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Yeah – call me Posty Mc Posterson today

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But while listening to PDP earlier, I harkened back to the first time I heard them perform – and that was a live performance at the Kerrville Folk Festival.

At the time, my mother’s brother and his wife ran the Ingram News – a now defunct newspaper that was based out of Ingram Texas – 63 miles west of San Antonio. And so, I got treated to a Press Pass – All Access for the festival.

It was a warm summer afternoon in 1989, there were lots of very interesting arts and crafts being hawked in the merchants areas that formed a semi-circle around the main stage. I had been listening to music, getting a feel for everything around me, and just generally grooving, when I got hit right between the ears by two bands back to back.

First, Poi Dog Pondering – they were a local Austin band at the time, having just transplanted themselves from Hawaii. They played a 30 minute or so long set, from their first CD that at the time had been released on the Texas Hotel label

They opened up with Bury Me Deep, went on to U Li La Lu, and glided through several numbers. I was entranced. It was full of energy, passionate, melodic, and it made me smile. I actually used my All Access pass to get me back stage, where I could listen up close. It was a transcendent experience, I will never be the same.

That night – after the concert, I was wandering around, not really ready to leave the campgrounds and loose the magic of the evening, when I got invited to join PDP sitting around a campfire where they were playing some of their music on acoustic instruments. I didn’t get home until late that night, but it was very much worth the exhaustion I felt the next morning.

Here are two recordings of PDP in concert in their new home city of Chicago. You have no idea how much this tempts me to start sniffing around in that part of the world for positions where I could indulge myself in music like this again.

Poi Dog Pondering performing Bury Me Deep live at The Hideout in Chicago, IL on January 13th, 2008.


Poi Dog Pondering performing Jack Ass Ginger live at Live at Durty Nellies in Chicago.

The other band that set me on fire that night was a band from Contra Costa County, California – Celtic Elvis. Their satirical music such as “Style Over Substance”, “High On Stress”, and “Love As Real Estate- You’re My Fixer Upper”. Like many of the artists I like, their music is not just for everyone, their lyrics have substance to them, and at times are pointed enough to make you twitch uncomfortably while you are enjoying the music. Basically, if you are a fan of Arlo Guthrie, Loudon Wainwright III, or even Mark Russell, or just like sharp, biting criticism of modern social problems, then odds are that you will definitely like this band.

Sadly, finding publicly available example of their work, appears to be next to impossible. I wish it were not as I would enjoy sharing it with you.