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Learning To Fly, all over again

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This is pretty shiny, even if you are not a big Foo Fighters fan.

The band has not been to Italy to perform since 1997. So a group of 1000 musicians got together, practiced and learned the song “Learn to Fly” and then performed it live on video as a request to get the band to come back.

I know that no everyone is a fan of live music. Personally I think that well performed live music has a passion to it that really makes me happy.

Tremors 5: Bloodlines

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So yes, I have a dirty little secret, I enjoy “bad B-Movies” and one of my favorite series of all time, is the Tremors series.

So what do I find out this morning? But number five is coming out on 6 October, 2015. Should I mention that the first Tremors movie came out in 1990 – that means we have had twenty-five years of Tremors – four movies and a thirteen episode television series.

The graboids are back, this time in Africa. And of course, Michael Gross is again reprising his character, the ultra-paranoid gun nut Burt Gummer again.

For two perfect examples:

“You know, as I lie here, I can’t help but notice… the reason I am out of nine millimeter rounds is that I was not properly briefed. And the reason for that is that this mission was not properly researched. If certain people had bothered to gather intelligence on the creatures before bumbling into the situation… ”


“Memo: 4 pounds of C-4 may be a bit – [pebbles rain down onto his helmet] excessive.”


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OK . . . I admit it, I’m a dork, and a nerd.

And a while back, when Blizzard announced Overwatch with their normal uber-polished cinematic trailer, my excitement was pretty much summed up by the phrase, “You know, the world could always use more heroes.”.

And I have waited, secure in the knowledge that normally, Blizzard does not release a product until they are good and ready to do so.

Well, “Don’t worry loves, cavalry’s here!”

Overwatch may not be here yet, but there are some people who are so excited about it, that they have made a full on live action fan trailer, featuring Tracer (everyone’s favourite teleporting Australian – I know that lore states that she is from London, but that accent) and Reaper (the black robed terrorist from who knows where).

Share and enjoy.

Achievement Unlocked

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Appearance upgradeIMG_0379


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I’m trying to decide how I feel about this – When DC decided to retcon everything again and go GrimDark on us I pretty much gave up on reading any of their stuff.

That having been said Jack Kirby did a lot of formative work on me and while I didn’t really care for Superman or Batman as a kid (I was more of a Green Lantern / Green Arrow and New Gods fan).

This is intriguing.

If Bats has kicked Metron out of his chair. I want there to be a GOOD REASON for it.


Justice League – Gods and Monsters

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So, I have now seen the “Son of Zod”

And it is not what you would have thought at first. I admit that I went into it with some rather set expectations, and boy, was I wrong.

First it is 110% Bruce Timm, in a very good way. He took the characters to some very interesting places, and he did some callbacks to my childhood. I would like to see more of the “Gods and Monsters Universe”.

Were there some things that I might have had issue with? Yes. But they advanced the narrative in a very good way and so I feel like I would be nitpicking.

Also, it had the “correct” level of the DC GrimDark without beating us over the head with it and allowing us to have some good moments as well.

tl;dr version – Very well done, and “Please sir, may I have a little more?”


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So, I’ve been working from home for the last several weeks because I had some training and paperwork with deadlines that I simply must complete.

What I have also noticed is that once I’ve been done with my day’s training or day’s paperwork, is that I’ve immediately left home. It seems that even as someone who really needs his alone time, there comes a point where I start getting a dose of cabin fever. I need to at least get out and walk around the block a few times or walk down to the local coffee shop, get a cuppa, and curl up with a book for a while.

I have not ever had this start on me before about a year ago, I feel that I should identify what has engendered this change though.