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Dear World

I’m taking a big risk in saying this but David is cranky and venting – you may just want to move along

Why my co-workers claim that I am Evil

[10:31:03] Ed Farnbauch – Foxtrot says: My new favorite nickname for the new star trek movie: Star Trek XI: The Wonder Years

[10:32:47] David Harwell @ DRTN says: OK – so they are going to make the “Kirk and Spock in Star Fleet Academy” movie then?

[10:33:16] Ed Farnbauch – Foxtrot says: no one knows except that it is a younger kirk and spock

[10:34:53] David Harwell @ DRTN says: As long as they don’t try to appease the slahers and do “Brokeback Trek”

[10:35:13] Ed Farnbauch – Foxtrot says: eww

[10:35:26] David Harwell @ DRTN says: *snicker*
[10:36:06] David Harwell @ DRTN says: That just earned me “evil points” didn’t it?

[10:36:30] Ed Farnbauch – Foxtrot says: oh my yes. evil mad scientist is pretty much proven now

And texaspenguin, how is that for "stepping outside of one's boundaries"?

I don’t normally write about myself – and that was quite the essay.

Curiosity killed the codecattx Redux

Well, what people thought has been entered.

Now here are the results.

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Cutting for suspense.

Good things…

Going out to a greasy spoon type hamburger joint with your boss where they know him well enough to start his burger when he walks in the door.

Having a great chat.

Your boss agreeing with your take on things.

Coming back to work.

And fixing stupid customer tricks while listening to growly german Industrial/Techno.

Oh and as an addendum – the very, very, pleased French Chocolatier sent my team a thank you box of goodies!

Yummy, yummy hand made french chocolates.

Life is good.

Curiosity killed the codecattx

I am sorry for not posting much lately – but events have kept me pretty damn busy over the last few weeks.

I’m trying to write up a summary post, and hopefully I will shortly.

That having been said – during an event last week, a person who works …… well, not with me per se (we work in different departments) but his cube is less than 100 feet from mine, said something that proved to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that while he knew my official job title, he had no idea as to what I did.

So that having been said, and knowing that while I would like to think that everyone I know, knows what I do for a living, I’m now left wondering if you all really do.

So I would like some feedback here.

What do you think I do for a living – Not as much as the job title, but what I do, both what is described in my job description, and what is not there.

Now obviously there are a few people (eyes valkyrwench, twfarlan, gramalkin most notably) who have seen me at work and can therefore quote me chapter and verse.

Actually, no – you all don’t have to be quiet. I want to see what you think as well.

What I am going to do is give everyone all day today to answer this, and then I am going write up what I do – both directly associated with my job and job title combined with the “value added” stuff that I do and get my boss to comment on that.

I’m hoping to get his response on Friday and post it here as well.