Grumble, grumble, snarl . . . .

OK. So I am working along, and things have been pretty busy this morning when nata5 messages me and asks if gramalkin and I would like to go and eat lunch. Since it is around noon, I check with Gray and he agrees that it would be a good thing.

Well, no sooner than nata5 sets off to make the trek from Plano to Irving, but one of my three largest customers starts having issues with one of their SQL Servers. I pull an “All Hands On Deck” and get the necessary people talking together to resolve the issue, but while this is going on, nata5 arrives at my office.

Well, sweet and kind person that he is (don’t let him tell you otherwise – he claims that he is a bastard but I can tell you that deep down inside he is a sweet and gentile soul), he agrees to come up to my desk while I work on getting a consinsus on the issue so it can be resolved. Admittedly, I did get to give him his new goodie, and I think that he was really happy with it. Well, as I was resolving the issue, it came time for a rather large maintainence for yet another of my largest customers.

Not really a nasty one, I simply had to remotely service pack 18 servers with Windows 2000 service pack 4 and apply some specialized security hotfixes to four other servers – originally all in one hour. Now I had known that this was coming and prepped everything, all of the boxes that were getting worked on had the bits pre-downloaded to them, so things were looking good – get the upgrades done and then off to lunch! A little late, but still we could all go relax.

No dice.

I did have one server go tits up after the upgrade, but since it was in San Franscico, I was able to “share the love” and get one of the engineers in SF to handle that – really I had to since there is no way for me to directly manage a dead server out there.

So right as I was ready to leave, gramalkin‘s phone rang and a VPN issue issued forth from it screaming for attention.

Right as Gray got through, nata5’s pager went off and he had to flee back to Plano.

*big frustrated heartfelt sigh*

At least I got to trade barbs and quips with nata5, it just never feels like we really get to spend that much time together.

Hopefully I will be forgiven for the frelled lunch.

Dirty Laughs . . .

Well, after a lot of work on the parts of myself and valkyrwench, the Heard is about 90% through stage one of it’s hardware refresh.

I need to play with the servers and the network more so that the Macs can play better, but everyone can get their mail, access printers, most network resources, and the Internet.

I do have one really fun thing too! Cut for Laurell K. Hamilton and fairie pr0n

Good grief *laughing*

I woke up this morning with sharp pains in my right foot and feeling like someone was dropping a bowling ball on it over and over.

I put on my glasses, and what scene befalls my eyes?

My cat Banzai, who I should point out, bears more than a passing resemblance to a black and white fur covered medicine ball, is attacking my foot while purring so loudly that I am surprised that the noise didn’t wake me up first.*

Once I woke up she stopped the attack and immediately presented herself for petting.

Well, I have tons to get done today so, Ta!

* diziara, I think that the banzai-girl is working to displace you as the über attention whore.

Home again, home again…..

Had fun, valkyrwench and twfarlan couldn’t come since the painters are trying to poison Ali with nasty toxic paint fumes and of course Trav needed to take care of his lady love. (She is a very fragile and delicate flower – and will likely kill me with slow torture for saying this)

We got to Oak Lawn at about 2045, and decided to actually grab a hamburger at Hunky’s whereupon gramalkin/gothmalkin/gaymalkin called blackpage only to discover that he had a day not unlike the day I had on Monday and so he had decided to spend some quiet time with his wife. And I really can’t blame him, she is a really sweet person.

So we decided to go ahead and get our butts over to the TMC so we could get good seats for gay bingo. We met up with nata5 there and after the two breeders had waaaaay too much fun razzing me Mark Alan Smith (who is quite a sweetheart) and Shegotta Moustache (oh my is she funny!) started up the show. And what a show it was! Let’s see, there was cake throwing, drama (funny drama), DVDs, and nata5 just about matched gramalkin for getting French kissed by a black drag queen (Shegotta Moustache) only to bite her on the tongue! (Not hard though!) – Yes, yes, I know but believe me, both of these guys are straight. But they are a riot to go out with (and since I am terminally shy in situations like that I will not go out by myself).

