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*throws up his hands* I give up!

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It is official, my ‘dar is broken.

Former *NSync Member Lance Bass likes sweaty snugglebunnies with men

Bitch already has a live in boyfriend too – model-actor-Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl (whoever he is, the only thing I avoid more than boy bands is reality shows).

And now he is becoming an actor (*laughs* let’s play to stereotypes shall we?) and will be part of a sitcom in development in which his character will be *gasp* teh ghey!

The best thing I have found on this though is this!

An old McDonalds commercial showing the members of *NSync and Britney Spears playing *snerk* “spin the bottle”. Watch what what happens when Lance spins it.

EDIT – Frelling LJ keeps breaking my HTML – stuck the commercial on a page.

More coherent post later

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Got things done yesterday morning.

Then yesterday afternoon Animaniacs arrived, and I got a quick trip down memory lane.

Took a four hour nap partway through the DVDs.

Then got up, checked mail and made dinner.

Then slept about another eight to ten hours.

Up now and I feel so much better, didn’t realize just how bad I felt after 72 hours and no sleep.

Odds and Sods

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To begin with, I did manage to get four hours of sleep. Here is to hoping that it was the end to a long dry spell.

And now on with a very interesting set of commentary.

I was schlepping around the net today and stumbled upon something. A website run by a guy (Wow David, that is really unusual! – OK, can the commentary from the peanut gallery). The guy is interesting, apparently unmarried, lives in Faversham with his cat (a very pretty tuxedo kitty named Kosh), unmarried, has an LJ (tailkinker) that he has not updated since 2004, and he has either not attended a Science Fiction convention since 2004, or has just stopped updating his website altogether.

But he has quite a set of Special Guest photos from cons dating all the way back to 2001, and I find that I really need to comment on some of the Actors, et al. that appear.

First we have Virginia Hey who played Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan in Farscape, great set of pictures, really pretty, and she even has pictures of her and her own tuxedo kitty and autographs pictures for cats!

Next comes Jacqueline Pearce, who played Supreme Commander Servalan in Blake’s 7.

I am probably one of the few Americans who has seen Blake’s 7 (all four seasons thank you!), and I really enjoyed it. Now I will admit that the special effects were short bus special (each episode had a budget of only £60,000!) even for the late 70s/early 80s when it was made, but the writing, oh! the writing!

The show was about a set of anarchistic terrorists and rebels who became freedom fighters (after a sort) combating a facist Intersteller Federation. First of all, Terry Nation (I hope everyone recognises that name) had no qualms about killing off a major character if it promoted the story and built character. (See Joss, other people did it first!) And they had several morally ambiguous or down right ruthless and nasty characters in major hero and villian roles.

At the end of the third season, their super advanced starship, The Liberator, was destroyed (killing yet another major character, the sentient computer, Zen) and the “surviving” castmembers (minus Blake himself who is missing) took over a freighter, Scorpio, after killing its commander.

And when the fourth and final season closes, as the crew at last finds Blake working as a bounty hunter on a backwater planet named Gauda Prime. Mistakenly believing that Blake has betrayed them, Avon kills Blake (blood is shown). Federation Troopers overrun the remainder, shooting all except Avon (it is not clear whether they are dead). Surrounded, Avon raises his own weapon and smiles, and as the picture cuts to black, a flurry of gunfire is heard and the end credits roll.

And thus the series ended. Brrrrrrrr.

Next comes James Marsters. Damn, that dude is gaunt, how can you be that skinny and stay healthy?

Next comes one of the few women I might ever consider turning straight for, Claudia Christian, who played Susan Ivanova on Babylon 5.

What can I say, Ivanova was one of my favorite characters in the series, the character was…

And was best summed up by the following quote from the series.

Who am I? I am Susan Ivanova. Commander. Daughter of Andrei and Sofie Ivanov. I am the right hand of vengeance, and the boot that is going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, sweetheart! I am death incarnate, and the last living thing that you are ever going to see. God sent me.

And in a set of Hobbit Actor Pictures, I found the most amusing “deer in the headlights” look I have ever seen from an actor.

