context) page.

Here are some examples.

“What d’you mean, I’m not brave in bed?” said Harry, completely nonplussed (Page 14)

“Ron was lying sprawled on his back with his mouth wide open.” (Page 121)

“Well?” said Ron finally, looking up at Harry. “How was it?” Harry considered for a moment.
“Wet.” He said truthfully. (Page 458)

“He bit hard on his pillow, to stop himself from making a noise.” (Page 518) *

“Ron wrenched the hangings apart, and Harry stared up at him in the moonlight, as he lay flat on his back.” (Page 586) **

“… every part of him screaming for release, Harry felt the creature use him again…” (Page 720) ***

* No comment needed there!
** Now that is a slashy turn of phrase if I have ever read one.
*** Now this is starting to sound like tentacle hentai


I’m in Love.

And life is good.


Queue sappy smile………………..

Lemming Time!

Cut for a Math Geek type of quiz


This is a reminder to all of my friends about this post. The interview is still going on. Ask anything you want and as many questions as you want. I will answer them all to the best of my ability.

And yes, you can elaborate on each other’s questions.

Oh Lord. . . .

Secret Spells Barbie – Every Girl’s Magickal Dream come true!

From the description:

By day, Barbie, Christie and Kayla are fashionable school girls, by night they turn into magical enchantresses. Each doll comes with 2 outfits, spell book, case, edible potions (corrected) and potion cups. Transform Barbie from an ordinary girl to one of the Charm Girls. Just put on Barbie’s enchanted Charm Girl jacket and she’s ready to mix up delicious potions that you can really drink. Barbie comes with costume, dragonfly, mixing pot, stand, spoon, stirrer, three bottles, book with a secret compartment, and two packets of magic powder (sugar-based mixes you mix with water).

Wait for it . . .

And we now hear both the far left and the far right begin to howl at the moon. (I have picked some of the most “interesting” comments out. And included some sane ones from the center.)

And yes, there are grammar errors and misspellings, I don’t spell check other people’s work.

yeh, barbie finally came out of the broom closet; i always knew she was a pagan!

I don’t agree with this idea and if I had children I would not let them play with this doll. I also do not agree with the whole Harry Potter craze. It may seem like all fun and games to most people and no big deal. And people may think just because these toys and stories are doing good that they are OK. But you couldn’t be more wrong. These things do really existed in sociaty, yes and there are people who can perform these acts, but that doesn’t mean that they are gifts from God. It’s sad that people do believe this and it truely shows how little they know about their creator.

Guys, this has nothing to do with religion! This is just about all that craptastic “magic” garbage on TV now. I’m a Christian, and I just think it’s funny. I mean, come on, what little girl doesn’t dream about being able to perform magic spells and be like Glinda the Good Witch? Wouldn’t we all love to use magic and have it be real- no offense to you wiccans/pagans who believe in such things. This Barbie is based on fairy tales and pop culture, and certainly not on pagan or wiccan ideals. If it were, she’d be wearing a wool cloak and traditional folk-jewlery, and she wouldn’t be caught DEAD in so much gold lame! I’m mean, really, no self respecting barbie would ever wear that! Let’s discuss this barbie’s real issue: her complete lack of fashion sense. Barbie, where did you go wrong?!? *sigh* it’s just been all down hill since pregnant barbie. You know, the one with no wedding ring? 😉

“If it were, she’d be wearing a wool cloak and traditional folk-jewlery, and she wouldn’t be caught DEAD in so much gold lame!” Well, sorry to burst your bubble but I have been known to wear gold lame. Not all Pagan wear wool cloaks and folk art jewelry. some of us where business suits!

There is a war going on…..serial killers are running a muck…..gangs are taking over thanks to rap…..and people let their kids watch ‘X’rated movies…..and your worried about a stupid doll? I’m Christian and it doesn’t offend me. If your going to prevent this then you might as well make kids stop dreaming or having imaginations. You should let kids have fun and worry about more important things…

It’s just a doll people!! It’s not supposed to mock anyone. Little girls aren’t gonna say “I think I’ll change my religion because Barbie’s a witch.”. Mattel doesn’t want to mock anyone….they just want to make dolls. It’s not that serious,so chill. (OMG…people always have to complain about something)

I think Wiccans and Christians both need to chill. Open your mind and let people enjoy what they wish with out having to put up with you sorts looking down your nose at things like this. I as a Pagan like that she is not wa green warty faced crone. This is something I shall proudly give to my daughter.

You people take this stuff wayy too far. THEY ARE KIDS TOYS! Look at all the fairytales and such. They are good fun and not here to “convert” our children into anything. Has everyone forgotten what America is about? Freedom from religious prosecution!Stop whining and let the kids have fun. They already pretend and dream about fairytales, let them have a doll. Worry about something more serious than a toy.

Now I will make my final comment, people chill! It’s just a toy! Sure it is tacky looking, and you may or may not agree with the idea of a “magickal” Barbie but really now, I think that there are many more important things to worry about than some little girl playing with her Barbie doll.

Though I do know a few people I am tempted to get this for just to watch them squirm . . . ::evil laughter::

And because I am sleepy and a sheep . . .

And therefore have no internal censors to tell me otherwise, it’s interview time again.

Ask anything you want. I will answer truthfully and completely.

EDIT: This is good for one week.


I got to wake up this morning with a hot man’s voice in my ear.

But not in a good way.

I got home from work last night at about 2200 and was in bed and asleep by 2300. Well at 0100, my phone rang, and it was Kip with a problem with an Overland Robotic Tape Array. And the person who is supposed to be the contact when problems happen with backup solutions was not answering his phone again.

::holds fingers less than 1 cm apart::

I was this close to telling him that unless I was hearing his voice because he was cuddling up in bed or wanted some “friendly exercise”, I was really not interested. Then the selfish David went away and the dedicated worker David came back to the forefront. So, 0115 in the morning, I am VPNed into work and having a talk with a robotic tape array.

So I got back in bed at about 0200 this morning, so I could get up at 0445 and get ready for work.

So, yes, I am a very tired kitty cat today. Show me a sunbeam and stand back.

This is too damn funny.

I can’t believe this. The Six Beers Theory

Quote from the site

The experts here at SL2000 have often overheard local residents asking: “What is the difference between a gay and a straight man?” with the answer being, “Six beers.” Could it really be true that homosexual and heterosexual males become one after the consumption of only six alcoholic grain beverages?

Gotta love my friends – Especially the pervy ones….

I work with gramalkin, not only that but I live down the street from him, my desk is next to his at work, and we carpool. All in all, he is a really cool and wonderful guy.

And yet, he sends me this article via ICQ this morning. Is Sex Necessary

I am wondering if he is trying to needle me to get laid but no – nothing that simple. He is still miffed that I just had my dentist’s checkup and once again I had no cavities. – I should expand on that to mean ever, I have never had a cavity in my life.

And so, he points out the following paragraph. (Emphasis mine)

– Better teeth: Seminal plasma contains zinc, calcium and other minerals shown to retard tooth decay. Since this is a family Web site, we will omit discussion of the mineral delivery system. Suffice it to say that it could be a far richer, more complex and more satisfying experience than squeezing a tube of Crest–even Tartar Control Crest. Researchers have noted, parenthetically, that sexual etiquette usually demands the brushing of one’s teeth before and/or after intimacy, which, by itself, would help promote better oral hygiene.

And he then asks me if my “recreational habits” are to blame for my never having had a cavity.


Gotta love him though.

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