Looks like May and June should be – Intresting (But in a good way).

crzydemona pointed out to me that the new Harry Potter trailer is out.*

My opinions on the trailer.

Hmmm. Let’s see:

  • Wow. Nope, *shakes head* that dosen’t do it justice. Wow3
  • I can’t wait to see the movie.
  • Snape in a dress with that damn vulture hat.
  • Ron and Hermione are fast becoming an item.
  • Best quote from the trailer: “Foul Loathsome Evil Little Cockroach!” – Hermione smacking Draco right in the nose.

Not to mention that this line inspired a quick bit of snarkiness between Jen and myself

Me: “Foul Loathsome Evil Little Cockroach!” Hermione has grown a spine! Oh I think I am going to love this.
Jen: That’s not all she’s growing! :: evil grin ::
Me: Very, very true! *snicker*

Now the rest of my post is movie and television (yes, television) advertisement posters.

We cut because we care.

Scarred for life!

theferrett has broken my brain.

Read the journal entry on Charlotte’s Web and spider gang-bang bukkake sex if you dare!

How can something soooooooo wrong be so right?

On the way home this evening I was telling gramalkin about the con that wicked_wish had attended over the weekend, Fantasm.

The Fantasm website describes it the best.

Fantasm is a genre-based convention for fans of S/F, fantasy, horror, and erotica, as they are expressed in fiction, art, and games. Think of it as an entertaining social experience with a serious twist of decadence.

The workshops evidentially were classic, including the following.

  • The Naked Truth about Spanking
  • Foot Fetish, It Ain’t Just for Bottoms Anymore
  • How Big is My Bed? – Exploring Polyamorous Relationships
  • 24/7: How Many Frogs do I Have to Kiss: An Interactive Ds Compatibility Assessment
  • SM 101
  • Rebuilding the Self – Healing after a Ds Relationship
  • Roleplaying and BDSM
  • Vampyric Play: Adding BITE to your Scene
  • Flogging- If Boymeat can Flog, so can You!
  • Bedroom Bondage Shibari You Can Use: A practical introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage
  • Partners Bondage Intensive: Sensual and Traditional Bondage Poses for Partners (limited attendance/ 15 couple limit/ 2 hour workshop)
  • Submissive’s Workshop (limited attendance/two hour workshop)
  • Cosplay
  • Mr. Fantasm Pageant
  • Ms. Fantasm Pageant
  • Fonteneau Adult Hypnosis Show
  • Pornographic Pictionary
  • Collective Works, Inc. presents Cap’n Slappy’s Happy Nautical Hour presents William Shakespeare’s The Tragic Exeunt of Julius Caesar!
  • For Love or Money – Is it for the love of writing, for the money, the fame and glory or for a desperate need to get published by whatever means regardless of the quality of the work?
  • Magic, Myth and Mysticism in Modern Media
  • Thinking Outside the (Pine) Box – explorative discussion into how setting can make or break a story

Basically a whole lot of a lot of different subjects all wrapped up into a single con.

Well, Gray was saying that he wasn’t sure how well all of that would mix together and when I asked him why, he gave the example and dialog:

“Well for some reason I am envisioning people dressed up in Mirror, Mirror uniforms from the Original Series Star Trek standing around with floggers saying lines like the following.”

Captian Tiberus: (spoken in the manner of James T Kirk) “Mister Lestat, your agonizer please.”
Commander Lestat: (spoken with a very bad affected British accent) “Oh Tiberus, if only I were mortal!”

End result, David laughing so hard that for a couple of minutes, I could hardly see straight.

Let me tell you Gray is a freaking comedic genius.

OK, ok, so I am a very bad boy . . .

Perhaps I need to be “punished” . . . .

Any takers? *looks around*

No? *shrugs*

Oh well, then….

Cutting for two big images (being nice about bandwidth again)

Only in Texas. . . .

And more specifically, Cleburne, could something like this be blown out of the water like this.

Photos Released Of State House Candidate In Drag
Candidate Calls Photos Blackmail

UPDATED: 7:55 AM CDT April 9, 2004

CLEBURNE, Texas — Republican party leaders in Johnson County are debating what to do after photos of a leading candidate for the state House of Representatives surfaced showing him dressed as a woman.

It is unclear how many photos there are, when they were taken or why this is all coming out so close to the April 13 Republican runoff election.

The candidate, prominent businessman Sam Walls, doesn’t deny dressing as a woman, but he calls the appearance of the photos blackmail, NBC 5 News reported.

In the politically conservative county, the pictures have created a buzz. Republican party leaders are divided over what to do.

Walls’ opponent, realtor Rob Orr, said a man he won’t identify showed the photos to him, and Orr, in turn, informed party leaders.

Walls vowed to fight back, saying his wife, family and friends all agreed that it would be wrong to give in to blackmail.

