The funeral, et al.

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Got away from the office at about 0630

Drove into the morning sun.

About 0800 got a call from my father. They want to know if I could sing at the funeral.

. . . I have not been able to sing since my mother’s funeral. Since I sing tenor and my mother sang alto, we used to be teamed together a lot in choir – that is before she got sick. Even after she got sick she used to enjoy listening to me practice and sing. Her funeral had some of her and my favorite music. Ever since that day, I have not been able to make it work. no matter how hard I tried, the music would not come.

Fr. Babb’s wife is a musician and he loved music.

I told my father that I would try. I couldn’t guarantee anything but I would give it my best shot.

Got to Trinity, went down to where the choir was practicing. Ran through scales with the choir director, and put forth my best effort.

The music came.

It hurt a lot. A lot of the music was the same, but for the first time in two months, I was able to sing and make music.

Saw Mrs Babb after the funeral and she thanked me for my participation. Seeing her and Aaron really hurt.

I told Aaron that my mother would have been really proud of him.

I hope that the rest of the weekend will be easier.

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