Urge to kill rising . . .

And this boys and girls, is why I like nature. Mother Nature considers stupidity to be a capital crime and executes the sentence immediately without hope of appeal.

Can someone please explain to me why I have to explain to someone who’s sole job is to monitor and deal with backups what the frelling archive bit is in the file system?

You know what?

I really enjoy getting reminded just why I am gay and why I really enjoy kissing a guy.


OK, it’s official.

I’m feeling really old.

Oh my . . . I don't even know what to say about this.

This is what I get for playing “Link Wandering on LJ” – sometimes you see things that defy explanation.

Families and fursuits – somethings you are better off not knowing. NSFWish

And as I go to bed….

I would like to wish tigerbright a very happy birthday.

May your day have brought you much joy, and my the days ahead only multiply your happiness.


Got lots to say, but I have got to get to bed.

I have to get up too early otherwise.

More tomorrow.

Memeage and thoughts

Chatted with nata5, lots of fun, lots of sharing, he has given me a lot of things to think about and some things to set a plan for. A lot of it is really way far outside of my “safety zone” but I am willing to give it a try.

Astrological memeage – The Chinese Astrology parts of it I am really not sure if they are me or not.

I have said it before, and I will say it again.

Marriage is love.

Notice – I am going to be heading out in a few minutes back to the Heard and I have a request

Got a lot accomplished yesterday, just a little more to do today.

But being what today is, I would ask that Eris keep her grimy mitts to herself.

Well, well, well . . .

Happy birthday to tygerboy01!

Here’s hoping that all of your birthday wishes come true!

Strange things in Bingo Land

Had loads of fun at Bingo – gramalkin is too damn lucky for his own good.

Shegotta and Mark are really enjoying the “token straights” – but for some reason they keep putting me in the “straight” category, and I am not. Oh well!

One moment of humor and drama though, nata5 and I were talking when gramalkin and valkyrwench were ready to leave, so I jokingly handed my car keys to gramalkin. nata5 and I finished up our conversation, I said bye to him and headed out the door. Was in a good mood even though it was lightly raining as I headed around the building to where my car was, just in time to see gramalkin and valkyrwench driving off in my car! They thought for some reason I was going to ride home with nata5 which wouldn’t have done me much good since my house keys are on the key ring with my car keys, and to make it even more fun, my cell phone was in the car! So I said a couple of heartfelt curse words, dodged a panhandler while hurrying back to the bar and right as I got back over there, who should I see but nata5 about to pull out of the parking lot!

Well, dear sweet person that he is, he rescued me and we set out for valkyrwench‘s place with me calling gramalkin on nata5’s phone asking that he not proceed to Denton. Now one thing that nata5 likes a whole lot is speed. *considers* No, that is not quite right, that is tantamount to saying that cats can be a bit stubborn and intractable at times. So, we were going 110 (yes, you read that right – 110 Miles Per Hour – 177 kph) down the North Dallas Tollway and having a very good conversation. nata5 is probably the only person that I would trust to drive me at those speeds, and I have known him long enough and ridden with him enough where I hardly even flinch any more during his more energetic driving.

We made it valkyrwench‘s place and chatted with gramalkin for a bit before the weather started getting nasty (light drizzle at 40 degrees F is not pleasant to anyone), so I bid him adieu, and gramalkin and I headed north to Denton. I dropped gramalkin off at his place and while traversing the remainder of the way to my house, it started to rain again.

I got home and as I unlocked my front door and started to go in Banzai decided that was the moment that she would be cute and dash between my legs and go out into the big, big world. Let me say now, that I do not enjoy being outside with light rain and an ambient temperature of approximately 40 degrees. And since Banzai is declawed and has been an “indoor cat” for the last six years, I was not going to go inside and leave her out there by herself. She probably would have been ok – wet and cold, but OK. But for all I knew, she might get attacked by something and would be unable to protect herself and I really didn’t know if she would even know about “getting out of the way of oncoming cars” so I sweet talked, begged, threatened, cajoled, and otherwise debased myself before her to get her to let me pick her up and bring her back into the house. I finally got her, but by the time I had reacquired her and gotten back in the house it was after 05:00. I finally got to sleep close to 06:00 (Banzai was wet and shivering and I didn’t want her to get chilled so I took the time to dry her off).

So I didn’t even wake up today until around 13:00 or so, and have been running behind all day as a result. I’m going to bed now and hopefully everything will get back in sync tomorrow. And if not, I may take Banzai up to the Heard and introduce her to the nice Golden Eagle who lives there. I’m sure that they would become close, at least for a while. *evil laugh*

And so, I am off to bed.

