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Just spent the last several hours out playing dodge ball, bicycling, teaching Scotty how to bicycle and break.

Fun to be a godfather. Get all the benefits and very few of the downsides.

Their father will be home soon. Mother and daughter will be staying at the hospital for the next few days.

All is well in the world

I may not be ready for kids yet.

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Friends of mine are having a baby.

And since I am the godfather, I have been taking care of a four year old and a twelve year old for yesterday and today.

We have been watching movies, playing Life and Monopoly. Standard kid things.

They are really good kids, but I have to admit that if I had kids, this would probably wear me out all the time. Of course, the wear out part is partially due to the fact that I am working remotely while taking care of the kids.


Right after I posted this – I just got the good news.

Gillian Ann Ranel Hayes born at 1521 today (30 December 2003)

7 lbs + some odd ounces. (Don’t know how long she is yet.)

Mother and daughter are doing fine


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Welcome to aubkabob, bazzer, blackpage, junkyfx, and metromusica.

Enjoy the ride!

By the by

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I am really loving Continuo’s Meditations On Pachelbel’s Canon

It is a very unusual mix or classical and electronica – and the amazing thing is that they work together. At least in this case.

Information on the artist and what went into this project can be located on the Climate Music Website


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Still parsing and hashing out Christmas.

Want to post about it, trying to decide what to post (and how much).

Lots to say, lots to work through in my head.

Now that I am back from the holiday, I need a vacation.

Link wandering strangeness.

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You never know what you will run into when you go link wandering.

Today I stumbled on something totally strange and surreal.

Really, really, really strange Tarots.

Long post and lots of images (thumbnailed)

Look at me! I'm a Lemming!

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Squeak, squeak, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak! . . . . . . Thud

This is why people worry me at times

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Watch Albertsons butcher two languages at once.

I know that you have never asked for it but it is here anyway!

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Once More, With Hobbits!

A Lord Of The Rings/Buffy The Vampire Slayer Adventure

If you don’t believe me take a look at the “official” website.

All I can say is: Fear the slash and non-slash fan fiction that will come from this.

*thinks about it*

Frodo/Sam/Angel/Spike/Merry/Pippin/Aragorn/Leoglas/Xander/etc sweaty snugglebunnies.


*Runs screaming off into the night*

Long has this needed to be written!

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We all know of the great evil that is the Chick Tract.

Well, this is the best parody of them yet.

Jack Chick meets Cthulhu in Who Will Be Eaten First?

I swear this looks like something that Randy from Something Positive would have come up with.

How, I ask you how?

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Amazon is getting strange on me.
Cut due to use of a word that might cause some of the gentler souls trouble.

Oh my goodness.

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Ah the joys of working in an industry that handles bloody everything in the “Internet World”.

One of my co-workers has told me about a “service” on the net that you have to see to believe. The Naked News – The News Program with nothing to hide.

This is a Internet based news service that has found a new way to compete with CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS. They show real news stories with real news anchors. The twist? During the 30 minute news show the anchors slowly disrobe. Completely. No g-string, no bra, no thong, nada, zilch, zip, “Oh my gawd! They’ve got nothing on!”

And not just some really well stacked women either, they have male shows too with very well “equipped” men. It is strange since it is being done in a completely non-sexual manner, the anchors are disrobing in a completely nonchalant manner as if they see nothing strange in reporting the news while giving the world an eyeful.

What are the rates that are quoted on the site you ask?

9.95 for a month, 39.95 for six months, and 59.70 for a year subscription.

You know. Just when I am sure that the world cannot become any stranger, I am once again proved wrong.

Just pointing something out.

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Bigotry works both ways people.

More to come. . . . .

(Hopefully after I can get home)


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I love it when our security people make things “more secure” on Fridays and then leave for the weekend while all of the automated scripts frell themselves over the weekend.

At least my boss’s boss is now convinced that I can walk on water while singing dixie and juggling chainsaws.

*runs around in circles and falls over dead*

Feh to the AFA

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* I oppose legalization of homosexual marriage and “civil unions” 37.76% (169141 votes)
* I favor legalization of homosexual marriage 53.91% (241472 votes)
* I favor a “civil union” with the full benefits of marriage except for the name 8.33% (37318 votes)

Let’s see, the AFA went from 90-something percent of their “people” opposing legal marriage to that being only 37% of the vote (and shrinking rapidly).

So much for skewed results. – Feh.

And in case anyone has been under a rock for the last several days, you can find the whole thing at

Oh for the love of . . . .

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PETA has done it again. – This cut is to protect sensitive people.

Damn, just when I was feeling like writing some code I have to make a choice.

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The choice is this:

Do I re-code my personal website (which has been crying for it for some time) to use dotNET Content Management functions which will make future updates simple (and give me a way to mirror my journal in case something were to happen to LJ at some point – heaven forbid)

Or do I dust off my VERY rusty VB or PERL skills and inter the new Microsoft competition – Does Your Code Think In Ink?

Microsoft and PC Magazine are sponsoring a competition where programmers of all walks of life are creating and submitting their best PowerToys for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition – The prizes include a brand new sports car, an exotic vacation for two, 15,000 in cash, and a dream home-office build out.

I only have the bandwidth for one or the other. Which to choose?

See it does happen every now and then!

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I just got the following email a little while ago from one of our TAMs (Technical Account Managers) for our third largest customer.

From: ******** *****
Sent: Saturday, 20 December, 2003 13:14
To: David Harwell
Cc: ***** ****
Subject: Thank you!


Thanks again for double-checking with me about today’s HPE maintenance. You’re so awesome and I really appreciate your thoroughness!


******** *****
Technical Account Manager
Data Return, LLC
222 W. Las Colinas Boulevard, Suite 300-E
Irving, TX 75039

Office: 555.555.1212
Cell: 555.555.1212
eFax: 555.555.1212

Data Return cares about your Web hosting experience! If at any time you have additional questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact the Manager of Client Services, ****** *******, at

Yeah I know I am turning into a real privacy nazi about such things, but these people do not need me spreading their personal information willy-nilly across the Internet.

Basically the To line was the CSM, the CC was my direct manager (always good when he sees me kicking much ass) and obviously I have filtered out the phone numbers and her manager’s name and email address.

And all I had to do to get this kudos was to be my normal anal retentive self and want to double check things that have the potential of impacting one of my clients.

Movie goodness for the New Year.

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I am already starting on my 2004 list of DVDs that I need to pick up for my library.

Tremors 4:Legend Begins – 2 January, 2004
Babylon 5 – The Complete Fourth Season – 6 January, 2004
Stargate SG-1 Season 5 Boxed Set – 20 January, 2004
Stargate SG-1 Season 6 Boxed Set – 2 March, 2004

Wipes Drool From Chin . . .

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Large Image (Work Safe but a warning for people on low bandwidth connections)