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For the record

Good news: I’m no longer as irritated as I was.

Of course, that is only a matter of degree.

It has been a while since I was spoiling for a fight.

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A Plague on All of Their Houses!


I come in to work, stride into our NOC and curl myself up at the station I normally occupy when I am down here.

My station has three monitors, one for watching network traffic, one for monitoring server health, and one for me to actually do work on.

Today, two of the monitors on my config were working and one was cold and dark.

It turns out that last night, a monitor died on the station that one of our UNIX engineers uses. One thing, the UNIX engineers don’t really do much at night except surf the web and occasionally perform an upgrade or other form of maintenance, so they can get away with using only two monitors.

Except, that would be too easy. So instead, they disassembled my config, pulled out one of my monitors – on a station that is used 24×7 – and left me with a dead monitor while not logging the problem with our thrice cursed outsourced helpdesk (yes, we are a fracking IT Services company who provides managed hosting and outsourced helpdesk services but we have outsourced our own internal helpdesk to another company).

So, after 30 minutes on the phone with the helpdesk of doom, and then waiting two hours for a callback from our internal people, I have finally found out that they are going to submit a request for new equipment and should hopefully have me a replacement monitor sometime next month.

So, does anyone want to hire a slightly grumpy and sarcastic but very hardworking and efficient Systems Engineer? Cheap to a good home!

What a wonderful way to start your day

I got ready for work this morning, and when I jumped in the car to head to work, there was a radio advertisement for prostate examinations.

Yes, you heard me right, there is a clinic in Dallas where they are having a special on getting your prostate poked and prodded.

So I ask you this, why would I want to hear about getting my prostate poked and prodded at 0615 in the bleeping morning? Don’t get me wrong, I have no aversion to it but that is not what I want to hear about first thing in the morning before my coffee has kicked in.

I'll show you my Clinton if you show me your Lewinsky!

Well, now I have seen everything.

It appears that a Chinese rubber products company has decided to make Clinton and Lewinsky brand condoms.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

To quote from the news story:

The condoms are sold in boxes of 12, with the brand named for former President Bill Clinton priced at $3.70 and that of former White House intern Monica Lewinsky at $2.25.

Guangzhou Haojian Bioscience Co. said it registered both trademarks and is pricing the brands differently to reflect the higher quality of the Clinton line.

“We chose the name because we think Clinton is a symbol of success and a man of responsibility. And Lewinsky is a woman who dares to love and dares to hate,” said Liu Wenhua, the company’s general manager.

Here is the full story if you are interested. Chinese prophylactics have a presidential twist

*queue big emo style sigh*

What is it that if someone blows me away with their humor or art that they either are (1) female (any orientation) or (2) straight (if male)?

*big dramatic sigh*

All the same, lots and lots and lots of love for Jeph.

And yes, I am so going to want to make a userpic for this.

And now, I am going to bed.

Oh my.

(Leveraged from pikaboy259)

Ladies and gentlemen, the most …… you know, I can’t think of words to describe this LJ Userpic.

Oh so very NWS – Cutting for your protection.


Goth kids gotta sulk.
Emo gotta cry.
Dora’s gotta ask herself: “Why, why, why?”

EDIT: Adding one more wonderfully snarky comment.

“He’s like an incontinent kitten. Endearing, but you don’t want it on top of you.”

One more post for today . . . .

Well, I also got this by way of theferrett, a friend of his asked the following question:

“If you were a god (or goddess), what divine spheres would you choose to have power over?”

So I have answered it in his journal, and now I am asking it in mine as well.

So, if you got to The GodsMart first thing in the morning at the dawn of everything, what would you stock up on?

I have my aspects and attributes picked out – they are as follows:

* Cool Evening Breezes
* Learning
* Constructive use of knowledge
* Forest Green
* Early Mornings
* Self Important Cats who run the home
* Creative Change
* Urban Wild Spaces
* Urban Animals
* Illusion
* Shadows
* Live Music


Full Disclosure: Shamelessly leveraged from theferrett

Plastic Surgery Obsession: Meet the Real-Life ‘Ken’ Doll

Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally taken things too far. What we have here is a hairdresser who is (IMHO) addicted to plastic surgery and going to the same doctor who butchered Michael Jackson into the condition he is in today.

