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I took time out to write to my old friend
I walked across that burning bridge
Mailed my letter off to Dallas
But her reply came from Anchorage, Alaska

She said:
“Hey girl, it’s about time you wrote
It’s been over two years you know, my old friend
Take me back to the days of the foreign telegrams
And the all-night rock and rollin’… hey Shell
We was wild then

Hey Shell, you know it’s kind of funny
Texas always seemed so big
But you know you’re in the largest state in the union
When you’re anchored down in Anchorage

So you see, growing up, there was a friend of mine.

Trey and I grew up down the street from each other, our parents were friends, my father and his father worked in the same bank together, our families had the same deer lease/hunting and fishing club and shared a cabin. We went to the same school together, and most of the time, had classes together.

Now Trey and I are night and day – He is smart, witty, charismatic, self assured, a natural acrobat, can juggle, damn good with sword or quarterstaff, can sing, an astoundingly good actor, has gobs of empathy, and can teach. Me – not so much, and I can’t juggle to save my life. But in each other, we found kindred spirits. We both are avid, rabid, readers, have an appreciation of the arts, have rather “unusual” sense of humor, and take enjoyment in the surreal.

So, basically, for a major portion of our childhoods and growing up, we were pretty much inseperable. We would play together, go to school together, and when we would be overnight at the hunting club, we would spend most of the night walking the roads, talking – usually until 4am or so. (And then get back up at 6 so we can be out hunting just a few hours later – yes, we were quite derranged).

Trey also has the gift of serrependitious luck. Things just always seem to fall into place for him. When he graduated college, he took a walkabout to Ireland and Europe. Twoards the end of his time there, he was wanting to stay longer when suddenly he is offered the chance to spend the next year as the Chief Warden of a Irish Youth Hostel in Sligo, Ireland. So, he got an extra year in Ireland – and then was able to go into Russia and look around back in the mid 80s – before the Berlin wall came down.

Well, we dropped out of contact about the time that he moved to Seattle and I was changing jobs – switching from working for Microsoft to working for Data Return. Then after the dotcom meltdown, and all of my other family drama, I pretty much buried myself in my job and tuned out most of the world – but I still missed what we had.

So starting this last weekend, I decided that, dammit, we would (hopefully) reconnect. Only problem, Trey is a man who does not like to put himself out for the world to find. Now I knew that I could always call his parents, and I would have his phone number in five minutes, but where would be the fun in that? So it took me almost three days to use technomancy to wrest a (correct) phone number from the net. And with not a small amount of trepidation, I placed the call last night.

One two hour phone conversation later, it is like we have never been separated. There are still things that we both need to catch up on, but the camraderie is still there, and I now feel like the piece of me that was missing is back where it belongs. Trey has been married to the same wonderful woman for about the last ten years, they have a wonderful daughter, Elizabeth, who is just starting grade school. He is now a Technical Editor for Boeing, and in his “spare time” is a editor for a RPG company – 12 to Midnight, that publishes role playing games and accessories, primarily in the modern horror and fantasy genres.

You know, I meant to ask him but forgot. When they lived in Dallas, Trey and Laura used to take in Russian exchange students (he speaks fluent Russian and Irish). I forgot to see if he still has everything in the house labeled in both languages (hell, he would have labeled the cats if they had sit still long enough). Somehow though, I think I will have plenty of time to find out.

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