About David


Just a normal guy . . . well for certain values of normal.


David in a nutshell.

Puzzles, crazyness, curiousity, and making sure that the servers run when they are supposed to.

Oh, and chocolate chip cookies, definately chocolate chip cookies!


Now, let’s expand on that.

What is there to know about me – well, lets see: I’m a bibliophile, a programmer, a systems engineer, I live in Dallas, Texas, I’m owned by a cat – note that this does not mean I do not like dogs – far from it but I am gone from the house enough that having a dog at home would not be fair to the pup, I am a gamer, gay (well, duh), and a geek with a background in the life sciences. However, I am not into labels, and in fact, labels with me are typically a bad idea.

I enjoy live music, being out in nature, camping, reading a good book, solving puzzles, logic problems, learning new things; I have a fairly dry and caustic sense of humor, and an unfortunate love of puns. I enjoy movies and live theater, going out with friends, and expanding my horizons.

I’m a pretty darn good cook if I say so myself.

I’m Earth-friendly (recycle, use public trasportation and walk whenever possible, etc) but I am not a vegitarian. I didn’t fight and claw my way to the top of the food chain just to eat rabbit food – I like my meat.

Finding me without something to read or something to listen to is next to impossible.

Also, I love puzzles. Oh, and boardgames (as well as the video and RPG variety).

I am a systems engineer for a large Managed Internet Hosting Company in Miami, FL, but I am actually in our Dallas, TX office.

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