Who am I?

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[ Current Clothes ] Shorts and an A-Kon t-shirt
[ Current Mood ] Pretty good. Rested.
[ Current Music ] nothing right now — Been watching the first season of Slayers again.
[ Current Taste ] Pretzels
[ Current Hair ] Needs combing, and probably could use a trim.
[ Current Annoyance ] none at the moment, but I am pretty sure that tomorrow night I will be plentay annoyed.
[ Current Smell ] Vanilla candle.
[ Current thing ] Revamping my site and unpacking from the move.
[ Current Desktop Picture ] Gravity Well 1.
[ Current Artist ] Mary Jane Lamond
[ Current Book you’re reading] The Bone Lady – Life as a Forensic Anthropoligist by Mary H Manhein.
[ Current CD in CD Player] Mary Jane Lamond – Suas e!.
[ Current DVD in player] Slayers
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] Sorry – not even close to my style.
[ Current Refreshment ] Rasberry Tea.
[ Current Worry ] waking up on time tomorrow evening for work.

[ You Touched ] Think it was when I gave Angie a hug when she was taking Scottie to church yesterday.
[ You Talked to ] Talked to Michael on the phone last night to remind him to bring my software CDs to the office and leave them at my desk.
[ You Hugged ] I guess that would be Angie.
[ You Instant messaged ] Derek.
[ You Yelled At ] Venting or really yelling? Have not really yelled at someone for some time, but vented to Michael and Jeff this weekend.
[ You Kissed ] My mother – right before she died.

[ Food ] .
[ Non-Alcoholic Drink ] Rasberry Tea.
[ Alcoholic Drink ] Sangria Wine.
[ Color ] Forest Green and Deep Blue.
[ Album ] I have different favorite albums for different times and situations.
[ Shoes ] I don’t do brands, I want it to fit and be comfortable.
[ Candy ] Not a bigcandy fan, but do enjoy the Hershey Special Dark Bars.
[ Animal ] Cats and I would say Raccoons.
[ TV Show ] Not really a TV watcher, but I do turn on Discovery, TLC, History channel, etc.
[ Movie ] Way too long to list, but I really enjoy The Lion in Winter, Shakespeare in Love, and the suchlike.
[ Dance ] ? Have not really had a reason to dance in a while, hopefully that will change at some point.
[ Song ] Just like with favorite albums, I have different favorite songs for different times and situations.
[ Vegetable ] Asparagus.
[ Fruit ] strawberries.
[ Cartoon ] When I was younger it was Tom and Jerry and The Animaniacs, not sure if I have a current favorite.

[ Understanding ] I hope so.
[ Open-minded ] Definitely.
[ Arrogant ] As much as I hate to admit it I can be at times.
[ Insecure ] Yep.
[ Interesting ] I would like to think so, but certain people bring it out in me. i can feel like the most insignificant bore around some people.
[ Random ] At times.
[ Hungry ] Not really.
[ Friendly ] Yes, but extremely shy sometimes.
[ Smart ] This is a hard one, I have a very intuitive grasp of some things, others come a lot harder to me.
[ Moody ] Yes at times.
[ Childish ] Not really.
[ Independent ] Not as much I would like.
[ Hard working ] As long as I believe in what I am doing.
[ Organized ] Not as well as I want.
[ Healthy ] I would say so, I very rarely get ill.
[ Emotionally Stable ] At times I have to wonder but I think so.
[ Shy ] Around certain people and situations i definitely am.
[ Difficult ] I would have to have to leave that to my friends.
[ Attractive ] I don’t know.
[ Bored Easily ] Restless perhaps I like to keep my mind occupied.
[ Messy ] Yeah, but I try to not be.
[ Thirsty ] Not really.
[ Responsible ] Yes.
[ Obsessed ] Nope.
[ Angry ] No.
[ Sad ] No.
[ Happy ] More than I have been lately, but not where I need to be.
[ Hyper ] At times.
[ Trusting ] At times I am too trusting.
[ Talkative ] Only in certain situations.
[ Legal ] Yeppers.

[ Kill ] I have been really frustrated with people, but I believe it is morally wrong to kill someone.
[ Slap ] Hrmf, I am more of a lover and not a fighter.
[ Get Really Wasted With ] Not one to really get wasted. I believe more in moderation.
[ Get High With ] Not one to get high either, I don’t like to do anything that will screw up my head.
[ Tickle ] Tickle?
[ Look Like ] Why would I want to be anyone but myself?
[ Talk To Offline ] Friends from work, and friends away from work. Would be really interesting to get to talk with Larry Niven and learn his creative process.
[ Talk To Online ] A whole hoard of friends and co-workers. I am always open to making new friends, so IM me (MSN Messenger: CodeCatTX@hotmail.com)! Unfortunately I tend to be too shy to start a conversation myself.

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