I scrub, and I scrub, but I can't get clean!

You can thank my uncle, dongatlin for this one.

“Tomkitten’s” ‘first poop’ goes on display in New York

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Radio Scrap, you suck!

Having been a recipient of a layoff, I find this deplorable!

Radio Shack sacks 400 employees via email.

(Highlights of the article follow)

Radio Shack sacked 400 workers at its Fort Worth headquarters on Tuesday morning via an email, which stated: “The work force reduction notification is currently in progress. Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated.”


Derrick D’Souza, a management professor at the University of North Texas, told the paper that the e-boot “could be seen as dehumanizing to employees”, adding: “If I put myself in their shoes, I’d say, ‘Didn’t they have a few minutes to tell me?'”

Sacked workers will receive “one to three weeks pay for each year of service”.


So I got a wild hair up my butt……

And decided that since I was so close, I would to EatZi’s for lunch.

Grilled Flank Steak and Roasted Vegetables with Penne Pasta in a Garlic and Parmesan sauce.


Heading out!

The tours be done, and I am on my way out of the build center!

Now to find something to bite to eat, and then show up to work.

Oscar Mike Golf I am Teh Ghey

A snippet from a messenger thread from a little while ago…..

Jess says:
eeeeeeeeeeeh he ran away
David says:
Nope, was answering a question from the UPS guy in his shorts
David says:
Mmmmmmmm UPS guy butt
David says:
You can tell he does lots of squats
David says:
Big ole burly hairy bear with a nice round butt
David says:
Hopefully the FedEx guy will be as decorative
David says:
Oh my, I just sounded really, really gay didn’t I?
Jess says:
not at all UPS guys are usually hot
David says:
Yeah, but I had to bite back the impulse to offer to help him with his package

One other thought.

Days have been long for the last few days – I didn’t walk in the house until about 21:30 last night, and I was in bed about fourty five minutes after that.

But there is good with that – Sarge has arranged for me to attend some training classes that I had been wanting at SMU with work picking up the tab for them. (Pick yourself up off the floor gramalkin.)

I think I can see the end of the twelve hour days and getting to throttle back a lot of the extra load stuff I have – or at least foist it off on other people.

Sarge also borrowed my copies of the “Knock Your Socks Off” series of books that I keep at my desk at work – for those of you who have not read them, back in the olden days (the early to mid 90s) those books were strongly suggested reading for everyone at Microsoft who interacted in any way with customers – and if you were ranked as a Lead or higher, they were required reading. It seems that he is liking what he is reading and wants to put to work some of the things I have been beating the drum about for the last several years.

We discussed my idea for setting up a “Mentor Team” of senior engineers who have “experience” and know things about some of our smaller customers who have been here for nearly ten years – there are lots of things that the “old fogies” know about customers and their environments that no one else knows about, and we need to leverage it better as well as transferring that knowledge to the next generation of engineers.

Sarge actually referred to me as being a “rock” in all of the changes in the last 18 months and credits my team doing as well as it has to me.

And you know what? It kinda feels good.

Swimming in the fishbowl

So yesterday evening was interesting.

Shortly before I left to go home, my boss asked me if I would mind doing them a favor this morning. The Data Center in Dallas was going to be short handed today and they were going to have several customer tours going through the DC, so would I mind working from the Build Center for about half the day tomorrow while they send Fabian over to work in the Data Center?

I would be sitting at the main desk in the reception area of the Build Center and able to work on my issues and handle receiving of parts, servers, etc. while Fabian does his thing in the DC.

So I said sure, and now here I am not at my desk, none of my normal stuff nearby, sitting at a strange desk, working from web tools only, and keeping one eye out the window for anyone pulling up in the Build Center Parking lot.

But I do have my MP3s, I have a window to the outside world, and I don’t have to listen to the fscking phone ring for six or seven hours today – but I do have my cell for emergencies.

All in all pretty interesting, and not in a Chineese sense either.

Oh and thunderrstorm, there is a movie I want your opinion on.

The movie is Quinceanera.

Here is the synopsis.

