Yeah, I'm a geek – so what?

One of my co-workers talking to a customer – “You want what? 750 Terabytes? Are you sure on that number?”

But what passed through my head was: “Oooooh! 750 TB! That makes me all tingly inside!”

You know – there is something very, very wrong with me.


Lunch with the VP was Pappasito’s Cantina.

I had the Tacos Suprema (mouseover for the description) and they were very good.

We talked shop mostly, and paintball. Oh and boating.

All in all, a great relaxing lunch. And I really enjoyed the experience.


For those of you playing the “home game” you may remember this sleepy and somewhat cranky post from me.

Well, today the Vice President of my division is taking me to lunch as a thank-you for pulling yet another hat out of the rabbit (any magician can pull a rabbit out of a hat, but only a truly advanced technomage can pull the hat out of a rabbit – though you might not want to wear said hat afterwards).

And just to prove that I can dress like a civilized person when playing nice with upper management . . .

Today I look like – (For 28 February 2008)

[Edit] – I’m going to have to work on this picture in Photoshop later – that shirt is a deep crimson – not brown

Because cadhla knows how to start off a day the right way!

Giant devil frooooooooooog.
Ate your baby, then it ate your dog.
A stick won’t kill it, you would need a log.
You’re the next victim of the giant. Devil. FROG.

Ancient “devil frog” may have eaten baby dinosaurs

This artist’s illustration shows the gigantic ancient frog Beelzebufo ampigna face-to-face with a modern frog, with a pencil added for scale. Scientists on Feb. 18 announced the discovery in northwestern Madagascar of this bulky amphibian dubbed the “devil frog” that lived 65 to 70 millions years ago and was so nasty that it may have eaten newborn dinosaurs. Beelzebufo was 16 inches (41 cm) long and weighed an estimated 10 pounds (4.5 kg). REUTERS/Luci Betti-Nash

So much wonderful!

It turns out that I am naturally wired to be pretty much constantly in the mood to work on any album where I get to sing the line ‘he needs a Lolita who can make him see it’s better when the corpses are fresh’. I’m a simple girl.

Now the question I have is this:

Why can’t I find a man like this?

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Only in Texas

Could the ambient temperature drop

Was 32 this morning – 47 now.



I’m sorry – I’m a geek and a nerd. (And probably a lot of other terms that don’t have as positive of a connotation)

But this guy.

This guy is so never getting laid.


I mean, really now.

Utility belt?

5 Linux bumper stickers and a Linux license plate?

This, boys and girls is why it is best to be OS-Agnostic.

You use the best tool for the job and don’t wrap your whole existence around any one tool.

Protected: Go to your happy place David, go to your happy place. . .

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My Step-Grandmother (Bernice Gatlin) died last night.

This was a good thing as her health had spiraled down over the last several months. And she had gotten so weak, that my father had to lift her into and out of the car. She didn’t even have the strength to lift herself up.

Her quality of life had dropped down to pretty much zero, so, in a lot of ways, this is a blessing.

My father called me this morning while I was driving in to the office to let me know. And I was greeted with squealing brakes when I pulled into the parking garage.

So, when I leave work tonight, I am stopping to get my breaks looked at.

I have now booked a hotel room – since the house is already full up with people for the funeral.

I am leaving tomorrow noon-ish for East Texas, I need to be at the house by 5 – since we have a family visitation at 6.

Funeral is Thursday at 10.

Please think good thoughts.

I’m guessing I may be back either Friday or Saturday. I’m not sure yet.

Oh, and I have multiple customers already doing the “OMGWTFBBQ!!!!! You can’t be gone! We need you! Stay here!!!!!!” riff.

Yeah, they are so not getting what they want.

Today I look like . . .

Yeah . . .

I’ve got nothing today.

Today I look like (12 February, 2008)

Today I look like . . .

For 11 February, 2008

It’s not just a screwdriver, it’s Sonic!

Today I look like (For 11 February 2008)

Sleepytime drama for David

Well, since I have not been returning Mr Insomnia’s calls – he called Banzai and got her into the act.

About ten or so, I started getting ready for bed, got my “bed book” and got comfy.

