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The Lockdown Was Lifted After The Pony Was Blown Up

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Let’s look at that title for a moment and try to parse it in our pointed little heads, please.

What we have here, is an empty cul-de-sac near a park and a school. Some child evidently was playing with their “Hasbro FurReal Friends Butterscotch Pony” (please note, this pony lists for 299.99 retail – not a cheap toy) and forgot to bring it in with him/her when called back into school. Some person with an over-active imagination, contacts the authorities and starts a bomb scare.

So they lock down the school and surrounding neighborhoods, and the local bomb squad comes out, investigates the “pony” at least with a robot, and when they can’t find anything dangerous, decides to blow up the toy anyway, “just to be sure”. Keep in mind, this is not a small toy, the website lists the maximum weight limit for this toy as 80 pounds (around 36 kilograms).

Here is video of the news report.

Why do I suddenly have a vision of Grand Moff Tarkin saying “Fear will keep the local systems in line, fear of suspicious toy ponies.”

I’m sorry but with this level of overreaction, bin Laden must be laughing in his grave/cave. Between the Security Theatre and Fear Based Overreaction, the terrorists have won.