Saturday starts and I am not ready

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Talked with my great uncle a little bit ago. He is a lawyer and has been practicing law for almost 50 years.

My mother had not yet made a will.

I am their only child.

My mother and uncle were co-executors of my grandfather’s estate and both held power of attorney.

If my grandfather had died first, everything over and above whatever is specified in the will would have been divided between my mother and my uncle, and then when my mother died, it would have gone to my father.

But by Texas law, since my mother died first, I am her sole heir. But I did not have power of attorney passed to me and did not have passed executorship of the will.

Not sure when the will be read yet, but it seems that everything that was left to my mother, now goes to me in addition to whatever is left to me.

My first reaction is that I don’t want it. I would give it all up to have my mother back.

This is not how I want to become wealthy.

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