Dominic is handsome, but a little on the skinny side for my taste. The one that I at least find to be really attractive is Sean Astin. Sorry Elijah, I am sure that there are lots of girls (and guys) who would be more than happy to snuggle you. But just look at that face!

That’s all for now, possibly more commentary later on today or tomorrow. I have a survey to re-write!

David does media

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Well, I’m going to try and sleep for a bit. But while trying to wind down enough to sleep, I found more to write about.

Tarantino does Tokyo (Anime style)

Quentin Tarantino says he wants to make two anime Kill Bill prequels: an origin film about Bill and his mentors, and an original tale with The Bride.

Brian Singer on Superman

Will there be a Superman Sequel? Yes (well, color me shocked) probably in 2009. As well as some possibles for the DVD.

You are a Wonder, Wonder Woman

OK boys and girls, fasten your seatbelt because the Invisible Jet is being piloted (possibly) by the Great Bastard himself – Joss Whedon. He turned in a script to Joel Silver (the producer) and it’s looking like Joss will even be directing. And they are going allllllll the way back to “Steve Trevor crashes on the island and they go back to Man’s World.”

So I am guessing that Steve will be shot dead right as he confesses his love for Wonder Woman – after all, we can’t have people being happy.

Transformers, Transform and Roll Out!

Well, it is confirmed, Peter Cullen, the original voice of Optimus Prime in the Transformers series, announced yesterday he will be recurring his role in the upcoming movie. I listened to sooooooo many episodes of Transformers when babysitting my cousins when they were younger – I wonder if that is why I ended up liking anime?

And also, according to Ain’t It Cool News, this is a picture of Optimus Prime in vehicle mode, sumggled out of a Transformers shooting. I have to say that it is possible as shortly after they ran this, AICN was contacted by the DreamWorks legal team and told to remove the image from their website ASAP.

As David’s Head Explodes in a Joygasm…..

During the San Diego Comic Con a quiet man known as JMS (J. Michael Straczynski to you uneducated plebians) made an announcement regarding the future of a little story he used to tell called Babylon 5. To put it short, sweet, and to the point – straight-to-video BABYLON 5 adventures with our B5 characters in an anthology format. These should start hitting stores late next year, written and directed by JMS.

Of course, the stories won’t feature Dr. Stephen Franklin or G’Kar since sadly both actors are now dead and JMS refuses to ever cast anyone else as those characters

Oh and Just for Jess

The Sequel to 1985’s Robotech is coming to America, and to the big screen. Funimation and Harmony Gold are preparing a theatrical run and DVD release for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, an 88 minute film that directly follows the original series. Many of the 1985 Robotech voice actors are also returning to reprise their roles including Greg Snegoff as Scott Bernard, Tony Oliver as Rick Hunter, and Richard Epcar as Vince Grant. They will be joined by Mark Hamill as Commander Taylor and Chase Masterson as android Janice.

And there is even talk of a TV series….. (Now go change your pants Jess)

Now on the fringes……

The trend of lowbrow “beer and pretzels” teen sex movie has taken the plunge and produced – Another GAY Movie. Yes, you read that correctly, the incestious family of such movies as American Pie, Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, etc. have had their queer little brother come bursting out of the closet. It’s all about four “Out and Proud” high school seniors who want to loose their virginity before the end of summer.

I have to quote part of the promo here, because…..I really can’t do any better than this.

What follows is a raunchy ride on the bumpy road to butt love. Along the way, the film spoofs not only American Pie and gay movies from Trick to The Broken Hearts Club, but also the entire gay lifestyle.

After the end-of-summer blow-out bash at Muffler’s, the boys’ lives (and asses) will never be the same…

Will Andy decide he’s not ready for sex after all? Will Griff act on his raging crush for best friend Jarod? What is Nico doing with MUFFLER’S GRANDPA? Will Andy get that gerbil out of his ass?

I just found out that this movie is releasing on Friday in New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphis only – it won’t be arriving in Dallas until 1 September. Hell, Anchorage gets it before Dallas does!

