Welcome to the ninth circle of Hell

Dante Alighieri has nothing on me.

Not Limbo, nor the Circle of the Lustful, nor the Pits of the Gluttonous, nor the Realm of Avarice, has such tortures.

The Prison of the Wrathful has not these tortures, nor does Dis the countryside of pain and anguish.

The Circle of the Wrathful can not cannot grant a greater dolor, and not even brave Nessus could guide us from this dark trap.

Gazing into the face of the Abyss, Geryon’s greatest frauds cannot compound this torture more than listening to the voices that are gathered on my desk.

Now gazing across the frigid expanse of Cania I see the home of this conference – and entrapped in it’s frozen embrace, there can be no escape.

Farewell my friends, for I feel I may never escape from this unending tedium.

[Edit] – We have found the source of the nightmare and I may soon be freed to begin my long travel home. I will not speak more of this frustration right now, but soon I hope I can give vent to my spleen.


Why, oh why, oh why do (l)users have to open viral infected email at the end of the day?

This particular nasty bug seems to be W32/Beagle.az@MM

*goes to the top of the office and throws himself off*


I’m hoping, I’m really hoping. . .

We cut because we care!


There, I have it out of my system.

One of our newer customer, who contracted with us to take over all of their IT Operations – all the way down to the desktops sent this in.  (Names, etc removed to protect people from knowing how well known their idiocy is becoming).

From: *PHB*
Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2004 7:04 AM
To: Help Desk
Subject: access to $website from PC’s without internet access


We still can not access the $website website from PC’s that do not have Internet Access.

We really need to have this issue sorted for our customer service.

Regards *PHB*

OK.  So on computers that don’t have Internet Access, they are unable to access websites (these are not intranet sites by the way but full blown external websites).



Really Now!

I just had one of our UNIX Engineers that I work with tell me that I am the most straight laced boyscouts that he has ever known.

What the?

Me ?!?!?!

Straight Laced Boyscout ?!?!?!?!

How little they know me. . . .

Just a heads up for the next few days

No one’s fault here, but I am going to be supremely annoyed.

So if in addition to being supremely busy, I am also supremely annoyed?  Just count your lucky stars that you are not the cause of my annoyance.

Well, it occurs to me . . .

That I did forget one thing, and almost forgot another!

First, a belated Happy Birthday to miktar! The last few days have been chaotic enough where the fact of your birthday missed me, and I greatly apologize.

And secondly, but no less, Happy Birthday to the Uber Technopup, mightymutt! I’m still just getting to know you, and it has been quite a ride so far. Give yourself some credit though guy, you are a lot smarter than you think.