Orr denied the blackmail charge.

“I think he needs to explain to the voters in District 58 his lifestyle,” Orr said.

A statement released late Tuesday by the Johnson County Republican leaders didn’t mention any candidate by name but said the party believes in traditional, conservative, mainstream values and called on candidates to live their lives beyond reproach.

Ah, Cleburne, a small town in Central Texas (but a lot bigger than the small town that I grew up in) one hour north of Waco, one hour south of Dallas, and in the middle of nowhere.

I especially love the “the party believes in traditional, conservative, mainstream values and called on candidates to live their lives beyond reproach” line. I mean really, while drag may not be my cup of tea, what someone does in the privacy of their own home is no one else’s business but their own as log as it does nothing to impact the “greater good” or “creates a danger for the surrounding homes”.

*walks off shaking head*

Oh Lord . . . .

I have found a new web comic.

Well, not new, but new to me.

Written by a programmer, and laced with ten times the minimum requirement of geek humor reccomended by the FDA.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Casey & Andy

I mean really, where else can you get humor like this? I have never before today come upon a comic that does programming humor (DO WHILE loops and bugs), nerd and geek humor galore, gamer jokes, and last but not least jokes about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Cutting to be nice and not eat everyone’s bandwidth

Memo: To the Powers That Be

(Or in this case, Eris)

Ok, bitch.

I understand you are bored. I can accept that. I understand that you do not feel like anyone has paid any attention to you. I can accept that also. I understand that you bring completely new meanings to the term “needy” and “attention whore”. I can accept that about you.

And after last week, I would like to thank you for laying off of me for the last several days, I have really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

However . . .

I do not appreciate you amusing yourself at the expense of my friends. So listen to me very carefully.

Step. Back. Bitch.

Go play somewhere else for a while, I don’t need the aggravation, and I know that none of my friends do either. So, why don’t you go find some boring part of the magellanic clouds and go amuse yourself there for a few millennia. I promise that if we want or need your assistance, I will let you know immediately.

NOTE: My new Eris icon is thanks to the lovely and talented sandradelete. She was also plagued by the bitch today and managed to come to an accommodation with her by making the most stunning sketch of Eris that I have ever seen. There is such an palpable feeling of “I am bored and I have chosen you to amuse me.” in the eyes that it really struck me.

*Devolves* Mmmmmm Me Want!

Well, I was schlepping around Amazon and have found several things that I want. So without further ado, let the consumer lust commence!

Cutting for high bandwidth images!


Quizcut – Need I say more?

Well, shoot.

I was doing a little more reading up on HTML4/XHTML and have found some things that concern me.

*Note* that all of the points I am about to quote are from the following article: http://www.hixie.ch/advocacy/xhtml

So what we have really are two competing “standards”. HTML4 and XHTML1.

HTML 4 – HTML 4.0 added support for “stylesheets” (aka CSS formatting) and also introduced many features which *help* people using atypical setups to read your page, such as language support, accessibility options and so on.

XHTML 1 – XHTML 1 supports exactly the same as HTML 4, but instead of being based on SGML, it is based on XML. There is no practical difference except that few browsers support XHTML.

Now when I say “support XHTML” I mean it in the sense of supporting the docstream when sent as application/xhtml+xml as opposed to text/html. This is of very little practical interest to the end user until you run into one thing.

Documents that are sent as text/html are not parsed in the same manner as a document that is sent as application/xhtml+xml and in fact this can break the functionality of a site when viewed through an older user agent.

Yesh – Looks like I am going to have to at least temporarily scrap my plans to finish recoding my site to be XHTML compliant. The conclusion in the above referenced article really sets it in stone for me.

There are few advantages to using XHTML if you are sending the content as text/html, and many disadvantages.

In addition, currently, the majority (over 90% by most counts) of the UA market is unable to correctly render real XHTML content sent as text/xml (or other XML MIME types). For example, point IE at:


Only Mozilla, Mozilla-based browsers such as Netscape 6 and 7, recent versions of Opera, and Safari, are able to correctly render that site. (IE6 shows a DOM tree!)

Authors who are not willing to use one of the XML MIME types should stick to writing valid HTML 4.01 for the time being. Once user agents that support XML and XHTML sent as one of the XML MIME types are widespread, then authors may reconsider learning and using XHTML.

Well, since I am not interested in locking people out of my site because of what browser they choose to use, that just gives me as good a reason as any to redesign and “downgrade” the work I was doing back to HTML4.


Me no likey mornings. Especially on the start of daylight savings.

Well, off to work.

Well, this "review" is on the short list for my "Duh Award"

I was looking around on Amazon today, seeing what there was to see and seeing what is coming out soon on DVD, when I came upon this.

The movie is named My Younger Cousin.

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