Justice League – Gods and Monsters

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So, I have now seen the “Son of Zod”

And it is not what you would have thought at first. I admit that I went into it with some rather set expectations, and boy, was I wrong.

First it is 110% Bruce Timm, in a very good way. He took the characters to some very interesting places, and he did some callbacks to my childhood. I would like to see more of the “Gods and Monsters Universe”.

Were there some things that I might have had issue with? Yes. But they advanced the narrative in a very good way and so I feel like I would be nitpicking.

Also, it had the “correct” level of the DC GrimDark without beating us over the head with it and allowing us to have some good moments as well.

tl;dr version – Very well done, and “Please sir, may I have a little more?”

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