Backstory: I normally read at least two books simultaneously. One, I read during the day, the other, I read as I am going to bed. My “bedtime book” is normally a book that I have read before and am re-reading for pleasure. That way, if I drop off while reading, it is not the end of the world if I can’t remember precisely where I dropped off into the arms of Morpheus.

So last night, I was curled up in bed, reading Gil’s All Fright Diner (where Lovecraftian Elder Horrors embrace the power of Pig Latin and the Necronomicon (abridged High School Edition) to open a portal to this world) and drifting off to sleep, when Banzai, the two ton tabby (actually a tuxedo kitty) launched herself into the air and landed on me with the full force of her not inconsiderable mass. She then started buzzing like a she had a hive full of bees inside of her and curled up to go to sleep.

So I take that as an indication from her that it is time to sleep, so I thumb the control that turns the bedside light off and concentrate on dropping back to sleep. And about the time I am totally asleep, the she demon in the form of a cat decides that she has had enough of this, and *leaps* from me off the bed and runs out of the room.

*le sigh*

So, I grumble to myself and once again, start the process of going *back* to sleep, again.

(Keep in mind, this is the third time that I am going to sleep.)

So about 2:30 this morning the fuzzy tuxedo demon from hell decides she is bored. So she got up on the bed and started yowling her head off.

I opened my eyes, looked at a black and white kitty face inches from mine, breath redolent with cat food, as she raised an unholy ruckus right into my ear.

Demon Cat From Hell: “Mehrawrawraraw!”
Me: “Banzai?”
Demon Cat From Hell: “Mrow?”
Me: “Unless you are interested in being the first cat to achieve low earth orbit without the benefit of a space capsule, ferme la bouche!
Demon Cat From Hell: “Mrow?”
Me: “I mean it.”
Demon Cat From Hell: “Meh!” *leaps from the bed*

And once again, I curl back up and work on dropping back to sleep.

And then, about four – she decided that screaming into my face was not enough, this time she stood in the living room, yelling her fool head off at the top of her lungs. I woke up enough to get out of bed, find a pair of socks, and bounce them off of her. She assumed a very insulted and hurt attitude, and I told her that she could like it or lump it.

So I wake up with the cat draped over my feet this morning, thinking “Wow, I am amazed I managed to get up before my alarm clock”. Then I realize, it is a little *too* quiet. I can’t even hear the sound of my neighbor’s AC unit nor the soft whirr of my computer case’s fans.

I roll over, *both* alarm clocks are dark. My eyes fly open, I sit up and look out the window. Thankfully, it is still dark.

I grab my phone, and look at it. 6:50. For a few short moments, my brain detaches itself from my spinal cord and runs laps inside of my skull screaming OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!111elevnety-one11!

I recover control of a severly paniced frontal lobe, and realize that I have ten minutes to shower, brush my teeth, find my clothes, and make it out the door.

At 7:15, I am on Northwest highway heading across town to work, while calling my boss and apologizing profusely that I might be late – I just don’t know yet.

Amazingly, I made it to work on time – *barely* but still, on time.

Oh Doctor! You have changed!

A sketch on Friday Night Project… David Tennant plays the part of the Doctor’s “gorgeous time traveling assistant.” Not much to it, but hey, David in a dress.

“Oh Doctor! I’m so glad I could be *your* companion!”


Squeeeeee *joygasm* Head 'asplodes in happy

Let’s see:

Ten + Donna + Martha + Rose = OMG*JOYGASM*


Stress muscle cramps in my neck and shoulders.

Stress headache.

Massive stress from an overload of “The Stoopid” today.

What a way to cap off a really craptastic week.

So I have changed desktop wallpapers at least for the moment

Since I have been working on “rebooting” myself, I figured, why not reboot my desktop too?

So here you go. Marvel at the pretty colors!


Happy Birthday verucabear

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

And if you do anyway, have fun!

Today I look like . . .

For 6 February 2008

I can has forehead?

You know you are a child of the 60s when . . .

You see an email from a customer with the name Axxx Hoffman and the first name that comes to mind is Abbie Hoffman. And you are then wondering how he managed to email you from across the veil.

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