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So I’ve been in a good deal of pain for the last few weeks.

I had been attempting a new workout regime, and as I was getting to the end of it, my left arm made an “I hate you” pain, so I figured I had sprained something and quit for the evening.

The pain went on for a while, but never really that bad. I did note that my left arm had a reduced range of motion as compared to my right arm, and that if I moved my left arm in specific angles, there would be an immediate reaction with pain.

I guessed at first that I had just sprained my arm, and that if I favored it for a few days to a week all would be well. Well, about ten days later, I rolled over in my sleep onto my left arm and the level of pain woke me up out of a sound sleep.

I got in to the doctor yesterday, and it is one of two things – (1) a nasty case of bursitis in my left arm or (2) a torn rotator cuff. Unfortunately I need to wait to hear back from my insurance company if they will let me doctor schedule the MRI to confirm which of the two is the problem.

Personally I’m hoping for the bursitis, that is resolved by limiting the use of my arm and taking some prescription anti-inflammatory meds, the torn rotator cuff will be a lot more problematic as that will result in surgery to resolve that problem.

In the meantime, I’ve been instructed that I am not allowed to do any lifting with my left arm, I am not allowed to do any exercises that involve my arms, and I’m not even allowed to use my backpack as that also puts stress on my shoulder.

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