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Be warned.

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I have the attention span of a ferret on speed today

I'm Eeeeevil!

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I was leaving the office when one of our senior managers came by to give the good news that they will be upgrading the phone switch in a little over a week.

One of the good features that I am looking forward to is that it will allow management to run reports against the phone switch and it will show that I have several co-workers who slack when they know I am working. (case in point – so far for the month of June, I have resolved over 250 customer issues – one of the other engineers who works 9 – 6, M – F has only resolved 108 in the same amount of time).

One of the things that management said that they would probably have to do is rebalance the schedles to better match when the peaks in call volume are – that is normal but it will mean that some of the people who work 9 – 6 may have to work 7 – 4 (like me), 8 – 5, or even 10 – 7.

One of the engineers said “Can’t David cover until seven at night?” It was then pointed out that I get in at seven in the morning and finish at four – so he said (jokingly) well, David can just work 7 – 7 Monday through Friday. Everybody turned to me expecting me to object. That was when I said the following.

“I’ll be glad to work 7 – 7, M – F for a 50% increase in pay, along with some miscelaneous benefits to be named later.”

Managemen’s eyes went big – I feel pretty safe on that since I know for a fact that the budget would not support that unless they denied raises to everyone else.

There are times it pays to be sneaky.

Protected: One thing.

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There is a new Opinion article in The Register today.

When I read it I wanted to stand up and cheer.

MySpace case opens security can of worms

It’s time to face reality
By Guy Kewney
Published Wednesday 28th June 2006 05:02 GMT

Opinion A fourteen-year old girl is suing MySpace for £30m after she was allegedly assaulted by a man she met on the popular teen hangout site.

Here’s a great idea for all you harassed single-parent readers. Why not send the kids off to the pub? It’s a social centre, with many intelligent, and also many interesting characters. And you can get on with some work, or sleep, or just catch up with your meditation!

It’s easy to condemn anybody who took that advice as “loony” – because, well, it’s a loony idea.

In the Texas girl’s case, it’s loonier than first glance makes it seem. Not only was she herself lying about her age, but the “predator”who “assaulted” her was only 19. The idea of a suit claiming $30m in damages for being caught snogging illicitly could probably only be taken seriously in America.

But the absurdity of this case doesn’t mean the danger isn’t real. MySpace is a great, exciting place for teens to hang out, because of, not in spite of, the danger. The danger requires parents to be aware of the risks, rather than treating chatrooms as somewhere kids are going to be safe.

(Read the rest of the article here)

I know that this is one of my standard rants but once again: We need to grow out of this culture of entitlement and start taking responsibility for things. I’m not sure what has happened in the last twenty to thirty years to cause people to loose most of their sense but we need to find a way to reverse the decay otherwise I forsee a new dark age looming in the near future.

Calling all people who know anything about strange shows

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Well, last night, prior to bed, I decided to try and download another couple of Doctor Who BBC Season Two goodies.

Well, they are still downloading (grumble, grumble, grumble, piss poor bandwidth across the pond).

The node I found things on last night had a set of Anime and other assorted videos that I did a blanket grab on out of curiosity – 99% of it was drek and has already been deleted but a couple of things caught my eye.

One is this – An Anime Music Video from Cowboy Bebop featuring music from the band Gorillaz. Now I had never heard this band before, but I am going to have to give them a listen, because dammit, this song is infectious. And of course, since the video features Edward, I was already pre-disposed to look favorably on it.

The other is this – An Opening to a French Anime (?!?!?!)** – The opening animation is interesting enough that I am going to have to track down information and episodes for this show just to find out more. And this is frustrating because my French is not very good. The only reason I understand as much as I do is because I grew up with both my Grandfather and my Mother speaking French – I can stammer out a few phrases and understand it to a good extent better than I speak it. As far as I can tell about this show you have a Pink haired elf (Aelita – Name is of Spanish origin but …. pink hair), a Raver Catboy (Odd – I looked it up it is a Norse name but for girls not guys), a Geisha (Yumi – Japanese name there), a Computer Engineer (Jeremie – French name I am guessing from the spelling), and a Ninja (Ulrich – So we have a German Ninja). The animation seems very “anime” style at some points and at others is all computer animated a la ReBoot.

So, let’s see French Anime (yes, yes, I know – it’s not really “Anime” per se, but when you consider the animation style it simplifies the expression) with NInjas, Geishas, Raver Catboys, Computer Engineers, and Pink Haired Elves – Oy.

I’m going to start researching this but if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

* Warning this is a 36 MB File

** Warning this is a 37 MB File

Protected: I need a cold shower

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Interesting non-LJ Blog here

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I give you Alas, a blog.

I don’t agree with everything discussed – which is a good thing.

But you have got to give them props for such posts as Special Geeky Guest Post: The politics of Firefly and Serenity

And because bradhicks is a bad person for pointing this out.

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To all of us “old fogies” who were teenagers in the 1980s – there is this site: Watch over 1,400 Music Videos from the 1980s!

They even have some stuff that most Americans would not recognize such as the Australian band Pseudo Echo – I had not heard about that group or seen their music in probably close to twenty years.

I have no idea how long this site will last until the lawyers get after them so enjoy it while you can.

On the plus side.

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I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Captain Jack in both Season 3 of Doctor Who and the new upcoming BBC Spinoff Torchwood.

That does it.

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I’m turning in my “gay card”, my toaster, everything.

