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Our SMS team did it again and built an SMS package that distributed old (previous version) DLLs to multiple servers.

And since these DLLs were loaded on bootup by several services, there was no easy and quick way to re-upgrade the servers.

I love hearing people debating if we should let the SMS team build another package to try to undo what the first package did or if we should just rebuild the 18 affected servers.

Well, when I heard that last part I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Drove out to the data center (thankfully I still have full access to it) and took each server down at the console.

From there I was able to log on and replace the files the “old fashioned way”.

We got all of the servers back up in record time. In fact I was done before the meeting for what we needed to do was over.

My boss fussed at me for not getting enough sleep but at least the downtime was averted for our customers.

You know, sometimes the old fashioned brute force approach is still the best.

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