Proving the scientific stupidity of people. The question asked, “How long does it take the earth to go around the sun?” The first answer they have here? “One day.”

Please note that I could only watch the first nine seconds of the video before I had to stop it so that I did not go off on a killing rampage.

Ah, I needed that . . .

Best quote EVER.

“Politics are like quarks. It’s the spin that matters.”


In addition to the live action Space Battleship Yamato movie, there was also an animated Space Battleship Yamato: Rebirth movie.

My childhood (one of the local television affiliates showed the americanized Star Blazers at 6 in the morning – I used to get up early just to watch it while getting ready for school) is back and doing the happy dance all over everywhere.

As you can see from this four minute clip, it is everything that I liked in my childhood all rolled up and in full 1080p HD.

If you want, go ahead and fast forward to 2:58 and watch as the Yamato breaks free of the ice and once again rises into space to save humanity yet again – and yes, to the original theme music, re-recorded.