And no, I wouldn’t really feed her to a golden eagle, but when she frustrates me, it does make for a good threat. Sadly, though, she knows me too well and ascribes no real threat to my ranting.

I also need to do something really nice for nata5, he truly is a good friend and is such a sweetheart.


Yes, Bingo!

Spammage, Thoughts, and miscelaneous stuff . . .

First, a wise thing from a young lady who is wise beyond her years.

A friend said: Things taken for granted are often lost.

I need to keep that in my head – I don’t remember things like that enough.

Had a very good and constructive chat with gramalkin this evening. Good for both of us I think, certainly gives me a lot to think about and digest.

sandradelete has also gifted me with the Ten Commandments of Organic Chemistry

Cutting for my non Chemistry Geek friends

Complicated, complicated

Lots of things going through my head, not all of them I can make sense of.

What do I want?

Where do I want to be?

I wish that I could put what was going through my head into words.

I’m ending this post before it becomes consumed with angst.

*laughs quietly*

Oh but I know way too many women that this shirt could apply to.

Fear the fangirl for she is mighty!

Let’s see . . . . diziara, lady_emerald, valkyrwench, crzydemona, hmmmmm, am I forgetting anyone?

Well . . .

No gaming today after all, so I did lunch with gramalkin, and came up to the office to expidite my work with one of my larger customers today.


28 servers took either OS upgrades or security updates in one hour. As well as performing a hardware upgrade via remote hands.

Sometimes I even suprise myself.

Now off to run a couple of errands, and possibly talk gramalkin into going out with me after work for a single beer. I have found out that Denton has not one, but two gay bars!

One is named Mable Peabody’s and is evidentally the original gay bar for Denton.

The second one (and evidentally newer one) is Geronimo’s.

All I know about either one is what is trascribed into the Gay Denton community Nightlife page.

So who knows what today will bring. Hopefully I can find out soon.

I'm off!

I’ve worked hard all week and now is time to play!

Gaming with valkyrwench, pbrim, rickvs, Merlin, and myself with twfarlan DMing.

Let the geek fest begin.

Chortle, chortle . . .

A new and rather creative piece of SPAM made it past my filters this morning. Evidentially too many people were not being fooled by the original Nigerian Scam,* so there is a new Nigerian Scam. and since I am the first person that I have known of to get this “Interesting and very important piece of email”, I have decided to call this Nigerian Scam 2004 and here is the new scam!

Cutting the content of the email so you only have to read it if you want to

Tired kitty here.

Been working harder (and trying for smarter too) at the Heard lately. Working on getting all of the things that are functionality impaired since the upgrade back online.

Part of this is my own fault. I should have had a conniption fit when Michael started locking things down. Oh well, you live and learn. It just drives the point home on how he and I differ in administrating networks.

Michael’s background is the military, so he wants everything locked down like this is a military installation. And only relax restrictions where it is absolutely necessary for someone to do their work. Well, that and the Borg Designations for everything. Where servers and workstations previously had names such as Europa, a person’s email alias, etc. They are now named such lyrical phrases as SRC-SRV001 and HNSM-WKS007. Bletch.

My background is science and research, and many scientists tend to be at least somewhat whimsical in names. It makes things easier to remember, and much more accessible to new people. And for permissions on things, we are not a top secret research think tank, nor are we a secret military installation. So I prefer to have the systems more open and only lock down what I feel is absolutely necessary. It makes things so much more pleasant when people aren’t having to scream every five minutes when they find out that something that they could do pre-upgrade doesn’t work any more and I have to drop what I am doing to determine what is stopping them and then loosen things up enough so that they can do their work. So I am going through and de-borging the systems as much as possible.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent bringing more of Education’s systems back online (though the damn printer still does not want to talk to Adobe Pagemaker for the Macintosh – I still have not figured out what Michael did to that as it all worked pre-upgrade) as well as the workstations at the SRC and the Raptor Rehabilitation Center. Friday is going to be bringing the workstations for the museum store online, upgrading the workstations in the Raptor Center, troubleshooting some annoying security “issues” with the Exchange Server, cleaning up more misspellings in the Active Directory (Michael knows his spelling absolutely sucks*, so why did he insist on not only doing the data inputing himself, but doing it when I was out of town at the lake and couldn’t double check things until it was too late), and having yet another talk with a Brother 1270N printer, Windows Server 2003, Adobe Pagemaker 6.5.2, and Macintosh OS 9.2.2.

*And not in a good way either.

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