Old Fart Commentary time

I watched the trailer for Charlotte’s Web yesterday, and I am still trying to decide if I am going to see the movie. Even though it does have Julia Roberts, and John Cleese and Reba McEntire…… having Steve Buscemi play Templeton the Rat bothers me. My Charlotte’s Web starred the grande dame of Hollywood comedy, Paul Lynde, and hearing Templeton with anyone else’s voice is just wrong. I doubt that they will rape the corpse of my childhood like Jim Carrey did in How The Grinch Stole Christmas, but without Templeton, it’s just not Charlotte’s Web.

By the way, do you have any idea how much I hate all flash websites? It’s not that flash in and of itself is a bad thing, but if I am given a choice in a flash based website or a HTML based site, I pick HTML every time. Yes flash is more pretty, and slow, and noisy, and unnecessarally complicated, and yes, HTML loads faster and tends to work better.

So why do we even bother with HTML sites? Why not just redo the entire web in flash and make everyone use a trumped up flash based browser? Then you can stick even more annoying and noisy ads all over the gorram Internet.

Gosh, me have an opinion about things? Never.

Day two – insomnia

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Somebody please kill me. 

I haven’t slept since Friday night.  I don’t know why, but when I lie down to sleep, sleep does not come.

I’m going to try a glass or two of wine and see if that will help.  I have got to throw this off now or it will play a merry hob with my sleep patterns.  (Such that they are)

On the plus side, I have gotten a lot of reading done.  When I can’t sleep I blow through books like no body’s business.

DAMMIT isfacat!!!!

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This is all your bloody fault!

Cowboy Mmmbop indeed.

Now I must go bleach my brain, AGAIN.

Get Your Game On

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OK, people. You want to game, here is how we pick what we are going to play.

Now I am going to be sinking enough time into this that I hope everyone will enjoy it, so I would appreciate a degree of commitment

I have also created a community called so we can post backstory stuff and take care of a lot of the “housekeeping” outside of our precious gaming time.

So, let’s begin.

Almost forgot

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Happy birthday to jrcubindy

Now I just need to arrange for him to get his birthday spanking……

Pervyness in Louisiana

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Just getting out of the concert . . . . isfacat is thinking about a hot dog.

“Those are self serve buddy.”

You know – my productivity sucked today…..

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Gaming geeks world wide all tend to scream in horror (no pun intended) when someone says White Wolf.  The reasons are obvious, but I found a little script ‘o humor today and gave me a lot of giggles that I felt I should share. 

WARNING – If you are not a gamer geek who has at least a passing knowledge of White Wolf Games and their Vampire, the *whatever it is THIS Edition* you will probably not get the humor.

 What happens when the Antediluvians start fighting?

      TREMERE: “Awright, Haqim!  I have HAD it with you!  You’re gonna die!”

      HAQIM: “Says you.  Phbbbt!”

      TREMERE: “Oh, yeah?  Thaumaturgy 10, Lure of Flames!  I blow up Asia!”

      HAQIM: “Celerity 10.  I dodge.  I’m now standing in the middle of the ocean.”

      TREMERE: “Thaumaturgy 10, Neptune’s Might.  I boil the oceans.”

      HAQIM: “Obfuscate 10.  What ocean?”

      TREMERE: “Thaumaturgy 10, Movement of the Mind.  I hit the remaining ocean with the moon.”

      LASOMBRA: “Tag in!  Obtenebration 9.  What moon?”

      TREMERE: “Auspex 10.  *That* moon.”

      LASOMBRA: “Tag out!”

      HAQIM: “Oh crap.  Umm… Quietus 10.”

      TREMERE: “Here comes the big ball of rock, baby!”

      [HAQIM is squished]

      BRUJAH: “Didn’t Haqim just activate Quietus 10?”

      NOSFERATU: “And it was a surprisingly quiet squishing.  Stupid discipline.”

      TREMERE: “Lasombra…”

      LASOMBRA: “Tag, um, Tzimisce!”

      TZIMISCE: “Vicissitude 10.  Try that moon trick now, spellboy.”

      TREMERE: “Tag Ventrue!”

      VENTRUE: “Dominate 10. Who’s your daddy?”

