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Well, tomorrow will be a grand experiment.

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Because thanks to DART finally pulling their collective heads out of their collective arses, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. And guess what? It is an oncoming train!

DART is working on two new rail lines. The Green Line, which will extend from Fair Park all the way northwest to almost Lewisville, and the Orange Line, which will run from Cityplace (Downtown) all the way to DFW Airport – and gosh darn it, it will run parallel to 114 and there is a planned station close to or potentially at my office! See?

Up until now, I have not made you of DART because from where I live, I would have had an almost two hour commute in order to be at work, and that is just crazy talk when I can make that drive in 30 to 40 minutes most mornings.

Now DART has added a nonstop bus route that connects the Cityplace rail station to the north end of Irving and that bus will drop me off 1/2 block from my office building. And according to the route, the transit from the White Rock Rail Station to O’Connor and Las Colinas Blvd. is only 50 minutes. I am willing to give up that much extra travel time to save gas and cut down on air pollution. And once the Orange Line is up and running (projections are within the next two to three years) then I won’t even need the bus – just a short drive to the station, then take the Blue Line to Cityplace and take the Orange Line to Urban Center. Life is good and I am happy.

As you can guess, I am seriously chuffed about this because this is finally giving me the opportunity to “put my money where my mouth is” and utilize public transit for going to work. I’ll be able to relax, read, listen to music, and who knows? I might even become a more happy and kind person instead of being someone who gives Darth Vader the willies.

Who knows? I might even drag my cam with me tomorrow and record impressions for my own vanity posterity.


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Shock and awe.

Big things happened last night.

Very big things.

I’m going to write about them more when I get to work, but (and this is a good thing) I find myself singing madrigals while getting ready for work this morning. And I have not done that in ten years.