And even more cool, I finally got to meet tygerboy01! I had thought I had seen him there last week but had not been sure and had yet another attach of shyness. Well gramalkin, bless his twisty heart, decided to take the choice away from me and went over to say hi to him. He is a very, very cool guy and I really enjoyed meeting him.

Well, we will be once again going to gay bingo next Tuesday. Hopefully the ones who couldn’t come will be able to, and other people (and yes, I mean troublegrrrrrrl and da_bwat among others) will be able to attend as well. Just keep in mind that the whole thing is over by a little after midnight.


Well, gramalkin, gothmalkin, gaymalkin, nata5, blackpage, valkyrwench, twfarlan, and I are all going to the TMC for gay bingo tonight.

Whereupon a good time will be had by all.

Thanks to all of my friends

Yes, I was having a really rotten day yesterday. And I would like to thank all of my friends for the emails, messages, and comments.

That got me from being really pissy and bitter to feeling better.


Will someone please explain to me why I even FUCKING TRY?


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Loud ringing screaming and throwing things across the room

Stop me before I post again!

This is (I think) the last of the quiz stuff from today.

The lemmings just keep on coming with more quiz dren

Protected: Quizzage! (Part II) Ye gods, I can't believe that I am posting this

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Quizzage! (Part I) Ye gods, I can't believe that I am posting this

First of all, I have found an upper limit to posts. LJ did not like the post (evidentally it was too big at 198K for a single post) so I am breaking it up into multiple posts.

Still, I can’t believe I am actually doing this, and moreso, I can’t believe that I am posting this.

Some times I think I am too curious for my own good.

Well, call me a lemming, and now point me to a cliff


LBJ took the IRT
down to 4th street USA
When he got there, what did he see?
The youth of America on LSD.

OK, so I get creative when I am grumpy.

This actually happened several weeks ago, I had related it to my father and he thought it was hysterical but evidentially for some strange reason I had neglected to relate this to anyone else .

As you know, I live in a new subdivision, but they are actually almost finished building new houses out where I live.

This is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Bad thing
Less eye candy
No more new neighbors

Good thing
When construction is complete, there will be less large machines belching black smoke in my neighborhood,
Things will be quieter in the neighborhood.
There will be a marked decrease in door-to-door salescritters in the neighborhood.

If you have ever lived in a neighborhood where they are building new houses, you know that salescritters of the door-to-door variety seem to love to congregate in the area to prey on the new homeowners.

I try my best to be understanding of salescritters and let them down fairly easily (that is if they are not obnoxious) as I when I managed a bookstore in my younger days I was a salescritter myself and I know how fun it is to have your livelihood tied to other people being willing to part with their hard earned money.

Well, the other day, I had an obnoxious one.

I had finally had a day off where I was not scheduled to be working on anything work related, volunteer related, or anything else. Therefore, I had promised myself that I would sleep in until 0900 or so. Well almost at the stroke of 0800, the doorbell rang, not once, not twice, but three frelling times. So I drug myself out of bed, in my pajamas (I get called too many times in the middle of the night with emergencies that require me to go flying out the door to the data center – I sleep in shorts and a t-shirt) and with my hair sticking out in every direction, went to the door.

There was a farking vacuum cleaner salesman at the door trying to sell me a several hundred dollar vacuum cleaner, and not only did he not apologize for waking me, but he actually said, “Well, since you are up, let me tell you about this vacuum.”

This is a fairly good summary of the conversation from that morning.