      TZIMISCE: “You’re my daddy.”

      LASOMBRA: “Tag in!  Potence 10.  Feel the pain!”

      VENTRUE: “Fortitude 10!  What pain?”

      LASOMBRA: “Obtenebration 10!  I hope you like small, dark, places.”

      VENTRUE: “Fuck.”

      [VENTRUE vanishes]

      LASOMBRA: “I have ALWAYS wanted to do that.”

      TZIMISCE: “Vicissitude 10.  Lasombra, you’re now a small ball of cheese.”


      TZIMISCE: “Ventrue still calls the shots.  Read Dominate 10.”

      SMALL BALL OF CHEESE: “Damn, he’s right.”

      TZIMISCE: “Animalism 10.  Horde of cheese-eating mice.”

      SMALL BALL OF CHEESE: “Obtenebration 10.  I am a shadow of a small ball of cheese.”

      TZIMISCE: “Tag Tremere!”

      TREMERE: “Thaumaturgy 10, Lure of Flames.  Shadow of fondue, you mean.”

      SMALL BALL OF CHEESE: *fwoosh*

      NOSFERATU: “Animalism 10.  They’re MY horde of mice.”

      TZIMISCE: “Animalism 10.  Mine.”

      NOSFERATU: “Mine!”

      TZIMISCE: “Gimme!”

      BRUJAH: “Celerity 10 AND Potence 10.  I crush Tzimisce and Nosferatu while they’re still arguing about the mice.”

      NOSFERATU: “Urk.” [dies]

      TZIMISCE: “Urk.” [reforms] “Love that Vicissitude 10.”

      BRUJAH: “Oh, dearie.”

      TZIMISCE: “Now the mice are MINE!”

      [MASKED AVENGER #1 appears from nowhere]

      MASKED AVENGER #1: “All of you shall die for consorting with our enemies!
      Or, in some cases, actually being our enemies.”

      ENNOIA: “Who the heck are *you*?”

      MASKED AVENGER #1: “Oh, sorry.  I’m early.”

      [MASKED AVENGER #1 vanishes]

      TZIMISCE: “Not even the first Masked Avenger, whoever he was, can stop me!”

      ARIKEL: “Auspex 10.  What *can* stop someone with Vicissitude 10?  Oh, diablerie.”

      TREMERE: “Thaumaturgy something or other.  I weaken Arikel a generation.”

      ARIKEL: “You just made that up!”

      TREMERE: “Trust me, you’ll like it.”

      BRUJAH: “Potence 10.  I expend a barrage of fisticuffs upon Tzimisce.”

      TZIMISCE: “Vicissitude 10.  I can ignore them.”

      ENNOIA: “Animalism 10.  My mice.”

      TZIMISCE: “Mine!”

      TREMERE: “Quick, Arikel!  Diablerize Tzimisce while he’s distracted!”

      AUGUSTUS: “Necromancy 10, Bone Path!  The dead have risen- and they’re voting Republican!”

      TREMERE: “Don’t you guys *ever* stop worrying about temporal power?”

      AUGUSTUS: “Umm.  No.”

      MALKAV: “Dementation 10!  Everyone goes absolutely crazy!”

      [there is a pause]

      [the pause lengthens]

      BRUJAH: “You feel any different, Ennoia?”

      ENNOIA: “Nope.  You?”

      BRUJAH: “Nope.  Tremere?”

      TREMERE: “Nope.”

      AUGUSTUS: “Me neither.”

      BRUJAH: “Nobody asked you.”

      MALKAV: “Well, THAT was a non-starter.”

      TZIMISCE: “Well, I *gurgle*…”

      ARIKEL (dropping diablerized corpse of Tzimisce): “*I* sure feel different!”

      ENNOIA: “Well, that settles it.  My mice.”

      ARIKEL: “I now have Animalism 10.  Mine!”


      BRUJAH: “Mousefight, actually.”

      AUGUSTUS: “How droll.”

      TREMERE: “Thaumaturgy 10, Hands of Destruction.  I kill the freakin’ mice, already.”

      ARIKEL: “Waaahhh!”

