Blame twfarlan for even pointing my mind in this direction

(Laurel + JK) * really warped mind = Harry/Draco/Horny Elves/Cthulhu Tentacle Pr0n!

I’m a bad, bad, BAD man.

Oh no!

[Set Shatner mode = True]

I…… Have……. SEEN…… The …… Future ……..

Scenario: JK Rowling has finished her Harry Potter series but while it is over, she is bored and wants to write in an open ended series. So she teams up with everyone’s favorite Mary Sue writer. Laurel K Hamilton. The result? Wizard Pr0n!


[Set Shatner mode = False]

Oh My God….. What have I done?

From furrbear

“Enough with top and bottom, I want a relationship that’s charmed or strange.”

If you understand it, let’s talk. If you don’t… drive thru

Boy do I love my Einstein Quote of the Day

My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibility has always contrasted oddly with my pronounced lack of need for direct contact with other human beings and human communities.

Man I wish I could have gotten to meet him.

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Well, you have to give them credit.

OK, as most people know, by and large I do not like the whole “gay community”.

One of the primary reasons being, I have gotten tired of alternating between “the invisible man” and “the butt of everyone’s joke”.

I’m not an A-Lister, hell, I’m not even a Z-Lister.

I’m an engineer. And in “the community” that doesn’t stand for much.

  • I don’t wear the trendy clothes – t-shirt and jeans or shorts pretty much do it for me.
  • I don’t get the trendy haircuts – low maintenance is my watchword, and I don’t want to be in a situation where I need to go back to the barber for a trim once every week to ten days, just to make my hair pretty.
  • I don’t watch much television, and when I do, I don’t watch the right shows.
  • And finally, I don’t listen to the right bands, instead, I listen to what I enjoy.

And when I try to be social, I either get ignored or rebuffed, and believe me, I am pretty tired of both of those.

So, as you could guess, I tend to get taken by surprise by Pride every year. In fact, one year, I had gone “downtown” for some reason or another and was wondering to myself “why are all these streets blocked off” only to turn a corner and see the Pride parade. And believe me, no one should be subjected to that by suprise.

But it seems that the BBC and Pride London, have found a way to make me want to attend Pride.

This coming Saturday, 30 June, 2007. Is the final episode of Doctor Who for this season. And is the completion of a season long arc. And since this is a big, big, episode (ten minutes longer than normal), and the series has generated such a “family” following in the UK, the BBC has announced that the episode will be broadcast live to the crowds attending Pride London in Trafalgar Square via a giant screen over the square.

In addition, Russell T Davies, John Barrowman, Freema Agyeman, and David Tennant will be attending Pride as well.

The one way you could get me to show up for a Pride event now days, and I will be half a world away working at the time.

That’s about right.

Since when did I move to Houston?

It is so frelling humid today that I bet I could get home faster when I get off work if I used the backstroke.

Giant Penguins Once Roamed Peru Desert

Penguins about the size of humans roamed South America some 35 million years ago, and they didn’t need ice to survive.

Hmmmmm……. Human sized penguins.

I bet I know someone who would enjoy one.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, sentients of all ages…..

This is how you rip open a hole in reality to let in an invading army of your minions.

And add + 5,000,000 points for style for doing it from a flying aircraft carrier high up in the atmosphere.


“What this country needs . . . . . . right now . . . . is a Doctor.”

Laser Screwdriver. Who’d have sonic?”

“Here come the drums.”

“I’m coming back.”

“So it came to pass. that the human race fell, and the Earth was no more. And I looked down upon my new dominion as Master of all, and I thought it . . . . . . good.”

This is one reason I like my job.

When strange Work Order appears in my queue, I can send things like this to my boss and no one even blinks an eye.

[11:02:35] David Harwell @ DRTN says: ???!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!??!?!?
[11:02:55] David Harwell @ DRTN says: Why for do I have a STAR WO in my queue for a shared server but I know not what shared server?
[11:05:01] David Harwell @ DRTN says: Haven’t we already put an axe in all of those boxes anyway?
[11:05:22] David Harwell @ DRTN says: And the WO does not tell me what box to kil…….
[11:05:41] David Harwell @ DRTN says: I *guess* I could just start randomly logging into boxes and killing them until I find the right one…….
[11:05:49] David Harwell @ DRTN says: 😉

Got to love a boss who knows when I am full of it.

I guess that is why the plants around here grow so well.

Router goes Steampunk!

Wireless home router with analogue utilization meter

The main analog gage shows network utilization. Damn this is sexy.


The next generation of pointing devices!

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you…….

