What the . . . ?!?!

Normally I can remember what I dream about.

But the only thing that I can remember from last night’s dream is this.

The new geek “gansta rap” song – Straight out of COM Ports.


There are times that my mind scares me.

What timing

Well, I had an interesting dream last night.

I was dreaming that I had been asked out on a date. (Yep has to be a fantasy world)

And since it was a first date, we had both agreed that it would be dinner and a movie.

He picked me up at my house, took me to the Denton airport – why? To fly me to El Paso to take me to a little hole in the wall Mexican Food place that he knew about.

Well, after dinner he flew me back to Denton and we got back in time to catch the 9pm show at the Rave – and no I have no idea what movie we saw, but we enjoyed it.

He then took me home, I was about to lean in and get a good-night kiss.

And then my alarm clock went off.

*sigh* Isn’t it always the way?

With lots of "batty" love . . .

Well, saunteringdown has a new computer.

Not only that but it is a sentient and prescient computer that knows to serve it’s mistress.

So I felt the need to find her some special wallpaper for it.

(Sandra – you can also click on this link for the wallpaper)

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! *bouncy*

I’m a very excited person!

Bond is coming to Dallas!

They are coming the week of Thanksgiving!

I would strongly urge all of my friends to attend one of their concerts if at all possible. They don’t just perform music, they make love to the music. This is hands down the best aural sex you will ever have.

Note: Bond is rather genre defying. Start with a classical strings quartet, add worldbeat, electronica, rock, latin, and jazz, mix well, and serve with a large helping of joy in music.

I have just scored two tickets.

Sooooooooo. Who wants to go see Bond with me?

Here are the dates for November!

  • 12th – Odgen, UT – Peery’s Egyptian Theatre
  • 13th – Boise, ID – Big Easy Concert House
  • 14th – Seattle, WA – Moore Theatre
  • 16th – Sacremento, CA, Crest Theater
  • 17th – El Cajon, CA – East County Performing Arts Center
  • 18th – Phoenix, AZ – Celebrity Theatre
  • 19th – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues
  • 20th – Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues
  • 22nd – New Orleans, LA – House of Blues
  • 23rd – Irving, TX – Irving Arts Center
  • 24th – Houston, TX – Zilka Hall at the Hobby Center
  • 26th – Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), FL- House of Blues
  • 27th – Tampa, FL – Ferguson/TPAC
  • 28th – West Palm Beach, FL – Carefree Theatre

I live!

Well, I slept on the TAM sofa for 7 hours and my co-workers were kind enough not to wake me up.

(But then again cranky David is a fearsome thing to behold)

The problem that was hanging things last night linked back to a security policy that evidentially had been applied to a given OU in the Directory.

I had one user who was a member of that OU – and no matter what I did, I was not able to successfully walk my remote “smart hands” through creating a profile for her on that box much less configure the applications that she needed to do her work. 

Finally it dawned on me – I was able to create a profile for myself (of course I have god level rights in their domain) so I decided to bend the rules slightly, took direct control of the user’s computer, temporarally promoted her to being a local administrator on that computer, logged in as her and was able to create her profile and configure her software.  I logged her account back out, demoted her back to being a regular user and all was well and done with what needed to be accomplished yesterday.

One of the more frustrating highlights from yesterday:

Dear End (L)users,

As a Systems Engineer and the person charged with making sure that your domain migration is as painless as possible, I would like to address one thing. 

The size of your frelling profiles.

Now I realize that as a Windows user, your profile includes your default document directory and if you do a lot of work, you could have a 1 or 2 GB profile. 

HOWEVER. . . .

When my smart hands calls me and lets me know that there is not sufficient room to make the backup copy of the profile while migrating you to your new domain, I am not amused when I find that the reason that your profile is taking up 32 GB of the 40 GB hard drive is because you have 31 GB of MP3s tucked away in your profile and only 9 MB of free hard drive space.

Be glad all I did was move your MP3s do a directory structure in the root of your hard drive and notify the Director of IT for your company.  But then knowing him, he will be a lot more creative in expressing his displeasure than I could be. 

Your special friend,


Migration done

I am in no condition to drive home.

Thank goodness that the TAMs have a nice soft sofa in their area.

18 hours and counting . . . .

*chortle* *snort* *snerk*

Well, we (myself and some co-workers) have been in the office all day today migrating one of our customers from one domain to a new domain.

We have had a 12 hour conference call going, and as you can guess at this point, we are a little funny and punchy.

Well, this made the circuit a few minutes ago and it is just too funny Do You Want Fries With That?

Protected: And I almost missed it!

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How to make sure that David has a really great day/week/month.

To say that I have been busy for the last few weeks would be putting it mildly.

Last night and this morning were not any different – when I was walking in the front door, I found I had a large white envelope placed very carefully next to my front door by the postal person. I picked it up and unlocked my front door, right as my cell phone rang again. It was the office, one of my customers was having a (self created) crisis and I ended up talking them through it.

No real work on my part, just lots of hand holding, commiserating, and being a sympathetic ear. It seems I do that a lot lately.

Aaaaaaanyway, to make a long story short, that took several hours – and when I hung my phone up, it was after midnight. So I shrugged, and went to bed.

I got up this morning, and grabbed my mail so I could go over it while on my way to work. (Dallas traffic being what it is, I am able to normally go through all of my mail on the way to work even though I am the one doing the driving) And what should I find but a large white envelope from saunteringdown!

This envelope had a wonderful handwritten note, and three – count them three beautiful pieces of art.

I don’t care how undignified it was, I actually did a “Squeeee!” and was a very, very, happy man on my way to work.

Lady, the art is beautiful and well appreciated, and please – find a way for Rafi’s bunny to make a cameo at some point, I have never seen a cute but evil cigarette smoking rabbit before, but I was immediately smitten by the expression on his face.

As a result, I have floated through my day today, and I know that I can make my drive home in just a great mood.

Much love to Sandra and Av!