      AUGUSTUS: “Zombie mice!”

      ENNOIA: “Bastards.”

p;     [MASKED AVENGERS #1, #2, and #3 appear]

      MASKED AVENGER #2: “Prepare to meet final death at the hands of the Masked Avengers!”

      MASKED AVENGER #3: “Especially you, Tremere!”

      MASKED AVENGER #2: “No, especially *you*, Augustus!”

      MASKED AVENGER #3: “Tremere!”

      MASKED AVENGER #2: “Augustus!”

      ENNOIA: “Who *are* you guys, anyway?”

      MASKED AVENGER #3: “It’s a secret.  That’s why we’re wearing masks.”

      BRUJAH: “Speaking of which, why does your mask have three eyeholes?”

      MASKED AVENGER #3: “To be distinctive.”

      BRUJAH: “Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of wearing a mask?”

      MASKED AVENGER #1: “You always were a smartass.”

      BRUJAH: “Potence 10.  I punch the first Masked Avenger.”

      MASKED AVENGER #1: “Ow.” [dies]

      MASKED AVENGER #2: “We other Masked Avengers are not so easily thwarted!
      We shall have our revenge!  Especially on you, Augustus!”

      MASKED AVENGER #3: “Tremere!”

      MASKED AVENGER #2: “Augustus!”

      AUGUSTUS: “Can we get rid of these guys?”

      TREMERE: “Sure you take care of the guy with the three eyeholes in his
      mask, and I’ll take the guy who says he’s my archenemy.”

      MASKED AVENGER #3: “I, with the three eyes, am your archenemy, Tremere.”

      TREMERE: “Whatever.”

      AUGUSTUS: “Potence 10.  I crush the guy with the three eyes.”

      MASKED AVENGER #3: “Fortitude 10.  I soak.”

      TREMERE: “Thaumaturgy 10, Lure of Flames.  I obliterate Masked Avenger #2.”

      MASKED AVENGER #2: “Fortitude 10.  I soak.”

      BRUJAH: “Like the guest that won’t leave, aren’t they?”

      AUGUSTUS: “I can handle this.  Necromancy 10, Ash Path.  I summon the
      spirits of those who have died tragically.”


      AUGUSTUS: “Explain your tragedies to the Masked Avengers.”


      MASKED AVENGER #3: “Oh, the Angst!  I cannot *bear* it!”

      [MASKED AVENGER #3 commits suicide]

      MASKED AVENGER #2: “How fascinating.  I wish to learn more.”

      AUGUSTUS: “Spirits of those who have died tragically, return to the Shadowlands.”


      MASKED AVENGER #2: “I must follow them to learn more.”

      [MASKED AVENGER #2 commits suicide]

      ARIKEL: “Well, *that* took forever.  But now it’s done.  Now what?”

      TREMERE: “Auspex 10 and Thaumaturgy 10, Lure of Flames.  I incinerate Set in that corner he’s been hiding.”

      [SET turns to ashes]

      AUGUSTUS: “Letting everyone else do the fighting and taking out the winners?  I am shocked, SHOCKED.”

      BRUJAH: “Shocked that you didn’t think of it first.”

      AUGUSTUS: “And I *deeply* deplore that.”

      [MASKED AVENGER #1 appears]

      MASKED AVENGER #1: “Prepare to meet final death at the hands of the Masked Avenger!”

      BRUJAH: “You ever have the feeling of deja vu?”

      MASKED AVENGER #1: “Constantly.”

      ENNOIA: “Enough of this.  Protean 10.  Welcome to the sun, boys!”

      TREMERE: “Hah!  Thaumaturgy 10, Invulnerable Weakness!”

      [MASKED AVENGER #1 goes *fwoosh*]

      [BRUJAH goes *fwoosh*]

      [MALKAV goes *fwoosh*]

      [ARIKEL goes *fwoosh*]

      AUGUSTUS: “Hah!  You’ve played perfectly into my master plan!  No, wait.”

      [AUGUSTUS goes *fwoosh*]

      TREMERE: “Thaumaturgy 10, Neptune’s Might.  I extinguish Ennoia.”

