Halle – frelling – lujah!

I have been on the phone since 1030 this morning working on this demon issue from Hell.

But the damn thing is resolved. We ended up hacking into the Administration database, dropping all references to the resource that was not working and then re-rolling the SQL commands to recreate all of the necessary references.

8+ hours.

And I am done.


Now I must decide whether I should bow to the democracy and go out or “pull a Dubyah” and not accede to the wishes of the majority.

Hmmmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Poll Time!

Well, working with bitchy customers can pay off in that you draw the attention of upper management. What remains to be seen is if that is a good thing or not.

That having been said, I am kinda tired. But I would like to go out this evening. I wouldn’t be able to be up all night as I have to be in Waco tomorrow at 1100 for the funeral, but I am considering going out for a bit as I didn’t go out last week. (Of course I had a really bad week and would not have made good company).


Can David's day get any better?

Well, I have had a very busy day. When I walked in the door this morning, I knew I had people on my team out and I knew it would be busy.

However, I was not expecting one of the Directors to come by my desk and ask me to take point on a code problem with one of our largest customers. This is of course, while I am working on a different code problem for another of our major customers – at least the first issue that I was working before getting the new issue dropped in my lap was one that was going to be mostly hand-holding for a development consultant working for a third party development house for the customer.*

Well, the new and nasty issue I was able to get completely resolved by early afternoon. I even was able to identify a low-level problem on one of the customer’s servers and managed to pull a solution for that out of my ass and had it polished and presented to the customer in record time.

However, the handholding has not gone well. The consultant has really screwed the pooch on some things and left me needing to have a solution for a screwed up implementation by in the morning.

So, I am at work.

And it is looking like I will be at work all night tonight. Because I have sent gramalkin back to Denton in my car, at least he will get some rest this evening.

I suppose I might be able to con one of the guys who works all night to driving me all the way to my house (about a 30+ minute drive one way at night) or I could take a taxi. Most likely I will get this fixed and nap in my chair at my desk while breathing in the fumes from the building maintenance men stripping the floor in the break room.

* I should say that this particular third party development company has really poisoned me towards consultants and dev houses. They have really frelled things backwards, forwards, and sideways. While seemingly going out of their way to make things more difficult for both the customer and us.

Oh I didn't need this.

I’m likely to be in and out of contact for a while again.

Last Wednesday, my father called me to tell me that my Great Uncle John had been diagnosed with cancer in both his liver and lungs, and that he and my step-mother Patti were going to drive over to Waco and see him on Sunday. He told me that he would give me a call and let me know how he was doing, and I had made plans to go see Uncle John this week.

My father just called me at work – which tends to be a bad thing. John died last night in his sleep.

I didn’t even get to see him and say goodbye.

And in other news….

I am feeling lots of love for the construction people in my neighborhood.

Seems that they needed a new place to put all of their heavy equipment.

So they have blocked off and closed the street that runs to the back on my subdivision, and made it into a parking lot/storage yard for them.

So instead of taking three turns to get onto the farm market road to head to civilization, I have to take 10, count them 10 turns through a neighborhood that is full of small children that do not look before running out into the street. So in the end, it used to take about one minute for me to get out of my neighborhood, now it takes about seven. And those seven are taken up by me driving very carefully, making sure that there is no chance that I could inadvertantly strike a child.


Well now I have gone and done it.

I have actually attempted to make an icon.

I have leveraged some graphics from Sinfest*

And why did I do so?

Because when I saw this panel, I thought of several women. I think you know who you are.

And you are all welcome to this.

Heh . . .

I said this earlier and I like it.

Love me . . .

Love my Psychosis.

Protected: Quick recap as to why I have been silent for the last few days.

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Lunch at Rockfish with gramalkin.

Grilled Halibut, Asparagus, Saffron-Infused Rice, and Red Pepper Butter.

Life is good.

The Idiots! The Idiots!

Someone make them all go away!

::shoo:: to the programmer who dosen’t know how to establish a remote debugging session on a server.
::shoo:: to the 14 users that I have had to reset the passwords for today.
::shoo:: to the user who tries to fix a DTC problem on a SQL Server by rebooting the frelling web server.
::shoo:: to the IM spammers who keep messaging me with !@^%$!#& SEX SPAM

On second thought, don’t shoo, (gets out rifle, afixes scope on rifle and loads it) don’t bother running, you will only die tired.*

* Just to point out, I am blowing off steam, I would never really shoot anyone, this is just my way of venting and relieving stress.

Well, fiddle.

gramalkin wasn’t able to get a flight out of Missouri yesterday, so I went ahead and came home after work and got some needed laundry done. I have a lot more of “house stuff” I need to get caught up on, hopefully someday I can get it all done.

Well, so far Gray has not made it out of the fair state of Missouri. Hopefully he will make it here today.

Forget glowsticks! This is what I think that every raver will want.

Introducing Luminex – fabric that actually glows. Not shiny, not glow in the dark – GLOWS, as in giving off it’s own independent light.

The Italian designers took tiny, flexible optical fibers that were originally developed for high-energy physics experiments and wove them into ordinary fabric. The power source is an ordinary battery sewn into the cloth. Version 1.0 of this fabric is being made into clothing, stage costumes, handbags, curtains and other “flashy” stuff (forgive the pun). They are talking about adding smart chips into version 2.0 of the fabric so that you can then “program” your clothing to flash and glow in different colors and patterns.