Me: “I am sorry but I am not interested, I was asleep when you rang my doorbell multiple times and woke me up.”
Salescritter: “Well, since you are up, let me tell you about this vacuum.”
Me: *more pointedly* “I’m really not interested, I have a good vacuum cleaner.”
Salescritter: “But this cleaner can clean better than any machine you have!”
Me: “I am quite happy with the one I have.”
Salescritter: “Well, let me just do this demo.”
Me: *stepping out onto my front porch and pointing down the street to the cattle ranch that is less than 50 yards from my front door – yes, I really live that far out in the country* “Do you see that big field over there?”
Salescritter: *not getting where I am going with this* “Yes?”
Me: *very pointedly and letting my irritation show in my voice* “There is plenty of room over there for a shallow grave. I Am Not Interested. Go Away Now.”

At that point, I turned and went back into my house and closed and locked the door behind me. He has not rung my doorbell again.

There are times that I wish everything irritating could be resolved that simply.

Cackling with maniacal laughter

Well, rebuilt the APP server, managed multiple small issues from another of my customers, and just as I was about to hand the application server back to my customer, the frelling Cisco PIX Firewall dies. (Hey, it’s not my fault that they didn’t want to listen to my suggestion and pay for redundant firewalls)

Well, I told my customer hold on, called Network Operations, and requested that they have someone go take a look at the firewall.

Well, I then called the TAM (Mike K***) and told him this:

Me: Hey Mike, the APP server is done and handed back to the customer.
Mike: Good!
Me: And right as I handed the server off to them we lost the firewall.
Mike: *Vague choking noises and something close to a strangled cry come from the phone*
Mike: You are kidding, right?
Me: No sir. I am not kidding. The firewall really is hard down. But I already have NetOps investigating. (At that moment, the firewall starts to ping up)
Me: And it is coming back online now
Mike: Good. Now can we not have any more excitement tonight. And could you please come by the office at about 1000 on Thrusday morning?
Me: *suspiciously* Why?
Mike: Because the customer is going to be in town and wants to meet you.
Me: Ok, I’ll be there – I was planning on being in Dallas Thursday.

It never ends does it?

And now, I am going home and going to bed.

Let's see

I am going to seperate the different clones of me that are doing seperate jobs at the same time.

A few minutes after 0700

Issues with the development partner with a large customer – The engineer who normally handles this customer as their primary technical point of contact is out sick (Exorcist level sick from what I gather) so I get a ten minute brain dump over the phone to “bring me up to speed” so to speak.

A few minutes after 0730

Almost immediately after getting my brain dump, another of my customers call in and is having strange problems with one of their Application Servers. He asks me if I would mind having the data center take a look at the server and reboot it if necessary.

Turns out that this is a rather old server (built back in 1999) with single port NICs, software mirrored hard drives, and really old firmware. – The server was locked up and when the DC rebooted it it came back up with a “Inaccessible Boot Device” error

Called the customer back and let him know that the server was DOA. – At this point I also have an emergency rebuild.

Working with the Data Center, I have had the data center technicians perform a hardware refresh and update to bring the server up to current spec. And am performing an emergency rebuild.

A few minutes after 0900

I am attending a buisness meeting that is detailing our new backup solution and the impact to our customers along with new procedures for backups and restores. One thing should be noted, this is a hour+ meeting and I have other things scheduled to handle at the same time.

A few minutes after 0930

Another of my customers and I had planned for me to remove several of their servers from two of their VIPs. Well, that managed to go off without a hitch, I yanked the servers, perfomed the requested maintainence, and re-enabled them in their VIPs.

A few minutes after 1000

While working on the emergency rebuild, and bringing myself up to speed on the custom programming issue (for the confrence call that will start at 1200) I am also handling some relatively minor issues for yet another of my customers and keeping management informed as to what is going on for the programming issue and the emergency rebuild.

A few minutes after 1200

The confrence call is now underway. The good thing so far is that the customer and the development partner are listening and seem to be willing to play.

So far that is five of me. Lord of Light I hope that this afternoon will be more quiet.


I so need to be at least twins today.

[EDIT] – Make that triplets.


Development/Consulting companies are really getting on my nerves today.

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