This is harder than I thought

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This has been one giant emotional rollercoaster.

There are so many things that bring back so many memories

I have lost track of how many times I have had to just stop and cry for a while.

The truly amazing thing is that Richard (my uncle) can come in and do all of this without a tear. But then again he wouldn’t come visit my mother in the hospital before she died, and he didn’t cry at either my mother’s funeral or my grandfather’s funeral (his father).

I just don’t understand.

Giving a lot of the art that is left to my father as well as several other things.

We found my mother’s wedding dress, still heirloomed and preserved in the box. My father and I both had a long cry.

Found her Christmas stocking from when she was a little girl a little bit later.

I just want to stabilize. I keep going from ready to cry at the drop of a hat to totally numb. This has got to be shock all over again.

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