Magdalena (Emily Rios) is the daughter of a Mexican-American family who run a storefront church in Echo Park, Los Angeles. With her fifteenth-birthday approaching, all she can think about is her boyfriend, her Quinceanera dress, and the Hummer Limo she hopes to arrive in on her special day. But a few months before the celebration, Magdalena gets pregnant. As the elaborate preparations for her Quinceanera proceed, it is only a matter of time before her religious father finds out and rejects her. Forced out of her home, Magdalena moves in with great-great uncle Tomas (Chalo Gonzalez), a gentle man who makes his living selling champurrado (a Mexican hot drink) in the street. Already living with him is Carlos (Jesse Garcia), Magdalena’s cousin, a tough young cholo who was thrown out by his parents for being gay. The back house rental where Tomas has lived happily for many years is on a property that was recently purchased by an affluent white gay couple (David Ross and Jason L. Wood) — pioneers of gentrification in the neighborhood. Carlos quickly attracts the couple’s attention and they soon make him their plaything in an ongoing three-way. As Magdalena’s pregnancy grows more visible, she, Carlos and Tomas pull together as a family of outsiders. But the economics of the neighborhood are turning against them. Ultimately, this precipitates a crisis that threatens their way of life.

Here is the trailer.

And here is where it is showing – Angelika Film Center & Cafe (Dallas) or Angelika Film Center (Plano)

Now I know you would not know anything about living in Echo Park, much less (gasp) gay hispanic people, but I would like to get your take on this all the same.

(And since this is the young gay cousin – I think you may have to force yourself to watch the movie, it will be hard but I know you can make it!)

Protected: One more – Just because . . . . well I have found a cow-worker who is more orgasmic than Mohsin

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Protected: If ignorance is bliss, then he is orgasmic!

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For the last 24 hours there has been this strange wet stuff falling out of the sky!

I wonder what it is?

To say that I am not happy would be putting it mildly.

I am breaking one of my cardinal rules today. I am discussing something that is rather contentious, and tends to push people’s buttons. Religion. I understand if you don’t want to read this.

Oh Ronny boy! What are we going to do with you?

NBC5 Said it best – A Dallas City Councilman wants to ban baggy pants in the city.

Now I agree – wearing your pants so low that we can see six plus inches of your underwear is just silly. And I have seen guys walking around Dallas where it appears that the only thing holding up their pants is their “business”, but dammit people, that is what belts are for!

But Ron, as much as I agree with you in principle, I do not support this. For one simple reason.

Dallas has enough issues as it is. Either adding a new law to make it “illegal” to wear your pants this way, or even worse making the baggy pants problem part of the public lewdness statute….. *shakes head*

I have been remiss

Well – this shows how heads down I have been with work lately. (So much for time off – I spent Monday in con-calls from 10 in the morning to a few minutes after five – I drained two phones – one to the point that the battery will not take a charge any more and I will have to replace the battery and had to put my cell in the charger in order to keep on the call I was on.)

Happy birthday diziara! I had meant to try and call you mid afternoon and serenade you with a badly off key version of Happy Birthday to my favorite Bat’leth swinging petaQ!

By the way, did you know that Google has a Klingon portal?

I also missed texaspenguin‘s birthday, and from what I have heard, you had a busy but fun birthday. I want pictures of this new place!

And I almost forgot to congradulate gramalkin on yet another birthday – nice to see that someone else is bordering on old age!

Yes, I *am* part cat. Your point being?

You know how great you feel after a 30 minute micro-nap?

Background: When things are somewhat under control at work, I have evolved the ability to give myself a micro-nap of about 30 minutes. I will put on some music, close my eyes, and for all practical purposes be asleep for about thirty minutes. But since I am such a light sleeper, I am instantly aware if anyone walks up to my desk (I have been known to freak out people who thought that they were going to have some fun at my expense by asking them “Can I help you?” when they walk up even though my eyes are closed.)

So today’s micro-nap was brought to you by Rush’s Opus 2112 – the whole A side of the album. And my batteries are now completely recharged.


Han Shot First.

And Pluto is too a planet!

There is a small spider monkey . . . .

….. who amazingly enough, weighs about 120 kilos.

And he has a pair of punch daggers duct-taped to his hands, and he keeps plunging them into my neck and shoulders to hang on.

Will someone please distract him? Or better yet, find some other poor sod for me to transfer him too.

Damn stress muscle tension. ASA, Naproxin, and Ibuprofen won’t even slow it down.

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