Where are his medical ethics?

They will cry your enemies away!

To begin with, you can blame (if you want to call it that) iceraver for this.

Second point – I am the oldest member of my generation for my family.  And my youngest cousins are just old enough so that they were serious big time fans of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers when they were younger.  And when cousin David was called upon to babysit them, guess what I had to listen to – over and over and over.  (It was almost as scarring as the time that I took yet another cousin to the Smurf Movie and let him sit through it twice so the “adults” could have some quiet time)  Needless to say, for a very long time the Power Rangers rubbed me the wrong way and just really annoyed me. 

That has all changed with this trailer that Le pointed out to me. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Mighty Moshin Emo Rangers.

I watched this prepaired to recoil in horror and instead found myself laughing my ass off.  *sigh* I admit it, if Saban had showed this, I might have watched it.  I mean really, how can you not be amused by the following “Rangers”

Introspective Emo Ranger Black
Bleeding Heart Emo Ranger Pink
Chronic Stoner Emo Ranger Green
Weeping Tears Emo Ranger Yellow
Chaos Mohawk Emo Ranger Red

And their giant robot – you have got to watch the trailer just to see the “Giant Mecha Emo”

The website is (of course) Emo Rangers

This project grew out of a running joke and has taken on a life of it’s own, they are even filming episodes in the UK.

And they have even made posters for this – We cut because we care.

Here, sheepy, sheepy, sheepy

And yet again, another cut

The Sheep goes Baaaaaaaaaaaa

We Cut Because We Care

And another year is gone.

Lots of things going through my head right now.

More in the morning I think.


Looking over an issue from one of our engineers and I note that the engineer emailed the customer to let them know about the problem they were having.

. . . .

Of course the problem was with the SMTP service for their email server.

You know, I have worked in IT for the last 12 years, five at Microsoft, five here, one year in banking, and one year in consulting. And I am shocked that I have not developed a drug habit, started smoking, or developed a problem with drinking. Perhaps I need to do all three?

Oh and by the way. . .

I am tired of being the White Knight, I want to be the Black Knight for a while, he has more fun.

I am now convinced that management knows how to play me like a fiddle.

No matter how irritated/miffed/put out/overloaded I am, if you present me with a problem, I will immediately go into what a friend of mine termed “hero mode” and immediately try and fix the issue.

Well, first they came to me on Wednesday with a problem, they still didn’t have anyone scheduled to be onsite for Labor Day and would I mind volunteering to be available? (Now originally, I had planned to take part of this week and part of next week off as a present to myself, but that got nixed as one person on my team had already scheduled to have the day off and the new rule is that no more than one person on a team may take time off at the same time). Well, even though I had the “option” to turn it down, I went ahead and said that I would – supposedly HR is giving out a 200.00 bonus for the sacrifice.

And then yesterday, the manager who is charge of our Change Management group came to me with a rather nasty issue.

We have three main data centers, one in Dallas, one in Pleasanton (just outside of San Francisco), and one in London (which incidentally is less than one city block from one of the bombing sites). Well, to spread the labor, Change Management decided that the Data Center Engineer in London would be verifying installs of the new Antivirus client on servers in Plesanton (never mind that we actually have engineers on site in SF who would be able to verify this much more simply) and things ground to a halt when the London engineer reported that he was not able to connect to the servers that are used by my old customer. Well, after about an hour of troubleshooting (I was contacted because even after being away from that customer for six months, I know their systems and network better than just about anyone – to the point of being able to rattle off IP addresses and MAC addresses for their boxes when given the name of the server). So, the end result was that at 2230 last night, I was sitting at my desk VPNed into work and verifying that the new AV clients had installed successfully.

Now the end result of that was that I woke up a little later than I normally do (0545 as opposed to 0500) and really had to rush to get out the door on time and get to work . . . and I left my bloody cell phone in it’s charger again.


I want to be the black hat for a change.

Ah questions, questions.