I really enjoyed Season One of the new Doctor Who. The Doctor’s companions in the new series have been very engaging and interesting, more than just a foil for The Doctor, they have been complete characters in and of themselves. That is not to say that the companions of the “classic” series were not bad, in fact some of my all time favorite characters were companions – Zoe (from the time of the Second Doctor), Jo Grant (from the time of the Third Doctor), Sarah Jane Smith (Third, Fourth, and Tenth Doctors), Leela (also from the Fourth Doctor), Romana (Fourth Doctor again), and of course Rose Tyler and “Captain Jack” Harkness with the Ninth and Tenth Doctors (I have not seen enough of season two to really make an opinion on how Mickey Smith is progressing and while Adam was interesting, his character was a prat and deserved to get kicked off of the TARDIS).

Also since I have started watching the BBC versions of Doctor Who I started noticing that there were a few moments here and there that had been “snipped” out of the American version – for instance Captain Jack is much more of a flirt not only with Rose but with the Doctor himself in the BBC version. Now this caused me to do a double take in The Parting of the Ways when Jack kissed The Doctor full on.

And here is where I turned into an “Ugly American” for a few minutes – in the USA, the only actors allowed to play anything other than a straight person are straight actors. So I blithely assumed that John Barrowman was straight.

Boy was I wrong.

So since my ‘dar is pretty much irreparably damaged, I am giving up even trying. From now on, unless someone is wearing a sign that tells me otherwise, I am automatically assuming that they are straight.

And now on a bandwidth consuming note . . .

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I bring you pictures!

We cut because we care

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Good News!

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I have vented most of the pissed off (and amazingly there are no bodies).

Now I am sure that I will still be irritated after I work on the shower more in a couple of hours when I get home, but I will take that as it comes.

Holding out for a hero

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So when do I get to have a hero come riding to my aid on his epic steed?

I want a do over

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Sunday night – get in from seeing my father on father’s day, get a shower. When I turn off the shower, it won’t turn off.

Monday morning – get my morning shower – cold shower since the hot water heater can’t keep up. Run to the Home Depot and get a specialized Dallas Water Key (that is completely unlike the water keys for the rest of the world) and turn off the water so I won’t waste water.

Go to work – bust my ass all day.

Stop at Home Depot and get the repair parts to fix the shower as it will be several days before a plumber can be lined up. And then realize that I left my cell phone at work.

Monday night (bedtime) – Cold water is fixed, but the hot is going to require a couple more hours of work, keep the water turned off and go to bed.

Tuesday morning – Get up, get dressed, go out and turn on the water, get a cold shower, get dressed again and turn the water back off. Go out the door to head to work to find out that some ASSHOLE has smashed in the rear driver side window of my truck.

EDIT: Nothing was stolen, I had a couple of books in the back seat and a bottle of coke. They were still there.

I uttered one very heartfelt curse that killed every living thing in a five foot radius.

Drive to work.

Come in to work, call an auto glass place to start the process of getting my window fixed.

Find where a change had been scheduled for my team at 0700 this morning. Start reading the documentation prior to executing the software upgrade when I realize that some damnfool was being more stupid than normal with this.

The server in question is one node of a cluster, running the x64 version of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1.

One of the software hotfixes that is scheduled to be installed on the server has the following documentation from Microsoft.

Non-Affected Software:

• Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

• Microsoft Windows Server 2003 for Itanium-based Systems and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with SP1 for Itanium-based Systems

• Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition

• Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition (SE), and Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition (ME)

So let’s see – the hotfix DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS SERVER.

Why the fuck did it get scheduled in the first place? Now it is a good thing that I am a very anal engineer and even though I have read the doccos over many times I read them each time just to be sure I am not missing anything prior to frelling with customer devices, I have cow-workers who consider documentation something to only be looked at when everything blows up.

*shakes head*

The other hotfix is applicable, however, since you want the software running on a cluster to be the same on all nodes, you DO NOT patch one node and then not patch the other until the next day.

You know, I almost decided to just say screw it and not go in today, but I am glad I did. I am so pissed off now, I can rest assured that today someone will do something sufficiently stupid to earn my ire and allow me to sufficiently vent my spleen upon their rapidly cooling bodies.

Real content post soon….

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In the meantime I read something funny while eating my lunch.

From a forum far, far, away in the Interweb . . . .


What is that, a new Anime, in the Pokemon style, where the protagonist has to collect all the sextoys and battle them off against sexbots ofvarious genders, whilst Evil Team PocketRocket ™ attempt to steal the most valuable Modderpocks (multiple of Modderpock, Modderpockingbeing the act of collecting and duelling Modderpocks) for their own nefarious ends?

Now why does that strike me as an anime that tygerversionx would dream up?

And yes, I had to wipe Coke Zero off of my monitor after reading that.


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Got home to no power.

Some damnfool had an accident and has blacked out a lot of homes

No idea when we will get power back. (It has been out since 14:00)

My father called to see how I was doing and is really wanting me to drive up to the lake tomorrow – and he says bring a friend – so does anyone want an impromptu trip to the lake?

A-Kon Strangeness – Day One

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Fast Semi-Update as the day has much ahead.

The “Butt Pirate” – an asian guy (orientation unknown but I am hazarding a guess) very built and defined wearing nothing but a gold lame speedo and brandishing a toy cutlass

There was a handsome guy who chatted me up and I was rather interested in – but dammit, I was on duty at the time and wasn’t able to do more about it.

Had a pair of Cat Piss People – one of which was a MtF furry- I so wanted to Febreeze her.

Feet were a bit sore from doing crowd control for most of the day yesterday – but Josephine made it up to me today – six hours of DDR duty.

Protected: Woo Hoo! *does the happy dance*

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