Not my best time off so far. . .

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Had a less that good week so far.

On my way home yesterday, I had to dodge to the right to avoid being sideswiped, in so doing I ended up running off the road, into a drainage ditch. My car finally came to a full stop upon encountering a small tree (only about one foot across).

As a result, my car will be in the shop for the next ten days to two weeks getting repairs, I have a three inch bruise across my chest and torso where my seatbelt was, I am rather sore, and extremely pissed off at whoever it was who drifted over into my lane. (Of course that person didn’t bother to stop – otherwise the nice policeman who did stop to help me would have given him or her a nice juicy ticket.

One nice thing is that my father (have I mentioned lately how much he rocks) dropped everything when he heard what happened, drove three hours to Denton, and helped me pull myself back together, deal with the insurance people, and otherwise made me feel a lot better. I was sad to see him leave yesterday evening, but he did have to go back to work and I do understand.

So short form, I am basically OK, a little sore and creaky right now (and if ANYONE hits me in the chest I will personally dismember them) but basically OK. My car will be in the shop for quite a while (current guess is ten days to two weeks) – and I am now driving a gray-green Ford Focus (the rental place at the dealership had that or a Lincoln Continental to pick from and I don’t need a boat) for the next couple of weeks. One good thing though, it comes with unlimited mileage.

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