Linux coder pwns asshat – film at 11

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Last Wednesday and Thursday, it seemed that a City Manager in a small Oklahoma town threatened to call in the FBI because its web site was “hacked” by the Linux distro creator Cent OS. Problem was that CentOS didn’t hack the Tuttle, OK web site at all. The city’s former hosting provider had simply botched a webserver upgrade and in doing so killed a redirect to the real city website.

Here is the story from The Register – a UK Tech Journal that is known for their low opinion of fools.

And here is a follow-up to the story – once again from The Register.

But what makes this even more interesting is the actual email thread posted to the CentOS forums. Take your time to follow the link and read the full thread top to bottom – it is classic reading.

What I want to know is where do I sign up for a job like this? This “gentleman” is being paid 63,000 a year to “manage” a city of 5,000 people and being given a 500/month car allowance. He was hired to his position by a vote of 4 to 0 from the city council in a special session – I have a hunch that they are regretting that move now.

What is even more amusing is that this has evidentally hit the american media now – as can be seen from this post in the CentOS forums.

I live in Oklahoma and they had this post on our evening news. I am sick. The mayor of Tuttle was on TV last night and he was blaming it on the city manager who, from the picture they put one the screen, looks like he is in his early 70’s. The city manager would not appear on camera. I have nothing against older admits, but there is not a lot of continuing education here. Their are a few of us in Oklahoma that are raving mad about this situation because this is basic information that even a horrible administrator would know. I am just making this post so that people know that not everyone in Oklahoma is an idiot!

Now boys and girls, what two points does this teach us?

  • I don’t care if you have a 22 year history with computers or not (heck – I have over a 15 year history myself and I know I don’t know everything), being rude to the person on the other end is not wise and a lot of the time will come back and bite you in the rear. – This man is a living example of why I would rather work with the average “grandmother with her first computer” type person than any self important technical professional.
  • Always remember, e-mail is forever.

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