One thing though, this shite is anything but cheap, at least for the time being. ($330.00/yard US Dollars) – But when the price comes down…..

Oh my God, I can see the club kids now!

Cutting for pictures of models in shining clothing.

I am of two minds . . .

On one hand, I want to laugh, giggle, snort and guffaw.

On the other, I just want to stand and stare in shock.

Aw what the heck, it is funny though. (Warning for those of delicate constitutions – we have animated cattle in leather bondage gear, ball gags, floggers, and a whole new take on “bull” dykes) – blackpage, you might want to put the cat on the floor before watching this flash animation.

This old man, he’s on crack, he’s a lactophiliac . . .

This really though is even more scarring than pulling a calf.



Bless the Japanese. For they are Freaks.

Most of my friends know what J-List is. To make a long story short, J-List is a company based in Japan that is run by an American (with a Japanese wife) selling “whacky Japanese items” to people here.

Well, as of late J-List has started trafficing in yaoi and doujinshi and, well, I have now gazed into the abyss and seen the freakiest things of all. Yaoi that is not yaoi.

Now before I get into the “nitty gritty” of this, let’s get the definition for yaoi agreed upon.

Yaoi is a Japanese publishing genre that encompasses manga, novels and short stories produced by female artists and writers for the enjoyment of female readers. It’s a fantasy form which focuses on the romantic, emotional, and above all, sexual relationships of guys together. The word yaoi is derived from the first syllables of each word in the expression, yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi, which means “no peak, no point, no meaning,” and originally referred to badly drawn self-published fan comics (doujinshi). Yaoi is similar to the American genre of slash (m/m pairings based on popular tv series, movies or books), but typically with more of a visual aspect.

Great definition from the nice people at Yaoi-Con 2004 – Wait a minute. . . . .Yaoi Con?!?!?!? Well, diziara, you will enjoy this; it is October 29-31, 2004 in San Francisco, CA.

Anyway, this is yaoi done in the style of Takurazuka (modern style Japanese musicals starring only women, with some of them performing the roles of beautiful men) shows. So I am including some of the text and graphics from this.

Now I am cutting to preserve the sanity of innocents.

Oh My God.

Just when you thought that people could not become more “intelligence challenged

Local officials nearly fall for H2O hoax – Web pranksters warn of dangers of ‘dihydrogen monoxide’
(From MSNBC)

Local officials nearly fall for H2O hoax
Web pranksters warn of dangers of ‘dihydrogen monoxide’
The Associated Press
Updated: 2:05 p.m. ET March 15, 2004

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – City officials were so concerned about the potentially dangerous properties of dihydrogen monoxide that they considered banning foam cups after they learned the chemical was used in their production.

Then they learned, to their chagrin, that dihydrogen monoxide — H2O for short — is the scientific term for water.

“It’s embarrassing,” said City Manager David J. Norman. “We had a paralegal who did bad research.”

The paralegal apparently fell victim to one of the many official looking Web sites that have been put up by pranksters to describe dihydrogen monoxide as “an odorless, tasteless chemical” that can be deadly if accidentally inhaled.

As a result, the City Council of this Orange County suburb had been scheduled to vote next week on a proposed law that would have banned the use of foam containers at city-sponsored events. Among the reasons given for the ban were that they were made with a substance that could “threaten human health and safety.”

The measure has been pulled from the agenda, although Norman said the city may still eventually ban foam cups.

“If you get Styrofoam into the water and it breaks apart, it’s virtually impossible to clean up,” Norman said.

Copyright 2004 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Pranksters? I have made that frelling joke myself. *shakes head* And they will let these people breed but I am not allowed to marry the person I want to marry.

Ah this does my geek side and my gamer side good…..

I love it when I happen across serious geekery.

Sadly enough, these are parody pages. I kind of find myself wishing that someone would write games like this, I would possibly be the only person to play them, but I know I would have a blast!

Cutting because I am a pathetic geek and don’t want to spam people with geek overload

Just call me Janus*

Part One: The Good Stuff from the last several days

Have I mentioned how much gramalkin‘s mother yellowroseoftex rocks? Well, she does. Serious big time. We are talking at least one or two quantum levels beyond regular rocking.

I have really been kind of in the dumps as this is rapidly closing in on the second anniversary of my mother’s death. And so, what do I get this “weekend” (Read Friday and Saturday)? I get mothered by a wonderful woman who truly has that ineffable quality of a mother. *sigh* Hugs, homemade soup, homemade spaghetti and meatsauce, and fresh baked bread. Nothing tops that, and I have really, really missed it.

Well, one thing can come close, but it is still not there. A nice rare steak with sweet potato for lunch. *purrrrrrrr*

Congradulations to Ariel for her new son Osiris, and to her sister Kate for her new daughter Zoe! And also really, really big congradulations to “grandmother and grampaw” valkyrwench and twfarlan

I also really, really, really enjoy it when people come back and tell me I was correct by way of apology.

Part Two: The Not So Good Stuff from the last several days

We cut because we care – Cuts for reducing piss off and angst in LJ

There was a Drag Queen who had a dawg . . .

And Bingo was her name-o!

B * I * N * G * O

B * I * N * G * O

B * I * N * G * O

And Bingo was her name-o!

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