The Bio-Mouse!

Oh my – a cell phone that I like

Too bad it will never be created.

Mia over at the C| Crave site has designed the ultimate cell phone, too bad it will never be created.

Why? Because the different technologies that would make up the phone belong to different competing companies. And there are several reasons I can think of that they would never combine their efforts to make the uber phone.

1) Cell phone companies are in business to sell phones, lots of them. If you made a single phone that fulfilled all needs and did it well, everyone would purchase that phone and rock along with it. No upgrades, no second phones, no “I have to buy this phone to validate me as a person who is cool” (iPhone anyone?).

2) Since these companies are in direct competition, the odds that they would combine efforts to make one phone that would end up killing their other lines is laughable at best.

3) Can you imagne Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, or BT only having one phone to market? Even if it was the uber phone that did everything you needed?

Farewell DUB (design, usability, battery life) Phone, we hardly knew ye……

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Why is it that I find the strangest things to be enjoyable?

I was in a strange mood yesterday, and dug out some of my old Lexx DVDs.

It is a strange series that leaves me up in the air about what I like about it and why I like it.

OK – So I guess that the reason I enjoy the series is because it is not one that you can just vegetate and watch, you have to engage your mind. The show has way too many layers, if you don’t think, you will miss the good stuff.

One of the stranger episodes of the second season is Brigadoom which explored the back history for one of the major characters, Kai – the undead assassin and last of the Brunnen G, via musical theater in space. You heard me correctly, we went from star trekking to the center of the galaxy in a living starship that can reduce a plant to rubble in one shot, to musical theater telling the history and back-story of an extinct race via song.

To summarize the episode, the crew is fleeing from the approaching army of the season’s Big Bad, Mantrid (a evil mad scientist who has bonded his brain with cyborg parts and evil sentient insect parts), and they encounter a strange, floating theater in space. Once they are inside, an elaborate musical production begins that recounts the history of Kai and his people, the Brunnen-G, and their battle against the Insect Civilization. Kai and Xev both find themselves taking part in the musical: Kai as himself when he was alive and Xev as Kai’s unnamed lover (which is as close as she ever gets to consumating what she wants).

Here are some highlights of the episode.

Episode Opener- Second Season

Start of the Musical Theater – The Fearless Sky – This has the best theater comment ever (“Do you have any idea what they are going on about? Nope, perhaps that is how theater works.”)

More Musical Theater – Kai takes the stage – We are the Brunnen-G

More Musical Theater – Kai and Xev – A Good Way to Die

More Musical Theater – Brunnen-G Battle Hymn – The song that they sang when going into battle expecting to die.

As a note, this song became so popular with the fans that it was integrated into the third season credits.

More on Lexx and it’s strangeness.

So let’s see, we have as a crew, the following:

Kai – an undead assassin, the last of his kind, destroyer of the Big Bad of season 1.

Xev (or Zev – depends on which season you are watching and which actress is playing the character) – A woman who was arrested for “failing to perform her wifely duties”, and then sentenced to become a “love slave”, by having her body re-written by a machine called the Lusticon. . . . you know – her full back story takes most of an episode too – I’ll leave it to your twisted imaginations. Let’s just say that bad things happened during the process and while she has a Libido sufficient to wear out Los Angeles, she is also merged at the genetic level with a carnivorous reptile called a cluster lizard which makes her rather testy at times.

790 – a robot head that has been programmed to love Xev, of course he has no body to fulfill the programming and so he is rather grumpy about it most of the time.

Stanley Tweedle – the ultimate nebbish, he is not too smart, not lucky, not much of anything, but through an accident, he posses the “key” to the Lexx. Stanley’s three primary motivators are hunger, survival (read “Dr. Smith level coward”), and overactive libido (he is always lusting over Xev, but she just wants him to take a spacewalk sans suit).

Lexx – A bio-engineered living starship the size of Manhattan

Lyekka – A sentient carnivorous plant that eats people and secretes pheromones to make her victims look forward to and enjoy their demise.

Yeah, real winners.

And even though Kai is the closest we come to having a “hero” on board, I won’t call Kai a hero, in fact, I would not call any of the main characters heroes in the classic americanized sense, they are too flawed and have too many “dark” elements to be heroes. They are, however, very interesting protagonists.

The crew of the living starship Lexx would never make it on prime time here in the states without cable, they are motivated largely by fear, lust, and hunger – well except for Kai, he is undead and does not share the rest of the crew’s motivation.

Remember what he said with his dying words



Cutting for those who haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know.

Best Doctor Who Snark Evah!

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