      [ENNOIA goes *fwoosh*]

      TREMERE: “Woo hoo, I won!”

      RAVNOS: “Forgot me.”

      TREMERE: “You?  Where the heck have you been?”

      RAVNOS: “Keeping a low profile.”

      TREMERE: “And you didn’t burn up in the sun?”

      RAVNOS: “Fortitude 10, baby.  And I’ll thank you not to kill off my mice.”


      RAVNOS: “Not so fast!  Chimeristry 10!”

      TREMERE: “Chimeristry 10?  You mean…”

      RAVNOS: “Yup.  ”Reality.”  I’ll turn us all into a roleplaying game.”

      TREMERE: “You wouldn’t!”

      RAVNOS: “I just did.”


      [RAVNOS, TREMERE, and the corpses of the other antediluvians are replaced
      by a series of hardback and paperback game supplements]

Oh and just for texaspenguin

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There are not words.

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Three things . . .

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Welcome back thunderrstorm.

Happy Birthday enochiancub!

And valkyrwench, twenty minutes from your driveway to mine now.

Wherein David turns really, really gay for a few minutes.

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I just got a wondermous email.  

For those who don’t know – last year, I got to go see Wicked perform in Dallas.  Well, it blew me away.  It was one of those rare events where it felt like it could never be long enough.  And they will be doing a return engagement next year – in Houston they will be at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts from March 28 to April 15, 2007 and in Dallas, they will be at the Music Hall at Fair Park from April 18 to May 6, 2007.

To say that I would love to actually have a date for for one of those, well, what do you think?

Well an email dropped into my inbox a little while ago, and it is one of those rare emails that makes me very happy.


Oh yes, a chance for me to tune up my voice (which has been pretty much un-used for the last several years) and get my Wicked on.

Here are more details from the website.  

YOU can be a contestant in the “Be WICKED ” Singing Contest!

Here’s how…

Beginning July 25th download official forms ONLINE or in New York during regular theatre hours go to the merchandise stand in the Gershwin Theatre Lower Lobby located at 222 W. 51st Street to pick up forms (while supplies last).

You must register on the WICKED FAN area. Complete and sign the Official Entry Submission and Release Form.

Registration will begin on July 25th, so you still have some time to practice!


Contestants will sing their choice of a pre-determined selection from one of WICKED’s most dynamic musical numbers. Send us a DVD or a VHS of your performance. Click on one of songs below that you wish to perform and begin practicing!

The top 10 candidates in each of the following regions will be uploaded to the website where the public will cast their votes to see who makes it to the next round.

The BE WICKED Online contest is open to legal residents of the contiguous continental United States and Canada (except Province of Quebec), ten (10) years of age or older. The specific areas of eligibility for each of the four (4) regional Events are as follows:

East Coast Regional Event: Washington, DC, Florida, Maine, Vermont, Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

Midwest Regional Event: N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, W. Virginia.

West Coast Regional Event: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico.

Canadian Regional Event: Canada (excluding Province of Quebec).

For a list of what prizes you could win click here.

For the complete WICKED soundtrack click here.

You can practice by downloading these MP3 files:

The Wizard and I – without vocals | with vocals
:47-2:04 (approximately 1 minute, 17 seconds long)
Begins after Madame Morrible’s introduction (First Line: Did that really just happen…)

Dancing Through Life – without vocals | with vocals
:38-1:52 (approx. 1:14)
Begins after introduction, first two verses (First Line: Dancing through Life, skimming the surface…)

Popular – without vocals | with vocals
:43-1:57 (approx. 1:14)
Begins after intro (First Line: You. Will. Be. Popular.)

Defying Gravitywith vocals
1:10-2:05 (approx. :55)
Begins after talking (First Line: Something has changed within me…)

For Good – without vocals | with vocals
:45-2:07 (approx. 1:20)
Glinda’s first verse (First Line: I’ve hear it said that people come into our lives…)

Even when things are gyrating wildly out of control . . .

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 . . . It is nice to know that it is easy to make me happy.

I got in my monthly music/book allowance!

