Words fail me

You know, I guess I am lucky.

I mean, yes, Texas did produce Governor Goodhair (aka Rick Perry) who does bring a special kind of stupid, but at least I don’t live in Oklahoma, where state lawmakers spend all of their time rolling around in the crazy – case in point, one state lawmaker has written a bill to prohibit the manufacturing or selling products made from aborted human fetuses (because you know, that’s a multi-billion dollar industry).

Seems this shaved ape (apologies to all apes out there) is worried that someone might use stem cells from “aborted fetuses” in developing food. As they say in the video clip, “This legislation is intended to ban all products made using aborted human fetuses.”

He heard about this because of “articles he read online”.

Riiiiiiiiiiight (psssst, get the dart gun and straight jacket)

Don’t believe me? ¬†Watch the news coverage of this here.


Hello world!

I’ve completed a complete rebuild of my server and everything is shiny and new. Let’s see what I can do with this.