Helium VolaHelium Vola

E NomineDas Testament

QntalQntal III: Tristan Und Isolde


Corvus CoraxBest of Corvus Corax

John BarrowmanSwings Cole Porter

Thoughts so far:

Helium Vola – Fairly “dark” music, kind of a combination of Opera, Choral, Gothic, a touch of Industrial, and some Dark German Electronica.  The Drum machine in “Omnis Mundi Creatura” would make this piece and several others really good for headphones while walking the block or really getting into exercise.

E Nomine – This “enhanced” version of Das Testament has some extra tracks at the end of the CD, it same music but with the original latin translated into english, and ……. *thinks* …….. there is something lost in the translation.  Perhaps it is that I speak just enough latin to get the sense of the music (and these are the same Gregorian Chants that I grew up with, sometimes it helps to have grown up “high church”) and hearing them in english takes some of the majesty out of them.  Personally, I will just avoid the english tracks in the future.

Qntal – The name of the band makes me think that they must either be Klingon, or have Klingon ancestors – but the music makes me think of of the band as the exotic love child of a ménage à trois between Dead Can Dance, Enigma, and The Mediaeval Baebes.

Corvus Corax – Authentic Medieval instruments performing authentic music and original creations.  Bagpipes galore, it makes me feel like I am at a madrigal.

John Barrowman – It’s Cole Porter, and John has a beautiful tenor that will knock you on your ass.  I can tell that he has plenty of Broadway experience, he can really punch the notes through and his performance of “In the Still of the Night” – wow, I wish I could have someone sing like that to me.

EDIT – I’ll include the books in a writeup soon

Cutting for the pretty, pretty CD Covers

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Oh now, this is just not fair!

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It’s a Dell.

It’s a Dell, and it is sexy!

Dell XPS M2010

Could it be that they learned something from acquiring Alienware?

  • Intel® CoreTM  Duo Processor T2700 (2.33GHz/667MHz FSB/2MB Cache)
  • XP Media Center Edition 2005 with Windows Vista capability
  • Up to 4GB of Dual Channel DDR2 memory
  • 20.1″ Widescreen WSXGA+ display with TrueLifeTM 
  • 256MB ATI®  MobilityTM  RADEONTM  X1800 Graphics Card
  • Integrated 1.3 mega pixel web cam and array microphone
  • 8 speakers and subwoofer
  • Up to 240GB of storage across two hard drives with optional RAID 0 or RAID 1
  • 8x DVD/CD Burner (DVD+/-RW)
  • IEEE 1394 integrated port
  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports
  • ExpressCard Slot (NextGen PC Card Slot)
  • RJ45 Ethernet port
  • RJ11 Modem port
  • Video: Digital Video Interface (DVI)
  • S-Video: 7-pin mini-DIN connector
  • Component Video, S/PDIF Digital & Analog 7.1/5.1 Audio out
  • 13-in-2 removable memory card reader

It’s possible……

And this would make a nice toy – I just don’t need it $ 3,500.00 badly.


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One of our TAMs (Technical Account Managers) called me earlier and made me feel good.

One of her larger customers Rick B from xxxxxxx (company name withheld to protect the innocent) made the following comment during their meeting.

“I really enjoy it when I have David working any of my issues. He is fast and efficient and knows my environment as well as I do, and everything just works with him. He never gives up until the problem is solved or whatever I need is taken care of. – Would it be possible to always have him available any time we need him?”

This is the greatest piece of fiction that I have ever read.

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Why you are better off being single.

Pffffft! Whatever!

Dawn, honey – I want to know what color the sky is in your world.

[EDIT] Ah! This make it all make sense. Here is her bio blurb from the article.

Dawn Yanek is the author of How to Find the Right Person in 90 Days and Women’s Best-Kept Secrets. She frequently appears on VH-1, MSNBC, and other networks as a commentator on relationships, celebrities and lifestyle trends.

See? If you are single, then you will buy her books and it gives her an excuse to exist and be a talking head!

And it only took eight days.

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But I have finally reset my internal clock.

That’s right, I did not wake up at 04:45 this morning, I managed to stay asleep until 07:00.

And I am a happy person as a result.